Houses at Victoria Avenue School

On enrolment, pupils are placed in one of four school houses – KowhaiPohutukawaKaraka and Koromiko. The house system encourages interaction between senior, middle and junior pupils and provides a platform for leadership skills to develop in our senior pupils as they take up “house captain” roles. Families are grouped in the same houses.

House System
The House system helps foster a sense of community as it enables children to work together and make friends at all year levels.
A feature of the house system is the competition between houses. The traditional school sports day is usually an inter-house competition.. Spelling competitions and charity events are also often organised along inter-house lines. House points for behaviour and academic achievement are also totalled up for comparison between houses. ACE Awards, achievement, citizenship and effort.
One notable feature of the house system is the nomination and election, or appointment, of house captains from the senior school, whose job it is to run the entire house, with staff assigned to the house serving as advisors and mentors.

Job Description
To liaise with other House Captains and meet regularly with them and with the school councillors on a designated morning break. To lead by example and to display qualities necessary for a position of responsibility: efficiency, initiative, reliability and a cheerful willingness to work hard.
Staff members and House members meet twice a term to generate House spirit and to discuss and plan the different events and activities. Each student in each House is involved in co-operative / competitive sports, arts activities and special events.

Roles and Responsibilities
  • To help supervise house activities that may include Inter house competitions / challenges
  • To assist a member of staff on his / her lunchtime duties
  • To coordinate in the promotion and organisation of house teams
  • To collate house points each even week and record totals
  • To announce current house point totals fortnightly in assemblies
  • Promote enthusiasm and good sportsmanship
  • Display good manners and respect for others
  • Ensuring relay teams are organised for Athletics Day

House Captains

Scout Challinor and Ben Houghton

Max Derecourt and Grace McLachlan

Cooper O’Shannessey and Alexis Tree

Rohan De Zoysa and Olivia Halliday

The House Captains play an important role at our school.