Board of Trustees Policies and Procedures

Please click on the items below to access the documents outlining the following Plans, Policies and Procedures for Victoria Avenue School. A copy of any particular school policy is available on request through the office.

Student Behaviour Management Plan

1. Behaviour Management Policy

2. Behaviour Plan

Complaints Policy and Procedures

1. Complaints Policy

2. Complaints Procedure

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy

Victoria Avenue School Health Statement

The health programme at Victoria Avenue School is focussed on the well being of students and their families. These health programmes are designed, using the New Zealand Curriculum, to enable students to develop competencies and build resilience through strengthening their personal identity and sense of self worth; through managing change including loss and through engaging in processes for responsible decision making.

Wherever appropriate, outside agencies and programmes will be used to support classroom teachers to deliver high quality health programmes.