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Newsletter: Term 3 Week 4 – 17 August 2017

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Mindfulness and gratitude. I’ve either got your attention or you are currently rolling your eyes and are about to scroll down the page to get away from it!

Practising mindfulness, being in the moment, and gratitude, focussing on the positive things happening to you, are the current ‘fads’. I use the word ‘fad’ because I can’t think of another word to describe the current interest in practising these as an aid to mental wellness. Using ‘fad’ is not to denigrate or diminish mindfulness or gratitude.

There is huge value in focussing on what is happening right now and stilling your mind to focus and be present. Being mindful allows us to enjoy the moment, not miss the moment because we are not really present.

Gratitude though, is a slightly harder one to master. If I asked you on the spot, tell me one thing you are grateful for, I am pretty sure you would um and ah whilst you searched your brain for something, anything you were grateful for. How do I know that feeling grateful can be difficult? Whilst I was on sabbatical, I thought it would be a great opportunity to actively practise mindfulness and gratitude. I had to write down three things each day that I was grateful for. Day 1 – easy, had five things. Day 2 – three things. Day 3 – struggling to not sound twee. Day 4 – did it count that I was grateful that I had chocolate biscuits in the pantry to have with my coffee?

So if adults struggle with finding things to be grateful for, then what about children? I have to say that children just do not have the maturity or life experience to be grateful about anything. I remember driving home after taking my then four year old to the park and McDonalds. I said, wasn’t that a fun afternoon? Her reply? Í would rather have gone to Burger King. Ungrateful little madam!

But do children actually appreciate what we do for them? Should they feel grateful because we took them to McDonalds? Should we really be checking with them that they appreciate all we do for them? Is it reasonable for them to feel gratitude when we have done something nice?

If we are expecting our children to be grateful, then I suggest that perhaps we need to look within to our motives. Do we want to feel smug because we are a super parent? Or do we want to enjoy being with our children for no other reason than because we love them?

Children are not mature enough to even know what a feeling of gratitude is. Feeling grateful comes with age and experience. Children are egocentric, it doesn’t even occur to them to take your feelings into consideration. They have no idea that you want them to feel grateful and even if you told them to be grateful, they really don’t have any concept of what being grateful feels like.

So next time your child seems ungrateful, just remember, they have no filter. I feel sure that my four year old had seen Burger King advertised and wanted to try it. She wasn’t being ungrateful, she was just being honest.

The wonderful thing is, that when your children are young adults, they will tell you one day that they feel lucky that they had such a great time as a child. And that gratitude is worth waiting for!

Kind regards
Janice Adamson

Positive Parking Promotion
This week our Travelwise team were out on Stirling Street and Victoria Avenue rewarding the drivers of cars that were parked safely and considerately.
The children thanked the drivers for parking in a way that keeps the children at Victoria Avenue School safe and presented them with a coffee voucher for Shore Road Cafe or a packet of jelly beans.

Please think carefully about where and how you park at pick up and drop off times and perhaps you will be presented with a coffee voucher too!

WANTED – Apple TVs

Recently Apple upgraded their Apple TVs to a more sophisticated model. We are currently trying to procure some of the earlier model Apple TVs to enable digital displaying in classrooms. If anyone has upgraded and looking for a home for their old model we would be delighted to adopt it for you.
If you want more information please contact Jason Des Forges –  [email protected]

Teachers’ Driveway

Please, please DO NOT WALK up or down the teachers’ driveway (250 Victoria Avenue). This is vehicle access only and it is dangerous to walk there. There are a lot of pedestrians using this access, we do not want to see an accident happening there.

Mufti Day

We raised an awesome $800 for KidsCan last week in the ‘Crazy Hair’ mufti day. We also enjoyed all of the great hair around the school!

The History and Mystery of Victoria Avenue School.

Mark Galloway, with the help of Grace, Ishita, Jenna, Zachary and Sienna, has created a book about Victoria Avenue School’s history and mystery. It has a lot of interesting information about our school and the story of the mysterious lady. This book is in the school library and we are also putting it in the school archives with all  other school records including the school’s first register in 1952. Parents are welcome to come to the library to view the book.

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School Times
School starts:      8.50am
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Term Dates for 2017
Term 3: Monday 24 July to Friday 29 Sept 2017
Term 4: Monday 16 October to Friday 15 December 2017
~ Labour Day Mon 23 October ’17

Term Dates for 2018
Term 1: Wednesday 7 February to Friday 13 April 2018
~ Waitangi Day Tuesday 6 February ’18
~ Good Friday 30 March
~ Easter Monday 2 April
~ Easter Tuesday 3 April
Term 2: Monday 30 April to Friday 6 July 2018
~ Queen’s Birthday Monday 4 June ’18
Term 3: Monday 23 July to Friday 28 Sept 2018
Term 4: Monday 15 October to Thursday 20 December 2018
~ Labour Day Mon 22 October ’18

Stationery Sales
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8.30-8.45am

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– half way up dragon drive in the old dental clinic

OPEN THURSDAYS only: 8.15-8.45am
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1. ‘Daily Lunch and Catering’ ordered through ezLUNCH: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – ONLINE ORDERS ONLY
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School Dental Service
8b Ngaio St Orakei Ph5200603.

The dental team will be posting letters to all new entrants to our school as required.

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
Here is a link from NZ Health for info and treatment.


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Last Assembly:

ICAS Science Distinctions

Congratulations to:

Year 6
George Cullen-Hieatt, Rex Hu, Charles Sang

Year 5
Isla Hebblethwaite, Lucas Hood, Adam Hughes, Gary Yuan

Remuera Zone Gymnastics

On Thursday 10 August a group of students in Years 3-6 competed very successfully in the Remuera Zone Gymnastics competition. The results of the following gymnasts qualify them for the Auckland Schools Competition.

Year 3 Girls
1st place – Willow Reid, 6th place – Sophie Thorman, 2nd place – Year 3 Girls team (Willow Reid, Sophie Thorman, Claudia Evison)
Year 4 Girls
2nd place – Amelia King
Year 4 Boys
6th place – Cooper Thomson, 8th place – Kai Wang
Year 5 Girls
3rd place – Freya Reid, 5th place – Isla Lockhart

Winter Field Day

This week the Red Football team won the competition for the first time!

A penalty shoot out against St Kents in the semi final saw the Reds take out the final 1-0 against Kings.

The team included Jonny Barclay, Xavier Melrose, Quinn Skeggs-O’Donnell, Kaiu Wright, Hudson Smith, Callum Rae, Poppy Tingey, Oscar Kidd, George Cullen-Hieatt, Taishin Purdy and Reeve Innes.

And great effort also by the VAS White team!

Wow! Our netball teams had a great day on Tuesday. We entered two Year 6 teams and two Year 5 teams. Here’s a photo of our Year 6 Falcons team who managed to win their section.

Nick Lyus – Principal Sponsor

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