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NEWSLETTER: Term 3 Week 7 – 3 September 2015

Dear Parents

You may have read the article in the NZ Herald recently, written by Alex Hazelhurst, entitled ‘I’m talented. I’m hardworking. I’m blonde. So why can’t I get a job in London? This article was quickly followed up with a response, also published by NZ Herald entitled ‘I’m nearly 40! I can write! I’m bald!’

The authors of both these articles chronicled their experience of trying to find work in London during their OE. Just like Alex’s article, the second article, written by Mark Hucke, was thoughtfully written and was about his experience on his OE in the 1990s.

Many of us have done OEs, usually undertaken during our mid twenties. Each of us has a unique take on living in London. The point that Mark Hucke made was that it doesn’t matter what decade the OEs were / are taken in, the experiences of trying to find a job in a very large city overseas are remarkably similar.

Unfortunately, in this day of people being able to post anything anonymously on social media, Alex was ridiculed. Her life story was dismissed and she was ridiculed by many who were very quick to label her in any number of denigrating ways.

Why is it, that some people cannot respect others’ stories? Why is that they feel the need to publicly ridicule a real life experience that someone else has? As Alex wrote: I am someone who wrote about my experience. An experience that was, and is, like many other experiences of those who move to London. But it is also an experience that may not be like others. And to them, well, we are all different, and I guess you were one of the lucky ones. However, that doesn’t mean my story has any less weight.

We are all entitled to have an opinion about anything we read. We are allowed to accept or dismiss the content as being either relevant to us or not relevant. But I believe the line gets crossed when we publicly set out to humiliate and dismiss the person and their story.

Let’s raise a generation of children who learn that it is not OK to ridicule and humiliate, even (or particularly) hiding behind the anonymity of a Twitter user name. We need to encourage our children to critically examine the message and have an opinion about that, not critically examine the person and make judgements about them.

Janice Adamson

Tournaments of Minds

 As part of our GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) programme, Alison Laxon facilitated a group of Years 5 and 6 children who participated in the Tournaments of Minds. TOM is a problem solving programme for teams of students across secondary and primary schools. Teams solve challenges from a choice of disciplines: applied technology, language literature, maths engineering, social sciences. They have to do everything themselves, adults are not allowed to make any contribution, either with suggestions, feedback, assistance with props. It has to be entirely developed by the students. They have 10 minutes to present their final product to the judges. This was held on 29 August and this is what Molly had to report:

Being in the Tournament of Minds VAS team was Amazing! It was a fantastic experience and was a lot of fun. It was cool getting to work with different Year 6s AND Year 5s. Sometimes we struggled a bit, planning, budgets, costumes but we broke through and carried on. Practising the play was hilarious!! With our costumes ready we were able to experiment a bit, try funny voices, MORE ACTIONS, always facing the audience with your face not with your back! I think that we did really well co-operating, I had expected at least some  arguing with parts for the play and things but we did really well with that and it made everything a lot easier. It was definitely disappointing not getting through to the Nationals but I really hope that VAS enter again next year and make it through. Thank you, Ms. Laxon, Miss Bridgman and Mrs Adamson! I loved being in the team and I wish that I could do it again!

Molly O’Leary Year 6

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Getting Messages to Children

If you need to get a message to your child about a change in pick up arrangements, please do it through the office. Please do not email your instructions to teachers after 1.30 as they do not access any emails during teaching and learning time. By the time they get to their emails, the children have left for the day.

Kind regards

Janice Adamson

PTS Vacancies

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Term Dates for 2015
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Term Dates for 2016

Term 1: Wednesday 3 Feb to Friday 15 April ’16
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Term 2: Monday 2 May to Friday 8 July ’16
~ Anzac Day Mon 25 April and Queen’s Birthday Monday 6 June ’16
Term 3: Monday 25 July to Friday 23 Sept ’16
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~ Labour Day Mon 24 October ’16

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
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Invitation to Parents of New Older Students to Our School ~ Morning Tea on Monday 7 September

You are new families to Victoria Avenue School this year and we would like to welcome you!

We would love to invite you to our very first ‘Welcome to VAS Morning Tea’ on Monday 7th September, 9-10am in the school staffroom.

Below is an overview of the information we’d like to share with you. But mostly we’d like to meet you, answer as many of your questions as possible and share a coffee & some cake with you.

1.  School welcome & brief overview based on the new entrants day (Staff)
2.  PTS welcome including overview of annual events & brief run through of school website showing where to get most useful information (PTS)
3.  Questions about school, local area, kid’s activities etc (PTS)
4.  Coffee & cake

Please RSVP to if you are able to come. We wouldn’t want to run out of cake! :-)
If you’re not sure where the staffroom is, come to the office & you will be shown up the stairs.
We look forward to meeting you, sharing some information & hearing your feedback.

Anna Scott & Céline Delmas

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Mila Walsh

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    Room 7: George Clausen
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    Room 13: Lottie Larkin
  • Room 14: Terrence Lam
    Room 15: Nisha Padey
    Room 16: Henry Holbrook
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    Room 18: Christina Loftus
    Room 18: Ginny Fraser
    Room 19: Jack Brew
    Room 20: Hudson Smith
    Room 20: Summer Prince
    Room 21: Reeve Innes
    Room 22: Amelia MacKenzie


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 Zumba with Gabi
Monday’s at 7pm in the school hall.
Join this party where you can, laugh, shake and have fun…anyone can do it!!!
Wear comfy clothes and shoes, bring water and a towel (for sweat) if you’d like
Come and I promise you will have a great time!!! See you there.

Here is another clever initiative … this time by a 12 year old at a South Island intermediate school. You have to admire her ingenuity.
My name is Celia Allen, and I am a year 8 student at Broadgreen Intermediate school in Stoke, Nelson.
I made a website for lost and found teddy bears called Foundbear. You may have seen it on Stuff a while ago. (You can check it out at )


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Ellerslie Harrier