Last year we introduced the student-driven digital portfolio called Seesaw. 

Seesaw is a way for teachers and students to record and share what’s happening in the classroom. Children can “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text and links. It is a place to get student work in one place and share with families. 

Each student gets their own journal and will add things to it, like photos, videos, drawings, or notes. When there are new Seesaw posts, families can be notified via app notification, email or text.

Parents are only notified about their own child’s work, and all data is safe and secure. You can only see your own child’s work. Parents are able to “like” and post comments however, everything has to be approved by the classroom teacher so your comment may not appear immediately.

Talk to your class teacher if you have any problems viewing your child’s journal on Seesaw.

You can find more information about Seesaw for parents at