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Newsletter: Term 4 Week 5 – 16 November 2017

Dear Parents,

This is the column I wrote in week 6 last year and it is worth repeating this year.

It’s the time of year when we are all thinking ahead to the new year. There are two topics I want to touch on this week.

The first is about the way councillors and house captains are chosen. The following is a letter that will be sent to all parents of Year 5 children today.

It is important that children and parents understand the democratic process of nominating and voting for these positions. The process is as follows:

Year 5 children are given a list of all Year 5 students. They are asked to circle one girl and one boy whom they would like to be a councillor. This process is not public, children do it privately in class. Teachers and senior managers are also given the list of names and they also nominate one boy and one girl. Jane Cameron tallies the results and the six girls and six boys with the highest number of votes become councillors.

The same process is followed for house captains, except that lists of Year 5 students in each house are given to all the children in Year 5 in that house. The votes are then tallied as above.

It is important that children and parents understand that no member of staff can influence the results or has the power of veto. The process is fair and transparent.

The second topic is about parent’s anxieties as to how their child will cope next year and more importantly, who their teacher will be.

It is the time of the year when parents can become a little anxious about how their child is going to cope next year. Have they learnt enough to be able to move seamlessly into the next year level? Are they socially ready or mature enough for being in a higher year level? Will next year’s teacher understand them? Are they ready to move on?

We know that every child has areas of strength as well as areas of weakness. If ‘being ready’ for something meant that every child had to be strong in every aspect, then many of us would never have moved forward. As they move forward children mature to a point where suddenly they gain understanding. The supports the child has been getting and will continue to get will help them learn and grow. A new teacher may be the one to unlock the learning.

Parents can be anxious about who the new teacher is likely to be. Remember that children want to like their teacher whoever they are. Teachers want all of their children to have the best possible year. None of us can confidently predict whether a particular child is going to hit it off with their new teacher, because these are new relationships that are being forged. What we do, is think very carefully about every child and together decide on which teacher we believe we should place them with.

We have found that children are less worried about who their teacher is, but can be more anxious about whether they will be in a class with their friend or whether they are going to be in a class with someone they really don’t get on with. We ask the children to nominate friends and we guarantee that they will all be in a class with at least one of their friends.

Leavers’ assembly is on 8 December at 2pm (note the later start time) and is combined with the announcement of councillors and house captains. Reports and class placements sent home on 8 December. Children will visit their new classrooms on 8 December.

Carol service is on 11 December and prizegiving at Baradene at 1.30pm on 12 December. School finishes on Friday 15 December at 12.30.

Kind Regards
Janice Adamson

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School Times
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Interval:             10.30-10.50am
Lunch:               12.30-1.25pm
School finishes:   3.00pm

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This Week:

Hugo MacKenzie and Craig Rong

Last Assembly:

  • Room 1: Sasha Melville
  • Room 2: Anna Schellekens
  • Room 3: Ishita Barot
  • Room 3: Sienna Lushkott
  • Room 4: Cindy Zhou
  • Room 4: Wilson Chen
  • Room 5: Maia Bowie
  • Room 5: Shaelyn Greene
  • Room 6: Anastasia Voronina
  • Room 7: Lachlan Walsh
  • Room 7: Alena Thorman
  • Room 8: Nisha Padey
  • Room 8: Oscar Li
  • Room 9: Olivia Tan
  • Room 9: London Ridge
  • Room 10: Harry Stewart
  • Room12 : Wendy Ye
  • Room 13: Adam Hood
  • Room 13: Issy Taylor
  • Room 14: George Tavalea
  • Room 15: Jinjin Zhu
  • Room 15: Isabella Hill
  • Room 16: Ethan Binsted
  • Room 16: Noa Bayer
  • Room 16: Lucas Suciu
  • Room 17: Jaxon Molloy
  • Room 18: Sammy Taylor
  • Room 18: Max Hill
  • Room 19: Angela Lufang
  • Room 19: Rohan De Zoysa
  • Room 20: Chloe Pratt
  • Room 20: Harriet Richards
  • Room 21: Emily Shtenko
  • Room 21: Takumi Ozeki
  • Room 22: Mia Jancys
  • Room 23: Alyssa Lee

VAS Triathalon

The VAS Triathlon is coming up on Friday 8th December. If you would like to enter, please follow the link below and enter before Friday 24th of November. This is open only to Year 5 and 6 students.

Weetbix Kids TRYathlon

The Weetbix TRYathalon is coming to East Auckland on Sunday Feb 18th 2018. If you are going to enter, please enter under Victoria Avenue School, and you will be eligible for more prizes.

Reusable Bags on Sale!

As you know, in term 3 the school ran a ‘resuable bag design’ competition. The designs have been transferred into attractive, good quality, hessian bags which as we speak are heading here on a ship.

The lucky prize winners below all receive one of their bags as a prize:
Year 1 – Marina Chen- Room 14
Year 2 – Robbie Baker – Room 8
Year 3 – Crystal Tan – Room 20
Year 4 – Bryan Chu – Room 16
Year 5 – Putri Ardana – Room 6
Year 6 – Grace Thomlinson – Room 2

Click here for the order form to enable you to start your Christmas shopping for Grandparents, Nannies, friends. Just think…you can save the planet, donate money to the school AND do your Christmas shopping with one simple purchase. Please just fill out the form and deliver back to the office.

There is only limited quantities of each design so be in quick – also the class that sells the most bags will get free iceblocks on a Friday after school!

Bags will be delivered to the children’s classrooms in the first week of December, so there will be plenty of time to pack them for goodies before Christmas.

Auckland Table Tennis Zones

On Thursday 9th November, 154 students from 12 Auckland schools took part in The Auckland Table Tennis Zones at the Stadium in Gillies Ave.

Victoria Avenue’s Keanu King received a second place and a silver medal in the boys’ competition. The level of play in this game was outstanding. Keanu and his opponent are of incredible skill level for their ages and often come across each other in outside school competitions.
Poppy Loutit received a 3rd place and a bronze medal in the girls’ competition. Her focus and determination to win rallies was a joy to watch.
Gary Yuan and Oliva Judd went through to the semi-finals with a huge majority of wins in their first 12 first games.
All 15 VAS Students who went to the Zones showed wonderful sportsmanship and skill levels.

Nick Lyus – Principal Sponsor

As my wife will tell you, I am not great around the house. I’m more likely to be found making mess with the kids than cleaning it up. So the thought of mowing your lawns sends a shiver down my spine. I am however great at ensuring my clients enjoy the sales process and crucially get the most desirable result.

Consistent communication and massive action are key, so I am prepared to back up my rhetoric by having some genuine skin in the game.

You can rest assured we are in this journey together because I really don’t want to mow your lawns!

So call me now and let’s get this adventure started – 021 998 004

ASB Supporting Success in Your School


Due to the success to date of the ‘Supporting Success in Your School’ scheme ASB will continue to support Victoria Avenue School with the School Sponsorship Voucher until 30 July 2018. The school is awarded a $500 voucher for each customer that mentions VAS and this offer when taking out lending of $250,000 or more (see voucher for further terms). This offer is available to friends and family of the school community as well as parents and teachers. A copy of the voucher is available to download at the ASB website:


The school has been selected by The Warehouse to participate in a Community Choice Programme that provides financial support to not-for-profit community groups and organisations. A fund is raised through their customers purchasing a 10cent shopping bag in return for a token, which is then placed in a voting booth (or forgo the bag). At the end of a 6-month period the fund is divided among 3 participating partners based on their percentage of tokens, with the VAS share being put towards much-needed refurbishment of outdoor playground equipment. The VAS voting booth is situated at The Warehouse store in Newmarket and the period runs from August 2017 until January 2018. Please spread the word among friends and family!

If you know of any other loyalty schemes and grants that can benefit the school, please contact Amanda Dick on [email protected]

A magical adventure of fun and games for 5-9 year olds where children, snowmen, cheeky elves and artistic gnomes come alive, talk, dance, and act out stories in a wonderful Christmas themed experience. We will act, move, sing, sew and create art and puppets. You are invited to a ‘showing’ at the end of each day to see what your child has been up to!

WHERE: Victoria Avenue School

WHEN: Monday 18 – Friday 22 December 2017

CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE – 9.00am – 3.00pm daily ($90 per day)

CHRISTMAS ADVENTURE + CHILD CARE: 8.30am – 5.00pm daily ($115 per day)


Your child is welcome to come along and join the fun for one day or the whole week! We look forward to seeing you then!