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Our Class Blogs

This year each class is developing a class blog which we invite you to view. We intend for these blogs to be valuable tools for students and teachers to reflect on their learning, share their learning and reach a wider audience for feedback.

We hope that they will allow you, your extended family and friends to get a greater insight into the learning in your child’s classroom. Our learners always appreciate helpful and specific comments so please feel free to leave one.


At Victoria Avenue School we offer a range of programmes for our gifted and talented students. You can now see some of these programmes on our new Gifted and Talented blog at…http://gatevas.blogspot.co.nz/ 


We have a number of students who have English as a second language. Check out our latest school videos on the ESOL Channel
Produced and directed by our ESOL students and their ESOL teacher Julie Hadlow – CLICK HERE

Enviro Blog

ENVIRONMENT BLOG – this blog is continually updated :
Please check out our VAS Environment News Site  CLICK HERE

Senior VAS Channel

Check out our latest school videos on the SENIORVAS Channel
Produced and directed by our senior students – CLICK HERE

This blog showcases our class assemblies and various events happening at the school.