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NEWSLETTER: Term 3 Week 9 – 22 September 2016

Dear Parents

The winter term is always a tough one. Lots of children and teachers get sick, it rains a lot and children often have inside lunchtimes. On the bright side though, lots of learning, fun and schoolwide events happen.

The highlight for the staff and board was the outstanding ERO report we received following the review late in term 2.

Another highlight of the term was the years 5, 6 production ‘Ratbags’. So many children uncovered skills they didn’t know they had, and all of them experienced the nerves and excitement of acting on stage.

The PTS readathon was another great success. We always encourage our children to read at home, so the readathon was great, with the highlight being the book character parade.

Rachael Wilcock organised another very successful cross country event. Many of the senior children also participated in the winter field day.

The Quiz night held last Friday was so much fun! Superbly organised as usual, and all of us there really enjoyed ourselves. We have such generous parents! The auction items were all sought after which pushed up the bidding. Mr Des Forges’ 5 robotics sessions was particularly popular and our two bell ringers are loving the responsibility of ringing the bell this week. Thanks to all the parents who worked hard to put on such a quality event, and thank you to all the parents who generously supported the school with either supplying the auction items, or buying the auction items.

Following on from my request for accommodation for one of our teachers, all of us have been blown away by the support from the community. She received a number of offers of places as well as one parent offering her the use of their holiday place for a few days in the holidays because she had been under such stress. I am always humbled by the sheer generosity of our school community.

Have a lovely slow, relaxing holiday with your children. Resist the urge to rush them here and there, just let them chill out at home. Everybody needs to recharge their batteries, especially all the parents who do the mad morning rush to get children ready for and to school.

Just a reminder that all children need to wear a school hat during term 4, so good luck digging them out from wherever they have been hiding during winter! A reminder about the colour of socks (navy, black or white) if you are stocking up. It might also be a good idea to check the labels of your child’s uniform to see if each item is clearly named.

Maths Information Evening
Once again, Lucy Cheesman, the facilitator we use for maths professional development, ran an informative session for parents last Monday. A couple of parents who attended commented that it has demystified the way we teach maths at school. They were also pleased that we still teach basic facts and times tables and were intrigued by the method Lucy showed, to get children to work out times tables. The teachers all had stations around the hall where they demonstrated a learning activity relevant to a particular stage in maths.

Just a reminder that we are all very happy to talk to parents about the teaching and learning programmes. Feel free to chat to your child’s teacher if you would like more information about a specific learning area. Please remember though, that emails from a parent constantly asking for information about their child’s learning will be difficult for a teacher to always be able to answer given the scale of their job. But they will always make time to talk to you face to face.

We are sad to farewell Cara Bridgland in year 5 but we understand that her vocation is working with underprivileged children and support her desire to do so. She is heading to a small town in the Northern Territories (nearest town is Katherine, a six hour drive away) to teach in an aborigine school. We know how lucky they are to have employed her as she is a wonderful teacher as well as being a wonderful person. We wish her all the best.

Kind Regards
Janice Adamson




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Uniform Shop  CLOSED on FRIDAY 23 SEPTEMBER (Last day of term).

The shop will be opened on 10 October from 8:15 to 8:45am. and then as usual.
Everyone will need a hat for next term. No hat no play!!!

Please note that we have FOUR events coming up:Save-the-date

  • Tuesday 18 October:  Brainwave Trust talk at 7pm – cost is $12:00 Tickets on sale soon in our online shop.
  • Wednesday 12 October: Closing date for Out of Zone Ballot applications.
  • Wednesday 19 October: Out of Zone Ballot is drawn.
  • 31st October Halloween


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gala-logo-001-0012017 is another Victoria Avenue School Gala Year however without help and people to run this event, it won’t happen and the kids will miss out!!!!! If you are interested/able to take a lead role in organising the gala please contact Shelley Cunningham [email protected]. There is a template all set up and everything is there and straightforward based on the 2015 gala so it is someone that has the passion and the vision to pull it all together with a solid team underneath you!

Look forward to hearing from you ASAP!

Diocesan School for Girls is hosting an Open Day on Thursday 19 October, 9am – 11am.  Visit to find out more and register.

The Chase

I scurry through the now dry dead leaves, leaving no trail behind me, no tracks behind cautious as to who might follow. Poised ready for anything to happen. Camouflaged I get a glimpse of the trees standing stiffly rooted and proud like the masters of the forest, coughing up bark that spreads across the ground. Light shines through, peeping through the trees many imperfections. Discovering the wonders under what is limited to their eyes.

Leaves cascading down like raindrops, yet more elegantly. Falling. Dancing. Hovering above the dirt. Serenity in the air, oblivious to what is staring at me. Watching me. And eyeing my every move.

Claws, sharp clasp a branch showing power,waiting for a satisfactory meal.Eyes beady,vicious. Body big,beak curved, ready to devour anything in its path. Suddenly, I dart left to right feeling movement from another living thing. I am not alone.

Our eyes meet, fear has latched onto my heart. I sprint down the tree for my life. The hawk uncurls its wings, revealing it’s impressive overlapping feathers. As if joined together like paper mache. He unclasps his claws and is suddenly furiously flapping, not breaking a sweat. An odd match battling to the last minute… Squirrel vs Hawk.

I breathe heavily, my chest like a heat pump, nostrils giving air like a vacuum pumping my life. Gliding. Flying. I leap from tree to tree, as branches stick out inviting me on, almost as if mother nature by my side. I leap. I crawl. I scatter. The hawk is behind me, showing no hesitation. I see safety. A halo created by the sun setting… my saving grace. I plunge in not caring who could be occupying it. I wait unaware that the hawk is about to attack. I’m falling. It happened in a blink of an eye but, I don’t have time to reflect. I land on the thickly coated leaved ground that softened my instant fall. As I scatter, scuttle, dart only one thing fills my mind…the yearning to survive.

The sun shines on a safe haven I sprint seeing a glimpse of hope that I might not be a next meal. I pounce into the hole and enter the centre of a tree. The hawk determined to have a meal, the unconditional  hunger fills inside of him. He claws at the tree. But fails to do what he set out to do. Squirrel 1 Hawk 0.

By Asjad E

Links from Monday 19 September Mathematics Evening

• CLICK HERE for posters of the Numeracy Stages

• CLICK HERE for Lucie Cheeseman’s presentation.

Also CLICK HERE to view the information on our Mathematics page on our website:

  1. National Mathematics Standards Link – Click HERE.
  2. New Zealand Maths for Families – Click this LINK
  3. Number stages –HERE

Maths Information Evening.001-001



Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.03.25 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 3.22.33 PMAny year 5 or 6 kids who would like to play flipperball/mini Waterpolo next term? There are a couple of teams representing the school already but we’d love some new faces to bolster the teams. Games are Sunday afternoons at ST Cuths, Dio or EGGs pools. Happy for kids to come and give it a go – great fun, great water skills and a fab sport to take them through to intermediate.
Happy for anyone to contact me if any questions or queries Jo Mitchell 021564125

PTS BANNER.001-001


The annual Victoria Avenue School Quiz night was held last night Friday night and it was great to see so many of you there and so many new faces! Thanks to everyone who participated and had a great night out and thanks to everyone who contributed in some way. It was a huge success.


A huge thank you to the following local business who donated so generously to our quiz night.