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Newsletter: Term 3 Week 5 – 24 August 2017

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.  –Dr Suess 

I came across this quote from Dr Suess this morning and it made me smile.

Yesterday I was speaking with a year 2 boy (6 years old) and as part of the conversation he said that he remembered the occasion from when he was young. Hiding my smile, I asked him how old he was when it happened and he said, ‘five and a half’. You have to love his definition of ‘young’!

The moments that become memories are surprising. It is not the trip to Disneyland or the new shoes, it seems to me that the moments that become memories are usually the little details rather than the big moment. I thought I would check my theory on a couple of year 5 boys.

I asked them, “What is your memory from when you were in the juniors?”

The first boy said, “I remember when my mum brought me to school and I was all dressed up but it was the wrong day so she took me home for the day.” The second boy said, “I remember when I came third in the year 1 sprint race.”

As I suspected, the memories were of small snapshots of their time in the juniors, events that stayed in their memories. Our memories always bring back the emotion we felt at the time, rather than a recount of the event. We can have fond memories, bad memories, memories about the fun we had, or how embarrassed we were or the sadness we felt. We have no deliberate ability to decide what will become a memory and what won’t. What memories we have seem to be random. Have you ever had a conversation with your brother or sister who insist you remember the time when something happened when you were children and you really have no recollection of it? They say to you that they can’t believe that you don’t remember it. It is their memory but not yours.

I think that we all can contribute to try to ensure that our children take away the good things from their school days which will become their memories. Sadly though, sometimes it is the one negative thing that becomes their overriding memory of school, despite there being many great things. Perhaps if we encourage our children to tell us what they liked about school today, what was the best thing that happened we might be a little instrumental in getting that to become their memory. Perhaps by letting our children tell us about the negative thing and we help them work through the feeling or help them sort it out, it may not become a memory. Perhaps what becomes the memory instead is that you helped them out when something negative was happening to them.

Hopefully though, a snapshot of their time at Disneyland or remembering when they got the new shoes they had badly wanted will be stored away in our children’s memory!


We are very pleased to have Aniel Smith join our staff as the new sport and PE teacher. Aniel was previously at St Cuthberts and has made a great start at VAS.

Another welcome, this time to a lovely baby girl for Rachael Wilcock. Both mother and baby are doing well.

Kind regards
Janice Adamson

Uniform Shop
We are currently out of stock of navy long sleeve polos (size 8) and  fleeces (size 8). Back-orders will be delivered to children’s classrooms as soon as we are back in stock.
Also, the uniform shop will be stocking navy and white socks, navy tights and sports socks very soon!!

Year 5 touch rugby team – players wanted
More boys are needed for a team to be entered in the College Rifles Touch Rugby Competition. Games are held on Fridays at 6.30pm from October to March. If you are interested please contact Kellie Lodge, 021 535701

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This Week:

Ranbir Paik and Amelia Burr

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Pizza Day!!

It’s Pizza Day at School on Friday 1 September – $2 a slice

Please fill in the form which was sent home and return to the class teacher in an envelope together with money, by Thursday 24th August. Write child’s name and class on the outside of the envelope.

Band at Quiz Night
Roland Williams, a very talented singing dad (and lead singer of the band that played at the gala) is going to be showcasing his talents by singing the English national anthem at the netball game next Wednesday between the Silver Ferns and English Roses.
Also, returning by popular demand, he is putting a band together to play at the upcoming Quiz Night!

Yummy Stickers

A reminder that all completed sheets of yummy sticker forms need to be returned to the school office by 31st August….. keep collecting to enable us to get some great sports equipment for the school!

Click here for the Sticker Collection Sheet.

Nick Lyus – Principal Sponsor

This week Nick is hitting the gym:

Chinese immigrant parents’ views on parenting programmes


We want to know about your views of parenting programmes and what kinds of parenting support you wish to obtain from a parenting programme. If you are a Chinese immigrant parent with at least one child between the aged of 5-12 years, we want to hear what you have to say. This 40-minute survey asks about your parenting beliefs and what you think should be included in parenting programmes. This valuable information will be used to help tailor parenting programmes to meet Chinese immigrant parents’ needs.

To find out more about the survey and to participate, click on the following hyperlink: . If you prefer to complete a paper copy of the survey contact Yun Wei at the Auckland University’s Parenting Research Group: 022 380 5687 or 09 623 8899 Ext. 83042 or via email: [email protected]





如果您想要更多地了解或是参与我们的调查,请点击链接 。 如果您更希望完成纸质的问卷,请和奥克兰大学亲子教养研究小组的魏鋆联系:022 380 5687 或是 09 623 8899 转分机号83042,或是通过电子邮件: [email protected]

Approved by the University Of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 27/06/2016 for three years. Reference Number 16858.