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Newsletter: Term 3 Week 10 – 28 September 2017

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Sometimes, in life, things we love or rely on come to a natural end. Things that we may have valued for years and years and perhaps taken for granted that they will carry on for more years and years, peter out and finish.

Usually the reason things end is because they have reached the end of their use, or, more usually, the structure is no longer fit for purpose. It seems that this is how it is for our current PTS (or PTA as it is more commonly known as). PTAs have been around for decades and are an institution in schools around the world

The VAS PTS has always been the backbone of the school from a friend-raising and fund-raising perspective. Many, many wonderful parents have given so much of their time and energy to ensure that we raise money for school initiatives as well as, more importantly, keep the VAS sense of community alive and well regarded. Now, with our changing lives, people are time poor and there are fewer people who are able to take on PTS activities.

The structure of the PTS has not changed in decades, despite the world changing around us. It has nothing to do with the people who have been on the PTS, nor does it have anything to do with a decreasing feeling of community. I believe it just has to do with the fact that our lives and the way we live has changed. So many of us hold down fulltime jobs and care for families which means that our energy and ability to give time to extra things is limited.

I don’t believe this is the end of the PTS but I do believe that out of the ashes of the current PTS structure, a new type of PTS will emerge. I know that every single family as well as all the staff want to keep our fantastic reputation as being a family friendly and connected community alive. What that looks like moving forward has yet to be determined, but I know that we will continue to have a great sense of community into the future.

So, what does all this mean? The PTS does not have a chairperson from term 4. Shelley Cunningham has been an outstanding PTS chair and she is stepping down. Thank you Shelley, for your enthusiasm, your organisational ability and your passion and commitment to the school and the community. In terms of events, there has not been anyone to organise the Halloween event this year so that won’t be going ahead.

I have a real desire to ensure that the VAS PTS does not fade away into oblivion. In term 1 next year, the week following the Meet the Teachers evening, I will be holding an open forum for people to come along and contribute their ideas as to how and what a new PTS structure will look like moving forward (I am leaving it until then so that we include all the new families to VAS). A structure that is responsive to the needs of our parents as well as taking the busy lives of our parents into consideration. We will focus on what the new structure needs to be in order that people willing to help find the load manageable. We will have a PTS!

Art Exhibition
As I outlined a few newsletters ago, we have just finished a term which has had a focus on the arts. The art exhibition was the culmination of the term’s work and children all worked very hard on their inquiries around New Zealand artists. It was easy to see how much effort every single child had put into their art which would not have happened without their teachers being behind them, teaching, suggesting, giving feedback, helping. What an amazing standard of artwork! Huge congratulations to Tessa Fastnedge, year 5 teacher who led this initiative and organised it with the help of the arts team. I must admit, I had the luxury of wandering around the exhibition by myself with Charles Sang playing classical music on the piano. It was quite a surreal moment!

What a Great Term
Term 3 is always a difficult term as it is the winter term and many of the children and staff inevitably get colds or the flu. Being the fourth wettest winter on record certainly didn’t help with children being inside during many wet lunch times and the field being out of action for weeks. Teachers however, just carry on regardless, but all of them are ready for a break as are your children.

I outlined a number of our successes in last week’s newsletter. Other highlights this term have been the dance lessons and performance, music concert, visits to the Auckland art gallery, trip up Mt Hobson, speech competitions, sports exchanges and winter field day, cross country, scooter skills and soccer skills.

There is lots of learning still to come in term 4 and we are looking forward to the children coming back fresh after a quiet, calm break.

NZ Principals Federation Conference
Last week I attended the NZPF conference. It was focussed around principal hauora or wellbeing. Some of the take outs for me, some of which I will expand on next term were: the most important choice you make each day? Your attitude. We no longer talk of work – life balance, but of work – life satisfaction. Keep perspective – in one year will this still be important? Avoid DHS (deferred happiness syndrome). I will be happy when…… the weekend comes, the holidays come, I’ve lost weight…… Celebrate failure. 80% of children get their confidence from other children’s approval. Why? Because they are not getting it from the important adults in their life. Self esteem in children comes from the adults in their life validating their thoughts and opinions. Let people know how much they mean to you. Eudaimonia – the good life – I love my life. Practice trumps intelligence every time. No matter how much you plan, the unexpected will happen. Deal with it.

Kind regards
Janice Adamson

Uniform Shop Term 4

The uniform shop will be open the first Monday of term 4 (16 October) from 8.15-8.45am.

Piles of lost property- check in the bins opposite room 3 anytime or when they are displayed outside rooms 7 and 8 tomorrow (Friday-last day of school). All un-named items will then be donated to charity. Please check and name all your uniforms with the surname.

The Bell Road bus would love some more walkers!

We are a fun, active bus with a happy group of 14 kids and their parents. We walk daily to school leaving from Bell Road at the top of Shera Road at 8.10am. It’s a great way to give the kids some more independence, less time in the car and an energising start to their day! We would love to have another family or two join us to keep up our numbers. All it requires is a commitment by one parent or nanny/au pair to join the roster and walk with the children one morning per week. Please get in touch with Inga Frengley ([email protected]) if you’d like to know more about joining in Term 4.

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Term Dates for 2017
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Term Dates for 2018
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School Dental Service
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The dental team will be posting letters to all new entrants to our school as required.

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
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Work by Children identified as artistically talented – Photography Workshops.

Auckland Primary Schools’ Gymnastics Champion of Champions

Great results for VAS gymnasts!

On Friday 15 September eight of our gymnasts took part in the Auckland Primary Schools Champion of Champions competition, having qualified earlier at the Remuera Zone Gymnastics competition. They practised very hard in term two for these competitions and were excited to make it through to the big one! Congratulations are due to all those who competed – from Year 3, Claudia Evison, Willow Reid and Sophie Thorman, from Year 4 Amelia King, Cooper Thomson and Kai Wang and from Year 5 Freya Reid and Isla Lockhart.

Our gymnasts achieved some great results and should be very proud of themselves. The Year 3 girls team came 4th= overall. In the individual competition Willow Reid came 1st and Sophie Thorman came 11th (Year 3 girls), Amelia King came 9th (Year 4 girls), Isla Lockhart came 4th and Freya Reid came 10th (Year 5 girls). Well done girls!

A special thanks to Pauline Bills, Inga Frengley, Julie Thorman, Anne Bridgman and Aniel Smith for all their assistance with the training and organisation of the teams.

With the dust now settling on the 2017 Quiz Night the PTS would like to echo Janice’s thanks to everyone who helped make it such an entertaining and memorable night. It was awesome to see all the effort that went into costumes and decorations (Bad Moms aside!) and so satisfying to see everyone clearly having such a good time. There were so many highlights to the evening including our last timers who leave us at the end of the year singing ‘Darling I say Goodbye (Even Though I’m Blue)’, Mr Des Forges’ delight in hearing he is in line for some new Lego Boost Robotics, and Johnny Angel owning the stage as Elvis…

Not forgetting this was a primarily a battle of wits (almost) full marks went to the Wimbledon team who scored a very impressive 59/60 in the quiz. We can now reveal the results from all the teams are as follows:

Wimbledon        59
Christmas        57
Gloriavale        57
The Last Supper #1        56
VAS Quez Rocks       56
Black n’ Glam       55
Gypsy Wedding       55
Black Cray Crays       54
The Last Supper #2       53
Hide & Seek       52
Wax on Wax off       52
Where is Wally #1        51
Bad Moms        51
Bollywood        51
Mash        51
Black Ties        49

And while having fun was certainly the main focus of the evening, it makes it all worthwhile to know we also raised a substantial amount for the school. So without further ado we are thrilled to announce that the Quiz Night ate, drank, tipped, bribed and bid their way to over a whopping $20,000!!! We are still working out the net figure but am sure you all agree this is an amazing result in any case.


As always, the PTS is extremely grateful for the many donations of time, money, sweat and tears that went into making this event:

Many thanks for the generosity and support of the teachers, parents, key partners and local businesses that made it possible to have such an amazing selection of raffle and auction items and to the parents who bid so generously for them.

A big thanks to parents Ekaterina Levchenko for all her tireless design work and Gene Kuhtze’s company, Actovate, for making the fabulous bar surround happen.

A big shout out to Shane Cortese for generously donating his time to be our Auctioneer Extraordinaire

A fist pumping salute to The Roland Williams Band for keeping us rocking to their awesome beats

And last but certainly not least a massive thank you to Nick Lyus,

VAS Principal Sponsor, for his ongoing support of our school events.

Yummy School Sticker Promotion

The Yummy Fruit Company provides free sports gear to North Island primary & intermediate schools that participate in their School Sticker Promotion. Collect the Yummy cut-out labels from bags (each cut-out label is worth 10 stickers) and individual Yummy apple stickers and attach to a sticker collection sheet (click here for a copy The more you collect, the more sports gear the school gets so get going and start collecting your Yummy cut-out labels and stickers now! All stickers must be received by Yummy no later than 29 September 2017 (end of Term 3). Please contact Katherine Flippard on[email protected] with any queries.

Nick Lyus – Principal Sponsor

Barfoot & Thompson Remuera Branch Video:

The 2017 Urban Polo event was a sell out so gather your squad and click here to purchase tickets asap. Please note the early bird ticket sale is about to end on the 30 September!

Free Positive Parenting Programme for Chinese immigrant parents

Do you want to experience the benefits of having a positive relationship with your child?
Do you want to find out about managing children’s academic behaviour?
Do you have some concerns about your child’s behaviour?

The Parenting Research Group at the University of Auckland investigates the effectiveness of the Triple P Parenting Programme for Chinese immigrant parents. We are looking for parents of a child between 5-9 years who want to enhance their child’s development and have some concerns about their child’s behaviour. Triple P is based on 30 years of international research and has been shown to be effective with many different families.

What does participation involve?
Parents will attend five 2-hour group sessions and three 20-minute telephone consultations. The programme will be facilitated by a trained Triple P practitioner.
The programme is completely free of charge and includes helpful materials for you to keep
If you are interested in participating in the parenting programme, or would like further information, please contact Yun Wei on 022 038 5687 or 09 623 8899 ext.83042 or [email protected]. There will be a short phone interview to check eligibility for the study.

Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 03/04/2017 for three years. Reference Number 018916









如果您有兴趣参加本次正面管教课程,或者您想要更多的了解该课程,请和魏鋆联系:电话022 038 5687 或者09 23 8899 转83042,或者邮箱[email protected]. 我们会对您进行一个简短的电话采访来确定您是否适合参加我们的课程。

Approved by the University of Auckland Human Participants Ethics Committee on 03/04/2017 for three years. Reference Number 018916.


The school has been selected by The Warehouse to participate in a Community Choice Programme that provides financial support to not-for-profit community groups and organisations. A fund is raised through their customers purchasing a 10cent shopping bag in return for a token, which is then placed in a voting booth (or forgo the bag). At the end of a 6-month period the fund is divided among 3 participating partners based on their percentage of tokens, with the VAS share being put towards much-needed refurbishment of outdoor playground equipment. The VAS voting booth is situated at The Warehouse store in Newmarket and the period runs from August 2017 until January 2018. Please spread the word among friends and family!

If you know of any other loyalty schemes and grants that can benefit the school, please contact Amanda Dick on [email protected]

ASB Supporting Success in Your School


Due to the success to date of the ‘Supporting Success in Your School’ scheme ASB will continue to support Victoria Avenue School with the School Sponsorship Voucher until 30 July 2018. The school is awarded a $500 voucher for each customer that mentions VAS and this offer when taking out lending of $250,000 or more (see voucher for further terms). This offer is available to friends and family of the school community as well as parents and teachers. A copy of the voucher is available to download at the ASB website:

5 – 10 ​YEARS – R​EMUERA
Monday 9​, Tuesday 10, Wednesday ​11  October 
In playful, fun ways children learn oral language, public speaking, acting and social skills, all building their confidence.
​To enrol: ​

12​​ October
Develop the craft and confidence of a performer from experienced professionals Nina Burchett and Romy H​ooper.
Skills covered include public speaking, voice overs, character development and US and English accents.

You won’t want to miss this event!  The Starship Foundation’s ‘Through the Looking Glass’ Ball is a very special evening to mark Starship’s 25th birthday -­ with entertainers such as Tiki Taane, Hollie Smith, the Royal New Zealand Ballet, Sweet Mix Kids and Richard O’Brien of Rocky Horror Show fame set to perform.

The black tie ball, which is being held on Friday 27th October at Spark Arena, promises fun, food, wine and a few surprises along the way. MC’d by Mike Puru and Antonia Prebble, the evening will share some extraordinary achievements of the past quarter of a century, as well as looking ahead to the exciting promise of a brighter, healthier future for our children.

Gather your friends for a fun night out… for a good cause!

Sponsored by Barfoot & Thompson, and proudly supported by ASB and DLA Piper. Funds raised from the event will provide vital support for Starship, our national children’s hospital.
To purchase tickets, visit