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Newsletter: Term 2 Week 6 – 8 June 2017


We are all greatly looking forward to welcoming Grandparents and significant older people in your children’s lives, to a special day tomorrow. In this newsletter Year 6 students are sharing their thoughts on Grandparents.

See you all tomorrow!

Kind Regards
Jane Cameron

What Grandparents Are Made Of…

They are a coffee slurper and ice block giver
A kisser and hugger; a giver not a taker.
A hand to hold and hearts full of gold
They give you special treats that you can eat
There’s not even the smallest trace of dreadful hate
That’s what grandparents are made of

Walks, hikes, cruisers and more
You’ll find them around the North Shore.
Always ready to share stories from back in the day
They always have so much to say
Money spent on toys galore,
The presents I open makes my mouth drop to the floor
That’s what grandparents are made of

The game shows we see on the big screen tv
Watching together,  just you and me
The games we play are always fun, especially when I win and am number one
That’s what grandparents are made of

Patience and time, kindness and care
They share endless love, a treat from above
Walks on the beach are always in reach
That’s what grandparents are made of

By Kaiu Wright
Room 1

That’s what Grandparents are made of

Hope and pride, greatness inside.
Heart full of love, like an angel above.
Reading in the sun, having lots of fun.
Hands to hold, Hearts full of gold.
That’s what grandparents are made of.

House full of fun, the ‘Sealegs’ in the sun.
Talks of the past, memories that last.
Things to teach, always in reach.
Tales to tell, friendships a spell.
That’s what grandparents are made of.

Travel on trains, boats and planes.
Swimming under the sun; it’s so much fun.
Endless love that comes from above.
Kindness and care, everything to share.
That’s what grandparents are made of.

Photos and frames, playing fun games.
Toys galore, everything to adore.
Patience and time, don’t waste time.
Bragging rights, sleepover nights.
That’s what grandparents are made of.

By Hugo Mackenzie
Room 1

What are Grandparents made of?

Watching the concert seeing you in the crowd,  I can’t hear the rest you Are cheering so loud! I love all your jokes and the white stallion wishes. I Love your pavlova AND the lipsticky kisses…
That is what Grandparents are made of
Horse riding, gardening and boogie boarding doing these things with you Can never get boring…
That is what grandparents are made of
Love and warm hugs, beachwood huts, Christmas lunch and ginger crunch, eskimo pies and sparkly eyes…
That is what MY Grandparents are made of

By Alexandra Evison
Room 2


That’s What Grandparents Are Made Of

Warm hugs and itchy sweaters, poetry clubs and endless letters.
Leather and silk fashion, loves leopard print with a passion.
The rhythmic tick tocks of the swaying clocks…
That’s what grandparents are made of
Butter cream scones handed around, comforting, whirring oven sounds.
Animal biscuits and chocolate fingers, macaroni cheese and roast dinners.
Christmas feasts piled high, the groan of the stomach and the satisfied sigh…
That’s what grandparents are made of
Plants perfectly pruned with love, a harmony of sounds like a dove.
Long nights in front of the T.V, the waves lapping happily within the sea.
Tiko and Topi buried in the ground, the Silly Old Puss who used to roam around…
That’s what grandparents are made of
Art leaning proudly against the wall, Golden Girl standing tall.
Your thoughtfully kept newspaper articles, teaching us about human particles.
Dress ups, dolls and supermarket games, endless characters with beautiful names…
That’s what grandparents are made of

By Anna Schellekens
Room 2

Stories of Old

The grandparents with hearts of gold, they tell the stories of old. They tell the legend’s & the myths, and they have very special gifts. They taught me how to plate the perfect dish, and how to catch the greatest fish!!
That’s what grandparents are made of……
They take me on the best rides, and they’re always warm inside. They always break up fights, and keep me warm in the chilly nights. They let me stay in their house, and protect me from dangerous things that pounce.
That’s what grandparents are made of……
They make the best tea, and they take me to the deep blue sea. They make me feel like I’m in heaven, and they always cheer me on like “GO NUMBER 7!!” although they play old music, they are still totally sick!!
Grandparents are AWESOME!!

Love Taishin
Room 3

Why I love my grandparents

Greeting me with warm smiles,
Spoiling me for miles and miles.
Making sure I have the best,
Supporting me through every test,
Wrapping me with hugs and kisses,
Fulfilling all my dreams and wishes.
Taking me all through the town,
Making sure I never feel down.
That’s why I love my grandparents,
Cooking me some rice and curry,
Never leaving me in a worry.
Educating kids in their school,
Always looking very cool.
That’s why I love my grandparents
Laughter and care, kindness to share,
Never giving me the evil glare;
I know you love me and I love you to,
All the cows on the road all go MOOO!!!
By Ishita Barot
Room 3

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National Young Leader’s Day!

On the 25th of May, all the school councillors and house captains were given the opportunity to spend the day out at the Vodafone Events Centre for National Young Leader’s Day. Our excitement was unbelievable. As the inspiring words were spoken, we took them as a token. Throughout the day, four important words were embedded into our brains; Ngaro, Kakano, Ruia and Rangiatea.  We got to listen to captivating speakers share their stories and advice based on these four special words. These words are part of a special meaning… “You are a seed born of greatness.” This day was one of the most unique and extraordinary days of our lives. We would like to share with you some of the messages and lessons we acquired from the day and what these four words mean:

Ngaro: All of us have times where we feel like we have nothing to offer. If you like yourself, then others will like you too. Surround yourself with people that can help you be a better person. Do what you enjoy. Don’t let other’s opinions affect the way you see yourself. Never change yourself just for others.

Kākano: Seeds are tiny, and full of potential. How do you move from potential to growth? It all starts with an idea. You never know where it might lead you. Believe in your ‘why’. Be the difference,- be the change. Think outside the box, how can you make it happen? The main saying in the talk about kākano is; “YOU have the power to change stuff.” Everyone’s impossible is different. Other people may not believe in you because they think it isn’t possible, but a small thought of belief can change many things. Only YOU can change your ways.
“Impossibility is only someone’s opinion not a fact.” – Daniel Flynn, Co-founder of Thankyou.

Ruia: Creating and being in a great environment is how we grow. Jodi Brown’s inspirational words depended on the saying; “You become like the people you spend time with, so choose who you spend time with carefully.” Success is always changing, your heart may be on something you love to do but later on another hobby or sport or really anything could take over. Be prepared, new opportunities are often scary- so what do you do? And what do you intend to do?

Rangiatea:  Adam Gard’ner and Duane Major (the guys who bought a beach) inspired us to be grateful for what we have and to make sure future generations get to enjoy this too. Got an idea? Why leave it to someone else to put into action? Always be actively involved. And remember it doesn’t take 7 billion people to make a difference in the world, anyone can leave the world a better place than before. We can achieve greatness in big and small ways every day.

National Young Leaders Day exists to help inspire and influence young leaders all over New Zealand to help lead themselves and others. Along with all the serious talks, AMAZING hosts, Liz Harrex and Christian Gallen played heaps of fun games and popular music blasted through the speakers. The house captains and the councillors were buzzing with elation and motivation. National Young Leader’s Day was the best experience we could have ever imagined!

By Sasha Melville – School Councillor

School Closing Early – Thursday 15 June

School will close at 2pm on Thursday 15th June as all teachers are attending a First Aid in the Workplace training.

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Give a Kid a Blanket – Friday 2nd June

From the Give a Kid a Blanket Facebook page:

“Totally blown away” aptly describes our feeling when we left Victoria Avenue School on Friday. This amazing school in Remuera collected for us last year too, filling the back of the truck till it was bulging with no space left.
This year they have given us a incredible start to the project with a donation of blankets and other warmers from the school community that filled the back of the truck, and back seat to the ceiling…..twice. Two complete truck loads from one school. Organised by the student council, and supported by all. Kindness expanded .

The Scholastic Book Fair

Final day tomorrow – Friday.

Please come and view the fantastic selection of books.

All purchases benefit our school.

Opening Hours

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Years 0,1,2,3 from 5:15-6:30pm

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Parent help is required. Please email [email protected]

Children must be collected from the hall at the end of their session.

No preschoolers allowed.

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