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Newsletter: Term 4 Week 9 – 12 December 2019

Dear Parents,

Carol Service

The Carol service was well attended on Tuesday night and was absolutely delightful. The singing was beautiful, the shepherds, angels, wise men, Mary and Joseph were very cute and the children’s snippets of what they ‘believe’ in were gorgeous. This year, Jane Cameron decided that the token offerings the three wise men brought up should reflect us as kiwis, so there was a paua shell, some small kete and a buzzy bee. Just delightful! Thanks to Lynnette Leggett and Jane Cameron who were supported by all the teachers.

Year 6 Leavers

The Leaver’s dinner held last Thursday was such a great occasion. The giant rubik cubes and slinkies hung from the roof created such a great atmosphere and the food was delicious. We love to see our children all dressed up and having fun. Thanks to all the year 6 parents who organised it. We are also very appreciative for the scooter and bike rack which has been built on the bank just up from the office. Such a great idea for the Year 6 Leavers’ gift to the school. Thank you for your generosity.

Board of Trustees

Thank you to the Board of Trustees, John Thorman (Chair), Bridget Snelling, Tim Larkin, Craig Cunningham, Martin Cooper and Ilona Lumborg. You have all worked very hard to ensure that the school is governed at such a high level. This has ensured that the high standard of education and community involvement has continued.


There are many VAS families (of year 6 children) for whom this is the last farewell. Their youngest child is leaving VAS, so their time with us is over. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful contributions to the school over many years. To all the families leaving Victoria Avenue School this year, thank you for your support of the school and I am sure you take away many fond memories.

We have some teachers leaving at the end of the year for various reasons. Mike Hogg is moving to Bucklands Beach Intermediate in order to be closer to home and spend more time with his children rather than sitting in traffic. Alice Wohlers is heading off overseas for her big OE. Petrea Barker is retiring from full time teaching but we will see her back as a reliever for us. Lynnette Leggett was employed for the year whilst Alison Laxon was on leave. Huge thanks to the teachers leaving for all their hard work teaching our children. We wish you all well.

Thanks also to Clare Crosby, Tessa Fastnedge, Andy Butler, Chris Francis and Libby Hendriksen who opened the new entrant classes during this year and have done a fantastic job transitioning the new children into school.


We have appointed new teachers. Arista Enslin is joining us from South Africa. She comes with fantastic references and I know she will bring a new dimension to our already multi cultural staff. Tim Botica is an experienced teacher who is joining us from Orakei School. Gina Lee is also an experienced teacher and we are pleased to welcome her to VAS.

So to all the staff; teachers, teacher aides and admin staff thank you all for your dedication and hard work with our lovely students.

Please have lovely restful holidays, drive safely and enjoy the precious time with your families.

Kind regards
Janice Adamson

2020 Classes

The class notifications will be sent home tomorrow after 11.30am. All parents will get an email with the class their child is in, and you will also get a photo and bio about the new teacher. Children will meet their new teachers tomorrow so you can all have a lovely conversation after school.

2020 Staffing


Teacher Miss Carla White 6 1
Teacher Mrs Gina Lee 6 2
Teacher Mrs Tessa Fastnedge (4 days)/Mrs Clare Crosby (1 day) 6 3 Senior teacher Years 5, 6
Teacher Mrs Renee Lee (4 days)/Mrs Clare Crosby (1 day) 5 4
Teacher Mr David Wilson 5 5 Year 5 leader
Teacher Mrs Kate Chisholm/Mrs Clare Fuller 5 6
Teacher Mr Tim Botica 5 22


Teacher Miss Alice Meurice 4 16
Teacher Mrs Ilona Lumborg 4 17 Senior teacher Years 3, 4
Teacher Mrs Ally Young 4 18
Teacher Miss Charlotte Maher 3 19
Teacher Mrs Dynelle Isdale 3 20 Year 3 leader
Teacher Miss Gabrielle Brabyn 3 21
Teacher Mrs Arista Enslin 3 15


Teacher Ms Brittany Mills 2 7
Teacher Mrs Lee Kang 2 8 Year 2 Leader
Teacher Mrs Marguerita Muirhead 2 9
Teacher Mrs Kathy Chan 2 10
Teacher Ms Bron Andrew 1 11
Teacher Mrs Shelly Orange 1 12
Teacher Mrs Lynn Morriss 1 13
Teacher Mrs Nickie Marshall 1 14  Senior Teacher Years 0, 1, 2


Designation Name Responsibilities
Teacher Mr Jason Des Forges ICT support; maths, robotics, coding, ICT GATE programmes
Teacher Mr Cam Hemus PE, Sports
Teacher Ms Carolyn Crook SENCO, Reading Recovery
Teacher Miss Alison Laxon Music, GATE programmes
Teacher Mrs Julie Hadlow ESOL

School finishes next Wednesday 18th December at 12.30pm.

Lost Property

Please take the opportunity to come in before Wednesday if your child has mislaid uniform. One of our wonderful parents regularly returns named uniforms to children but there are still a lot of unnamed pieces.

Dates for 2020

Term 1: Tuesday 4 February to Thursday 9 April
~ Waitangi Day Thursday 6 February
~ Good Friday 10 April
~ Easter Monday 13 April
~ Easter Tuesday 14 April
~ ANZAC Day Monday 27 April

Term 2: Tuesday 28 April to Friday 3 July
~ Queen’s Birthday Monday 1 June

Term 3: Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September

Term 4: Monday 12 October to Wednesday 16 December
~ Labour Day Monday 26 October

Kind regards
Janice Adamson

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School Times
School starts:      8.50am
Interval:             10.30-10.50am
Lunch:               12.30-1.25pm
School finishes:   3.00pm

Term Dates for 2019

Term 4: Monday 14 October to Wednesday 18 December 2019
~ Labour Day Mon 28 October ’19

Term Dates for 2020

Term 1: Tuesday 4 February to Thursday 9 April 2020
~ Waitangi Day Thursday 6 February ’20
~ Good Friday 10 April
~ Easter Monday 13 April
~ Easter Tuesday 14 April
~ ANZAC Day Monday 27 April
Term 2: Tuesday 28 April to Friday 3 July 2020
~ Queen’s Birthday Monday 1 June ’20
Term 3: Monday 20 July to Friday 25 Sept 2020
Term 4: Monday 12 October to Wednesday 16 December 2020
~ Labour Day Monday 26 October ’20

Stationery Sales
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8.30-8.45am

Uniform Shop
– half way up dragon drive in the old dental clinic

OPEN FRIDAYS only: 8.15-8.45am
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School Dental Service
8b Ngaio St Orakei Ph 520 0603.

The dental team will be posting letters to all new entrants to our school as required.

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
Here is a link from NZ Health for info and treatment.

To download the app for free on iPhone or Android click this link:


Gifts for the elderly :)

EPRO8 success

We would like to acknowledge the exceptional achievement of a team of Year 6 students who successfully competed in the EPRO8 technology challenge. Congratulations to Kai Wang, Sagar Dhakal, Louie Hogan and Connor Clark. This team came first place in the Auckland competition competing against 400 other teams. Congratulations to you all.

Liam Zhao – swimming champion
Last weekend in the ASA Junior Championships, in his age group Liam won gold in 100m breaststroke, bronze in 50m butterfly and bronze in 50m backstroke. Congratulations on these great results Liam!

Middle school athletics

Last Friday the middle school gathered for our annual athletics day. There were outstanding performances from all. Special mention to all the winners and a big thank you to all staff and parents who contributed to a fantastic atmosphere.

Year 3 throw
Girls: 1st Amelia Burr, 2nd Chole Qi, 3rd Isabella Gjorjevick
Boys : 1st George Tavalea, 2nd Kai Seralachius- Willliams, 3rd Hugo Currey
Year 4 throw 
Girls: 1st Eden Clyma, 2nd Emma Dick, 3rd Tia Williams
Boys: 1st Solomon Cooper 2nd Luca Colgan, 3rd Noah Abou-Ghoury
Year 3 Long Jump
Girls: 1st Katya Scheurich, 2nd Lena Xie, 3rd equal Ella Mace & Amelia Burr
Boys: 1st Hugo Currey, 2nd George Tavalea, 3rd Max Mair
Year 4 Long Jump 
Girls; 1st Sarah Kennard, 2nd Emma Dick,  3rd Marie Emeline Watson-Topham
Boys: 1st Henry Martin, 2nd Tyler Lushkott, 3rd Luca Colgan
Year 3 Sprints
Girls: 1st Ella Mace, 2nd Scarlett Main, 3rd Sabine Pascoe
Boys: 1st George Tavalea, 2nd Kai Serlachius-Williams, 3rd Riley Enright
Year 4 Sprints
Girls: 1st Sarah Kennard, 2nd Lucia Bartle, 3rd Leila Clayton-Ford
Boys: 1st Noah Abou-Ghoury, 2nd Henry Martin, 3rd James Cunningham

PTS 2019 Round Up

The Easter Fair, Quiz Night, Bake Sales, Discos, Pizzas, Ice blocks, Yummy Stickers and the Forest Project – It’s been a busy and highly successful year for the hard working parents and friends that form our PTS.

This year the whole school banded together to host the Easter Fair – a fun family day out for our whole school and wider community, raising more than $55,000.

Our weekly Bake Sales held in term 2 and 4 raised more than $7,500, the Directory more than $7000, Quiz Night more than $30,000 and the Forest Boardwalk planks raised $16,000.

Manuka Doctor generously sponsored VAS $30,000 this year – an amazing contribution to our Forest Project.

As a result of the school’s amazing fundraising efforts we have been able to complete Stage One of the Forest Project at a cost of $140,000, as well as contribute a healthy $90,000 to the School. The New Entrant Morning Teas, Meet the Teachers Drinks, the Discos, and Halloween are all part of bringing our community together and have been great fun to be a part of.

Thank you so much to all of our parents and friends who have supported the PTS school events and fundraising initiatives this year – we are so fortunate to have such a generous and supportive school community. We look forward to next year when we can do it all again!

Yummy stickers results

Congratulations to all of the students (and parents) who collected over 17 thousand yummy stickers this year.  VAS had an amazing result and qualified for another $1,900 worth of free sports gear!  The new sports equipment will be made available for kids to play with during lunchtimes.  6 students who individually collected over 1,000 stickers were presented a book voucher and ball at assembly on Friday and Room 4 students all received a free iceblock.

Much appreciation goes to Kath Fippard for making this happen yet again this year.

Tuesday 17 December – Waterslide Day

On Tuesday 17 December there will be two waterslides set up in the morning for all students. Children are all to bring togs and a towel to school. Following is a timetable with the time-slots allocated to each year group. The assistance of any parents who are free and able to help supervise the kids would be very much appreciated. You can even have a go to show them how it is done :)

Gifts for the City Mission – latest drop off is start of school, Friday

We are asking for the community to donate food and gifts (new and unwrapped) so we can make Christmas happen for Auckland’s most vulnerable residents.

Class parents for 2020
Is communication one of your things? Are you a people person? Are you handy with emails?
We are looking for class parents for next year. This is a great way to get to know your child’s teacher and other parents in the class. If you are wanting to be involved this role can be done whether you are working or at home. It can fit around you.
Once you find out  your children(s) classes for next year, please email Kristin at [email protected] with the name(s) of your child(ren), what year they will be in next year, and your contact number. Thanks so much.

Epipen School Offer from one of our Parents:  $135 including delivery to school

As a mum and a pharmacist I understand that epipens can be expensive. I can personally deliver your epipen (which is temperature sensitive) to the school office. This ensures the medication is not exposed to temperature fluctuations within the courier van and saves you time and hassle. We provide the latest expiry dating and we can tell you the current one when contacting us. Deliveries will be done on a weekly basis during school term. Discount available for 2 or more pens. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Marketing volunteer needed
The team who puts the school directory together are looking for a marketing guru with knowledge in the digital space who could spare a bit of their time with advice on certain aspects of the directory.
This is an opportunity for you to contribute to the school and promote your skills to the wider community.
If you think you have the skills and can spare some time, you can email the team at [email protected]com

Extra opening hours:
13 December 2019:  11.30am – 1.00pm
3 February 2020:  12.00pm – 3.00pm

White polos for momento:
We have available short sleeve white polos (size 14 and 16) for a discounted price on offer to year 6 leavers. These are great to have signed on your last day of school, and are available to purchase at the office for $15.

ezlunch service

Please note that the last ezlunch service day for the year is Friday 13 December.

For the first time next year, the Lexus Urban Polo will take place in the Domain. The Urban Polo team, who are long time supporters of Victoria Avenue School, highly recommend this event. It happens on 14 March, 2020. Get your tickets at

Flippaball is junior waterpolo played in waist deep water, 7 players per team (see below for additional info).  VAS plays in the Epsom League on Sunday afternoons at the Diocesan, St Cuthbert’s or Epsom Girls Grammar pools, catering for teams from Years 3 to 6 (mixed boys and girls). VAS teams are coached and managed by willing parents.

This term (term 4) we had 3 teams playing (2 playing flippaball and 1 playing mini polo):

Year 4 Flippaball
Year 4/5 Flippaball
Year 6 Minipolo (played in 2 metre deep pool)

If your child and friends/classmates are interested in playing Flippaball orMiniPolo in Term 1 2020 please contact Tony Scott at [email protected] or on 0211 532 159.

NOTE: Entries for Term 1 need will need to probably be in my the middle of week 1 next term

FlippaBall is a modified version of Water Polo. Two teams, each of which must have a minimum of seven players, play FlippaBall. Each team must have 6 field players and 1 goalie in the pool at one time. The pool is shallow (approximately 1.1 – 1.3 metres) allowing players to stand on the bottom of the pool. Players are permitted to walk along the bottom if they do not have the ball. If in possession of the ball the player must swim or pass. Players must pass with only one hand. The game consists of two halves of 8 minutes duration with a 2 minute half time.

 Mini Polo is a smaller, more basic game than Water Polo itself and has been introduced to teach young players the basics of the full game of Waterpolo. Mini Polo is recommended for students who have played Flippa Ball for at least 1 term, are confident swimmers and can tread water confidently as the pool depth is 1.8 – 2m deep.