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Newsletter: Term 3 Week 6 – 26 August 2020

Dear Parents,

How is your week going? Are you, like all of us, a bit over being in lockdown? A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how anxiety may be affecting our children. I said that the upside was that we could spend time with them, go for walks, go to the park. Two weeks on and that rosy glow approach to lockdown just isn’t working.

I read in today’s NZ Herald that a business consultancy Rutherford analysed about 435,318 social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Instagram from the past two weeks to get a snapshot of how New Zealanders were feeling about Covid-19. The results were not unexpected:

72% had negative views on politics and the government response.

75% had negative views about the economy and jobs.

78% had anxieties about the virus, conspiracies and the new normal.

55% had anxieties around uniting against the virus, compliance and protests.

Actually, reading this article made me feel better. It assured me that I wasn’t alone in my anxiety, and, at risk of being flippant, we are all now united in our anxieties! So, if we are feeling anxious about the bigger impact of Covid on our lives, I think it is a safe bet that our children are feeling anxious about the more personal effects of Covid on their lives. Perhaps mum or dad has lost their job. Perhaps they are hearing talk amongst adults about downsizing houses or selling cars or belongings. They don’t have a normal weekday because they aren’t at school, but neither are they on holiday. Social media is awash with conspiracy theories and even though our children are theoretically too young, many of them have Instagram or Tik Tok accounts. They are seeing adults with masks and conversely adults without masks.

We can’t wrap our children in cotton wool, we can’t pretend that nothing bad is happening around the world. Yes walks in the park are fun, but still the anxiety is all around us. Many adults and children don’t appear to be anxious so we assume they are coping, but often, their behaviour gives us the clues. They are quick to cry over small things. They are fighting with their siblings. They are having trouble falling asleep. They snap back over simple things. They are clingy, perhaps crying when you go out. Writing bleak notes about how they are feeling.

So how can we mitigate the anxiety? I am not an expert, so I can’t give you any answers. What I can do is urge you to be mindful of your children’s state of mind and don’t underestimate their ability to cope with the effects of Covid on their lives. Here is the link to the government’s Covid 19 website which has excellent information about ensuring your well being and your children’s well being. Covid 19 Well-Being

On a brighter note, children are back to school on Monday, we are all very much looking forward to having them back. While they aren’t here I get so much work done, but what’s a school without children? I miss them!


One of our lovely mothers, Victoria Martinez Azaro, has forwarded this to me. Victoria has also just finished making 1000 masks for the migrant and refugee communities. We are lucky to have so many wonderful people in our VAS community. I thought you might find it helpful:

I have a sewing blog and since the pandemic started I have shared my free patterns and downloadable pdf instructions for my readers to make their own facemasks at home.

Surprisingly for me my facemasks patterns have been used by 15 000 of my readers to date (most overseas) and now I am making a point to share these patterns and instructions to all my kiwi friends since I know they work really well and are easy to make. Please feel free to share if you think it would be helpful to the families in the school community and I am also happy to run a demo at school to show mums how to do it when we are able to do so (if that would be helpful). However, its really easy to follow the instructions in the blog.

Victoria Martinez Azaro

 Admin Rebuild

We have moved back into reception and our offices. The only interior change you will notice is that we have new carpet! The front entrance also looks modern now with a new roof line. It is looking very smart. Please note that the builders will still be working on the exterior of the main entrance for another two weeks. You are able to access reception through the doors at the bottom of dragon drive.

Contact Tracing at Level 2 – Drop Off and After School Pickup

The same organisation for the previous level 2. Before school please drop your children at the gate from 8.15.

After school, children will be brought to the gate where you will be waiting 2 metres apart at the following times:

2.45 – Year 1

2.50 – year 2

2.55 – years 3, 4

3.00 – years 5, 6

Please note that older children will be released at the same time as their youngest sibling.

During level 2, please only come into school if it is absolutely necessary. We will have the Contact Tracing QR codes at all 4 gates. If you do not have the app, I suggest you download it. Otherwise, you will need to fill in the book at reception.

Kind regards

  1. Place the Yummy stickers on the sticker collection sheets and / or
  2. Place the cut-out Yummy labels (from fruit bags) on the cut-out label collection sheets
  3. Return the completed (or partially completed) sheets to the Victoria Ave School office by 18th September 2020. Make sure your name and room number are on the sheet as we will give a prize to the student(s) that collect the most stickers

Yummy apples and fruit are available from New World, Pak’n Save and other participating stores.  The more stickers VAS collects, the more sports gear we receive.  Last year, VAS qualified for $1,800 worth of free sports gear which is an amazing effort.

Start collecting today :)

Updates on 2021 Year 7 Enrolment Applications for Remuera Intermediate

In Zone Enrolment

Under the current Alert Level 3 in Auckland, we understand it is not possible for parents/caregivers of In Zone students for Remuera Intermediate to obtain a Justice of Peace or Solicitor’s signature to complete the statutory declaration required as part of the enrolment process. Therefore, at this stage we are happy to accept all In Zone Applications without the Statutory Declaration. We will follow up on this requirement at a later stage when we move to Level 2 or Level 1.

Ensuring your application is submitted by Wednesday 2nd September 2020 assists us in planning our staffing, resources and spaces available for Out of Zone applications via the ballot. Late In Zone enrolments can put significant pressure on the school if we have been unable to adequately plan for them. We appreciate you making this a priority.

Out of Zone Ballot

We have received confirmation from the Ministry of Education that the Out of Zone Ballot date remains unchanged. Our ballot will take place as planned on Wednesday, 9 September 2020.

For all Out of Zone Applicants, your completed applications must be received by 3:30pm on Wednesday 2nd September 2020, no exceptions. The Out of Zone Ballot is a legal process that must be completed under official scrutiny. In our case, a Justice of the Peace witnesses our ballot and provides written confirmation that all processes are carried out in accordance with the Education Act. Priorities for Out of Zone acceptance are outlined in our Enrolment Scheme on our website.

During Alert Level 3 completed enrolment application forms, with all supporting documentation are received by email [email protected], or in person at the RI office 8am – 1pm Monday to Friday.

Please visit our website for further information and forms


School Times
School starts:      8.50am
Interval:             10.30-10.50am
Lunch:               12.30-1.25pm
School finishes:   3.00pm

Term Dates for 2020

Term 3: Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September
Term 4: Monday 12 October to Wednesday 16 December
~ Labour Day Monday 26 October

Term Dates for 2021

Term 1: Wednesday 3 February to Friday 16 April
~ Waitangi Day observed Monday 8 February
~ Good Friday 2 April
~ Easter Monday 5 April
~ Easter Tuesday 6 April
~ ANZAC Day observed Monday 26 April

Term 2: Monday 3 May to Friday 9 July
~ Queen’s Birthday Monday 7 June

Term 3: Monday 26 July to Friday 1 October

Term 4: Monday 18 October to Wednesday 15 December
~ Labour Day Monday 25 October

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School Dental Service
8b Ngaio St Orakei Ph 520 0603.

The dental team will be posting letters to all new entrants to our school as required.

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
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