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Newsletter: Term 3 Week 4 – 16 August 2018

Dear Parents,

I love walking around the school, chatting to children and every so often one of them throws a real gem at me. Earlier this week a young girl came up to the office. She was covered in mud and was given a change of uniform. After she was changed she brought her muddy uniform back to the office to get a bag to put the muddy clothes in; that was when I saw her.

I said laughing with her, “Oh your mummy is not going to be very happy when she has to wash the mud out.” Well, straight away the hands went on hips and she replied, “My daddy does the washing, not my mummy!” Memo to self, lose the gender stereotyping! (I don’t know why I said mummy because in our house, my husband does the washing, hanging out, folding and putting away).

It is so easy to slip into gender stereotypes but the days of mum does the cooking, cleaning, washing and dad mows the lawns, puts the rubbish out are long gone. Men and women share household chores. We have long since realised that some men like to cook and hate mowing lawns. Some women like to mow lawns and hate cooking. Men or boys don’t cry is another gender stereotype being broken down.

Many of our children still cling to gender stereotypes. In term one I had to deal with some verbal putdowns with some senior boys not allowing girls to play soccer. Where did they get the idea that girls can’t play soccer? When you go to buy children’s clothes where there are racks of pink and sparkles for the girls and blue, black and navy for the boys, which racks do your children gravitate to? Would your son wear a sweatshirt in a shade of pink? I am guessing that he probably wouldn’t. I have a daughter who, as a young child, liked the pictures on the fronts of boys’ tee shirts and sweatshirts far better than the girls’ options and hated dresses, so I happily bought what I knew she liked to wear. She has turned out very normal!

In your house, are the chores your children do decided on by gender or by negotiation? What do you hear yourself saying to your daughter or your son that may be reinforcing gender stereotypes? Do you say things like ‘oh, boys will be boys’ or ‘why can’t you play quietly like your sister’?

At school, teachers can be just as guilty in reinforcing stereotypes without meaning to. In the classroom, teachers can look at how they praise students: do male and female students receive equal praise for the same behaviour? Are both males and females praised for being neat, speaking up in class, or being active in physical activities? The certificates they are awarded at school – do boys receive prizes for being sporty and girls receive prizes for being ‘good and quiet’. Or the stickers they receive for a job well done, that is, girls receive pink/girly stickers and boys receive action hero or dinosaur stickers.

No, it is not PC gone mad. It’s about not putting barriers or glass ceilings up for our boys or our girls. Why not let them be who they want to be, wear what they want without them feeling that they are perhaps making wrong choices for their gender. But oh dear, sometimes those gender stereotypes still slip out of my mouth. I must try harder!

Kind Regards
Janice Adamson

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School Times
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Interval:             10.30-10.50am
Lunch:               12.30-1.25pm
School finishes:   3.00pm

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This Week:

Isla Hebblethwaite & Sana Khalid

Last Assembly:

  • Room 1: Nylah Blenkinsop
  • Room 1: Haylee Kuhtze
  • Room 2: Shaelyn Greene
  • Room 2 : Lucas Frost
  • Room 3 : Theo Yeoman
  • Room 3: Emma Eberhard
  • Room 4: Leo Bonnici
  • Room 4: Daniel Soldinger
  • Room 5: George Clausen
  • Room 5: Emily Fippard-Peacock
  • Room 6: Tom Kong
  • Room 6: Louie Hogan
  • Room 7: Sophia Liu
  • Room 8:Charlie Summerfield
  • Room 9: Ollie Knight
  • Room 10: Ashwin Deva
  • Room 11: Eliza Conley
  • Room 12: Katie Cullen-Hieatt
  • Room 13: Mae Luther
  • Room 14: Spencer Thom
  • Room 15: Andrew Zhang
  • Room 16: Mia Yen
  • Room 17: Alexis Tree
  • Room 18: Charlotte Dalziel
  • Room 19: Layla Penhearow
  • Room 20: Sebastian McIvor
  • Room 21: Beichen Zhou
  • Room 22: Chayla Jooste

It’s that time of year again – VAS Quiz night! Quiz Night is our major parents’ night and fundraiser for this year. Generated funds will be going towards:

developing the ‘forest area’ (where the silver slide was), and

contribution to the school’s overarching property project.

Details about Quiz Night and ticket sales will be announced very soon. However in the meantime, we need your help….

Do you have an auction item you can donate? Do you have a boat or a bach? Do you sell a product, provide a service or have access to anything we can auction (perhaps you know of someone else who has something they can donate), we’d love to hear from you!

We’ll be running a LIVE Auction on the night, but this year we’ll also run an online auction prior to the event, so any item – big or small, will be gratefully accepted!

Please email [email protected]

Do you have a contact in the wine/beverage industry?

Do you know anyone in the meat/food industry?

Or perhaps you can’t make it to Quiz night but you’d love to support the school. If so – perhaps you could donate some money to pay for some of the costs of the evening, for example quiz master, food and beverages.

If you think you can help in any way – we’d love to hear from you.
Please email [email protected]

Friday after school

A big thank you to rooms 6 and 16 (Room 16 baked twice in the week!) who last Friday made $476 for the school. Also thanks so much from the PTS for all the yummy baking and and to the parents who helped run the stall.

Remuera Zone Gymnastics Competition

A very successful day for our team at the Remuera Zones Gymnastics Competition last Thursday.
Results were:
Year 3 Girls:
Sarah Kennard 1st place
Alena Thorman 7th place
Year 4 Girls:
Willow Reid 1st place
Sophie Thorman 5th place
Year 5 Girls:
Amelia King 4th place
Year 5 Boys:
Kai Wang 4th place
Cooper Thomson 7th place
Year 6 Girls:
Freya Reid 1st place
Team Prizes:
Year 4 Girls 2nd place
They all did amazingly well, had a really fun day and did VAS proud!
We look forward to The Champion of Champions competition on September 13th.

Thanks VAS Community – we raised a fabulous $829 from the mufti day last week!

No Uniform Online Order Deliveries Next Week

As Lisa will be away for the week 20-24 August, there will be no online orders delivered that week. If you want an online delivery please place order by the end of today, otherwise delivery will be 27 August.

The school shop will be open as usual on 24 August.

MusiqHub ​are excited to offer private guitar tuition to students at Victoria Ave School with experienced tutor ​JP Carroll.​ Students learn a range of traditional and contemporary styled songs and techniques where they play together as a group and take turns to play to the group as individuals. This format creates a fun environment for students and is hugely popular in schools around the country.
About MusiqHub
MusiqHub are a nation-wide group of independent music teachers that use a proven teaching system to ensure excellence in instrument tuition. MusiqHub teachers host lessons for a wide range of instruments, and our programmes cover all age groups and musical abilities from year 3 students to those about to make the big time.
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About Our Lessons
Learning music requires the development of skills and knowledge along with the retention of prior learning. With this in mind MusiqHub has developed a structured curriculum that utilises a sequential lesson process. Skills in the physical ability to play are developed alongside an understanding of music. Songs and activities are provided for reinforcement.
About JP
JP has been teaching the guitar at a number of Auckland schools since 2014. His patience, easy going nature and ability as a teacher have seen hundreds of guitar students enjoy his lessons since then. JP has a Diploma in Contemporary Music Performance, as well as extensive experience playing in bands, touring and recording music.

MusiqHub is currently offering two free guitar lessons when you sign up for guitar lessons in term 3. There are limited spaces available.
Email JP at [email protected] to begin the enrolment process.