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Newsletter: Term 3 Week 3 – 9 August 2018

Reminder – SCHOOL CLOSED next Wednesday 15 August for Teachers’ Strike

Dear Parents,

Earlier this week I read an opinion piece in the New Zealand Herald. In a nutshell, the writer was giving her opinion about young children being left in day care centres. She was very clear that it was her opinion and I respect anyone who has the courage of their convictions to put themselves out there and share those opinions publicly. I am also fairly sure that she was trolled but that is a whole other story.

The writer used emotive language to put her point across… being forced to spend most of her waking hours in a loud daycare centre among strangers, with grimy plastic toys to fight over and a cold equivalent of a prison-yard to play in; I wanted to tell her to make sure her daughter did not feel invisible, invalidated; ol’ yoga pants (her name for the mother).

As I said, I don’t have any issue because this is her opinion, but what I do take issue with, is when women, particularly mothers, feel the need to shame other women’s, particularly mothers’, choices. We may disagree with their choices, but to shame them for the decisions they make is, for me, a step too far. The writer even acknowledged this in her article…And even when we gain knowledge, so often it is used not to lead social change but to shame women. The irony is, that by using emotive language and a dismissive name for the mother, this is exactly what she did.

As you can see, my opinion piece on this matter is also very emotive. Being a parent is hard enough. I know that all parents sometimes experience guilt over the choices they have to make. Bad enough that we beat ourselves up, without having to deal with other people piling the guilt on.

In a perfect world we would all make different life choices to those we have to make in this imperfect world. Many women need to work just to make ends meet. Many women choose to work because they enjoy it. Enjoying work when you have children is not anything to be ashamed of, or feel guilty about. Many men need to work just to make ends meet and many men work because they enjoy it. There should be no gender bias, men can feel just as guilty over life choices as women do, but do men get shamed as much as women?

Shaming is such an ugly thing to do. At school, we quickly act if we hear a child shaming another child. Shaming does not ever end well. It doesn’t cause the person being shamed to change their behaviour or rethink their life choices. All it does is lessen the wellbeing of the person being shamed.

Before you make a derogatory, shaming judgment about something that you see that you don’t agree with, put yourself in that person’s shoes and ask yourself what else might be going on in the background for this person, that he or she needs to have made this choice. By all means disagree with their choices, that is your right, by all means talk or write about the issue. Bring the issue to others’ attention, but please think twice before shaming mothers.

Above all, if you hear your child shaming their brother or sister, or another child, please step in. If you hear other people shaming another person, don’t join in, but challenge them. Disagree, yes. Shame, no.

Pupil of the Week POW and Citizen of the Week COW

We are constantly reviewing what we do, just to make sure that we don’t get stuck in a rut. We celebrate an individual’s learning through Pupil of the Week and I have noticed more and more that the comments are about citizenship as much as learning so we have decided to add citizenship as something to be celebrated. The criteria we are using for both awards is as follows:

Pupil of the Week Citizen of the Week
·       Achievement in a specific learning area eg maths, reading, writing, inquiry

·       Achievement in an aspect of the arts

·       Cultural achievement

·       Perseverance with a challenging task

·       Showing they are unafraid to take risks with their learning

·       Showing resilience, especially if they have a personal challenge

·       Is a collaborative / reflective learner

·       Questions to find out more information

·       Shows creativity with solving problems

·       Demonstrates a positive mindset

·       Shows initiative in their learning

·       A specific act that shows they are: caring or responsible or honest (VAS values)

·       A selfless act

·       Doing a random act of kindness

·       Helping, either within or outside the classroom

·       Showing empathy

·       Someone who often supports other students

·       Is a good friend

·       Is a positive class member

·       Listens to, and values, others’ opinions

·       Takes care of the environment

·       Goes above and beyond the call of duty

Parking in Nearby Streets

 I really don’t like getting emails from our neighbours complaining about our parents parking illegally or inconsiderately. Imagine if you came home to find a car parked halfway across your driveway with no one in it. You’d be furious. Well that’s how our neighbours feel when it happens to them all the time. Please do not park across driveways, whether you are in the car or not. It is illegal, but worse, it puts our neighbours off the school and quite frankly we rely on our neighbours being watchful of the school after hours.

Oh dear, what a grumpy newsletter this week. Don’t shame, don’t park illegally, I sound like a school marm!

So on a positive note I have been so excited by the learning happening around the school at the moment. Things I have seen this week include: Julie Hadlow, ESOL teacher, along with a couple of her students, just showed me the movie that they have been making, complete with sound effects and voiceovers. Children in the year 3 classes, clearly explaining what they were learning (not what they were doing, there is a difference) in spelling. Years 5 and 6 children immersed in their topic which is focussed on some of the important events in New Zealand’s history. Children coming to my office to share their writing with me. Children taking ownership of their learning, not just regurgitating knowledge, but understanding concepts and applying them to other situations. Children being in the learning pit and not giving up. Great stuff!

Kind Regards
Janice Adamson

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School Times
School starts:      8.50am
Interval:             10.30-10.50am
Lunch:               12.30-1.25pm
School finishes:   3.00pm

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This Week:

Amelia Mackenzie & Gabriella Bainbridge

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  • Room 10: Sam Sinjab

It’s that time of year again – VAS Quiz night! Quiz Night is our major parents’ night and fundraiser for this year. Generated funds will be going towards:

developing the ‘forest area’ (where the silver slide was), and

contribution to the school’s overarching property project.

Details about Quiz Night and ticket sales will be announced very soon. However in the meantime, we need your help….

Do you have an auction item you can donate? Do you have a boat or a bach? Do you sell a product, provide a service or have access to anything we can auction (perhaps you know of someone else who has something they can donate), we’d love to hear from you!

We’ll be running a LIVE Auction on the night, but this year we’ll also run an online auction prior to the event, so any item – big or small, will be gratefully accepted!

Please email [email protected]

Do you have a contact in the wine/beverage industry?

Do you know anyone in the meat/food industry?

Or perhaps you can’t make it to Quiz night but you’d love to support the school. If so – perhaps you could donate some money to pay for some of the costs of the evening, for example quiz master, food and beverages.

If you think you can help in any way – we’d love to hear from you.
Please email [email protected]

Friday after school

A big thank you to rooms 4 & 5 who in the last bake sale made $520 for the school. Also thanks so much from the PTS for all the yummy baking and and to the parents who helped run the stall.

On Friday 10 August we are having the KidsCan Mufti Day. We are  supporting Kiwi kids in need, helping them get the bare essentials that we take for granted, just by dressing in mufti. Please bring a gold coin donation.

Auckland Netball Coaching

All Years 5 & 6 students who play in netball teams are expected to attend the following session with three Auckland netball coaches.
Friday 10 August, from 10:30am to 10:55am, & from 12:30pm to 1:20p
Monday 13 August, from 12:30pm to 1:20pm
Friday 17 August, from 10:30am to 10:55am, & from 12:30pm to 1:20pm
Monday 20 August, from 12:30pm to 1:20pm


Junior Art

Any size, any shape, any colour

Thank you!

No Uniform Online Order Deliveries Week Commencing 20 August

As Lisa will be away for the week 20-24 August, there will be no online orders delivered that week. If you want an online delivery please place order by 16 August, otherwise delivery will be 27 August.

The school shop will be open as usual on 24 August.

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Click here for enrolment form

MusiqHub ​are excited to offer private guitar tuition to students at Victoria Ave School with experienced tutor ​JP Carroll.​ Students learn a range of traditional and contemporary styled songs and techniques where they play together as a group and take turns to play to the group as individuals. This format creates a fun environment for students and is hugely popular in schools around the country.
About MusiqHub
MusiqHub are a nation-wide group of independent music teachers that use a proven teaching system to ensure excellence in instrument tuition. MusiqHub teachers host lessons for a wide range of instruments, and our programmes cover all age groups and musical abilities from year 3 students to those about to make the big time.
You can read more about MusiqHub at ​
About Our Lessons
Learning music requires the development of skills and knowledge along with the retention of prior learning. With this in mind MusiqHub has developed a structured curriculum that utilises a sequential lesson process. Skills in the physical ability to play are developed alongside an understanding of music. Songs and activities are provided for reinforcement.
About JP
JP has been teaching the guitar at a number of Auckland schools since 2014. His patience, easy going nature and ability as a teacher have seen hundreds of guitar students enjoy his lessons since then. JP has a Diploma in Contemporary Music Performance, as well as extensive experience playing in bands, touring and recording music.

MusiqHub is currently offering two free guitar lessons when you sign up for guitar lessons in term 3. There are limited spaces available.
Email JP at [email protected] to begin the enrolment process.