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Newsletter: Term 3 Week 4 – 15 August 2019

Dear Parents,

I have had the pleasure of being around the junior area the past few lunchtimes. Today I was sitting in the sun, out of the wind, just watching the children playing on the adventure playground (and also cutting up paper so children could make horses’ tails, but that’s another story!).

It was such a joy. Lots of young children, running helter-skelter at full pace, all around the playground and up onto and around the equipment. It was like a microcosm of a town; full of people going about their business, circling in and touching the edge of others’ lives before wheeling away in another direction.

There were fairly equal numbers of boys and girls – children who circled in and around each other, sometimes interacting with someone, but mostly going about their own business – the business of playing.

As I watched, I saw the brave, fearless child race straight up to the top before swinging down and jumping quite a distance. I saw the focussed child trying over and over and over to master the wall, and finally succeeding. I saw children using the equipment in ways that the designer probably hadn’t thought of. I saw the child standing back and watching for a while before tentatively having a go. I saw children going one way along the bridge and meeting another group coming the other way. Was there an altercation? No, they simply worked out the best way to let each other past without needing words or negotiating skill.

I saw a child get down to help another child swing their leg up so they could climb onto the platform. Was there any thank you? No, just an unspoken acknowledgement of what had just happened. I saw little gangs of children shouting and all running in a group, obviously with a destination in mind. I saw children, both boys and girls, fall, some fell over gently, some had quite a tumble. Not one tear in sight, every one of them picked themselves up and carried on going about their business; the business of being a child.

Everywhere, children running and running, laughing and shouting. Not one iota of disharmony. Being resilient. Interacting beside and amongst each other with no hassles, no shouts of unfairness or tears because they were hurt, no frustration at not mastering something. Just being children and having fun.

I loved it because there was no adult input at all. The children didn’t need organising, nor did they need reminding to play nicely. There was no adult to see them fall over and rush to see if they were ok. No adult to go and tell a little tale to about unfairness or about imagined slights. The children were risk taking, were resilient, showed perseverance, co-operation. When left to play they were learning so much, but most of all, they were having fun. A reminder to all of us that we must let our children have fun without us hovering nearby. The world won’t end if we are not there to supervise or organise or remind, in fact I would hazard a guess that the children I watched today were very happy that no adult was there to do that.

Please close school gates

Finally, a security matter – can parents please ensure when they leave the school that they shut the gate behind them. Thank you for helping to keep our children safe.

Kind Regards

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Announced last assembly:

Sophie Ngan & Liam McIvor

This week:

Olivia Tan & Zara Revill

  • Room 1: Hamama Rifhan
  • Room 2: Oliver Munro
  • Room 3: Jada Choy
  • Room 4: Alannah Brown
  • Room 5: Francis Sullivan
  • Room 6: Bella Tian
  • Room 7: Happy Fan
  • Room 8: Matapo-Ann Brown
  • Room 9: Connor Robinson
  • Room 9: Yasmine Green
  • Room 10: Llewelyn Burn
  • Room 11: Heidi Fehsenfeld
  • Room 12: Hugo Henry
  • Room 13: Benjamin Boor
  • Room 14: Amelia Sandlant
  • Room 15: Preston Frost
  • Room 16: Leo Anderson
  • Room 17: Nina Valenzuela
  • Room 18: Roy Luo
  • Room 21: Chloe Cooper
  • Room 22: Jemima Nathan
  • Room 22: Layla Toyota

Remuera Zone Gymnastics

Last Thursday, 23 Gymnasts competed for VAS at the Remuera Zone qualifying event. Everyone involved competed with dignity and pride with great fun being had by all of the students. They produced some outstanding team and individual performances.

In the Year 4 girls section the team of Stella Rumbold, Nico Irvine, Tia Williams and Lucia Bartle placed 2nd.

Individually Sarah Kennard placed 1st overall with a perfect score awarded for  her vault routine, Alena Thorman placed 3rd and Lucia Bartle placed 4th.

In the Year 5 girls section the team of Minako Purdy, Sophie Thorman, Willow Reid and Claudia Evison placed 1st.

Individually Willow Reid placed 1st overall with a perfect score awarded for her floor routine, Sophie Thorman placed 3rd andMinako  Purdy placed 5th.

In the year 6 girls section Millie King placed 1st overall with a perfect score on the vault.

In the year 6 boys section Kai Wang placed 1st overall and Cooper Thomson placed 8th overall.

An amazing effort from everyone well done!

Year 4 -Lucia Bartle, Nico Irvine, Sarah Kennard, Tia Williams, Bianca Bartle, Stella Rumbold, Alena Thorman

Sarah Kennard, Alena Thorman, Lucia Bartle

Willow Reid, another competitor, Sophie Thorman, Minako Purdy

Millie King

Kai Wang

Year 5 – Sophie Thorman, Claudia Evison, Minako Purdy, Willow Reid

– Quiz tickets are selling fast – if you haven’t already, please purchase from the school online shop or uniform shop ASAP!
– you can buy an individual ticket or 10 for a table but will need to name and pay for each seat
– reminder – you only need to dress yourself, the tables will be done.
– please come with your party pants on!
– there will be some very exciting auction items and spot prizes
– no alcohol to be bought on the premises, bag searches will be conducted on arrival.

Thanks to rooms 15 & 16 who sent in baking last Friday, there were some amazing and colourful cupcakes, which raised $386 towards the school’s forest project. Thanks also to the whole school for supporting.

Download now so you are all prepared for Go Race, more information and specific game instructions to follow!!!

Need Help After School or in the holidays?

One of our Teacher Aides (who also has After School Care work experience) is looking for an after school pickup / holiday childcare role. She is based in Remuera, has a full clean UK driving license (without own car), is child first aid trained and is available from 1pm on weekdays. Contact Lucy on 021 02822977

Epipen School Offer from one of our Parents:  $135 including delivery to school – $5 donated to school for each delivery!

As a mum and a pharmacist I understand that epipens can be expensive. I can personally deliver your epipen (which is temperature sensitive) to the school office. This ensures the medication is not exposed to temperature fluctuations within the courier van and saves you time and hassle. We provide the latest expiry dating and we can tell you the current one when contacting us. Deliveries will be done on a weekly basis during school term. Discount available for 2 or more pens. For more information, please contact [email protected]

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