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Newsletter: Term 2 Week 5 – 31 May 2018

Dear Parents,

Over the last three weeks (and next week) all of our students have taken part in an intensive swimming programme. This is being held at the Newmarket pools and facilitated by trained instructors.

As water is dominant feature of the New Zealand landscape with many of us spending time in, on or by the water,  swimming is recognised as an essential component of our Health and Physical Education Curriculum.

The focus of the lessons has been on developing skills and confidence, keeping safe and having fun.

I would just like to take the opportunity to thank Aniel Smith for yet another well organised PE programme and to all the parents who have assisted with supervision on the bus and at the pools.

Following is some writing about swimming lessons by three students from the junior syndicate.

Kind Regards
Jane Cameron

The class’s first trip to the Hilton Brown swimming lessons were on Monday. We were going to Hilton Brown swimming lessons. I was so excited, then it was time to go on the bus. I sat with Isabella. We saw Newmarket station, then we were there. It was not how I expected it to look. When I got in the pool it was surprising because it was warm. My swimming teacher threw 3 fish into the water, I had to dive in and get them. Then our swimming lessons were done, then we got back in the bus – it went chiiishsh! Then we were back at school. I had a great time at swimming lessons.

Neave Harris, Room 8


I like school swimming because we practise breathing positions and I practise arms circles. I like going on the bus.

Trixie Edgar, Room 12


At swimming I learned how to do bubbles and I also learned how to go across the water. First we got changed and next we went in the pool. I sat just behind the front seat and I had lots of fun because I did do lots of cool games.

Henry Clarke, Room 12


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School Times
School starts:      8.50am
Interval:             10.30-10.50am
Lunch:               12.30-1.25pm
School finishes:   3.00pm

Term Dates for 2018

Term 1: Wednesday 7 February to Friday 13 April 2018
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~ Queen’s Birthday Monday 4 June ’18
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~ Labour Day Mon 22 October ’18

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Lucy Walter & Angel Sun

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  • Room 1: Olivia Campbell
  • Room 2: Maddie Hanson
  • Room 3: Sonny Blaylock
  • Room 4: Noa Bayer
  • Room 5: Cheyenne Calder
  • Room 6: Rita Fung
  • Room 6: Emily Swain
  • Room 7: Luke Fon
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  • Room 8: Tiana Hu
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  • Room 21: Isabel Reid
  • Room 22: Zac Hotham

PTS News

YOUR SAY ON THE PTS  – Feedback from you on the PTS 

Thank you to all the parents who have given the PTS feedback over the last few months.  Many of you emailed or spoke to Janice Adamson after the Parent Teacher Interview Night and some of you also completed a Survey Monkey form about the VAS Events that you most valued (and did not value).

It exciting to have so many parents interested and involved in our school events – it strengthens our community and shows our children how proud we are of their school.

We wanted to share some of your feedback with you so that you can see that the PTS and the school is really keen to make sure we are on the right track.

It’s really helpful to have a view of the events that families really value and enjoy at school and those that we could more happily forgo. The below is a chart showing how you evaluated the PTS events:


Below are some of the suggestions and ideas that have been proposed in your feedback:

  • High teas (afternoon tea where people can get dressed up and held somewhere nice), tickets to concerts, selling spring bulbs, people selling unwanted items via a website and the proceeds going to the school – like Trademe for the school, car boot sale, car wash
  • Guy Fawkes night. Get the kids to sell the reusable shopping bags to friends and family
  • Wine Tasting
  • I think it would be good to talk to other schools and see what they do.

I wonder if there are any events or opportunities from within the community to fundraise. I was talking to someone from Balmoral Primary last week and they have a parent who runs a Comedy Store. That facility worked a treat for fundraising. I wonder if we have parents in our midst who may have venues or opportunities to work with the school for a win-win between business and school?

  • I’m aware of other schools making the disco a bigger event. It’s run as more of a whole family event including a bar so it is more of a fundraiser
  • Maybe something not quite as large and involved as a gala eg second hand book and toy fair only
  • Eat my lunch. A story book character festival
  • I think the PTS has done a great job the last two years and raised significant funds from an outsider looking in. I feel they need more parents to step up rather than change things. Or is that old school thinking?
  • Water sliding, family camping
  • Selling Ecostore products as fund raising. We all need these products
  • Cultural evening
  • Possibly if we as parents cannot run the fundraising group – we should have a flat fee of $100 annual donation per family, and then have a group who just runs some fun activities for kids and families without having pressure to make a lot of money
  • Fundraisers such as selling soap, reusable food wrap, other environmentally friendly, useful products
  • Outdoor movie night on the field, carwash
  • Only need one adult event each year ie either quiz night or parent evening not both
  • Ask me for a donation instead and tell me what the money will be used for. We seem to have an arms race each year of the new PTA head raising more money for no clear purpose
  • My only suggestion would be to have less events. Parents are being asked to contribute on at least a weekly basis to the school (ice block/bake sales) and I do not agree with this. We should not be selling kids food which is not good for their bodies in order to make money for the school. I would instead support the school asking for a larger contribution if the money is needed
  • Events should be prioritised based on return vs effort with a mix of high return events and a couple that are important for school spirit / school community
  • Moonlight cinema nights creating an outdoor cinema on
 the school grounds and people brought blankets and watched a movie after dusk. Additional sales of popcorn, soft drinks and choc-tops etc added to the fundraising.
  • The other fun one we had each year was the Lapathon, the last day of term one all the kids dress up in the house colours and run laps of the oval having had family and friends sponsor them a donation per lap. The 45 minute run was followed by a sausage sizzle lunch where kids had pre-paid $5 each and got tokens for a sausage in bread a cookie and an ice block (all of which we managed to get donated from local businesses). There was then prizes for the class who raised the most money and the kids who ran the most laps. This was one of the good earners back home apparently. As it also encourages activity and teamwork!
  • Gala is a great community event but seemingly always a struggle. Could we turn it into more of a giant garage sale, with music, sausage sizzle etc – focus on the stuff that makes the money.

If you have more great ideas or particularly would like to see a friend raising or a fundraising event take off in the school please get in touch. Email Charlotte Houghton [email protected] or phone 021 32 36 32

Or – come along to our next meeting.

The next PTS meeting is set for Thursday May 31 at 7 pm in the staffroom.


PTS Treasurer Still Needed

With the regeneration of our PTS we are in great need of a Treasurer. If you have accounting experience and would like to help the PTS we would love to have your expertise on our team. Please contact Charlotte Houghton [email protected]

Bake Sale

A big thank you to rooms 15 and 19 who raised $449 last week. Thank you to everyone who baked and helped out at the stall – the kids love their end of week treat so it’s lovely to have such a great display of baking for them to choose from. Our weekly Bake Sale is one of our strongest fund raisers during the school year – did you know that money from last year’s bake sales purchased 15 Chromebooks and a storage cabinet for VAS?

Grandparents’ Day Dress Rehearsal – 7 June 

As part of our preparation for the Grandparent’s Day and as a way of offering parents a chance to see/hear their children perform, we are inviting parents of our concert performers to attend our dress rehearsal on Thursday 7th June at 9.15am in the school hall. We hope that as many of you as possible are able to come.

(Please note that is a rehearsal rather than a performance, but we hope it will be a great rehearsal!)

Grandparents’ Day – 8 June 

This is a wonderful day for grandparents (or a special person/people in your children’s lives) to come to the school and see what our kids are up to in class.

The morning kicks off with a concert at 9.15am – this is only for the grandparents as seats are limited and we’d hate them to miss out. We intend to film the concert and make it available on the website for family viewing.

In addition, there’s a morning tea for grandparents in the hall.

As Grandparents’ Day coincides with the Scholastic Book Fair, there is also the opportunity for the grandparents to buy their grandchildren a book (or donate one to the library) if they wish.

Click here for the invitation to Grandparents that you can print off and give to your grandparent for the day. (You may have already have been given one of these in your child’s book bag). The invite lists all the details of the day and has a map on the back so that the Grandparents know where to go.

Thank you to all parents who have offered their help on the day. Any queries contact Bridget Snelling: [email protected]

Coming up – VAS School Disco – 22 June

Keep a look out for information about the school disco on the evening of Friday 22 June. More details and a request for helpers to make this fantastic event happen will be coming soon!

Scholastic Book Fair – 2018

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to

Victoria Avenue School

on Tuesday 5 June

until Friday 8 June (Grandparents’ Day)

Please mark these dates in your diary now!

Opening hours:

Tuesday  8.30-9.30am    3.00-3.30pm

Wednesday  8.30-9.30am   3.00- 3.30pm

Thursday  8.30-9.30am   3.00- 3.30pm

Friday  8.30am – 12.30pm

Friday after school

If you have any good quality, clean second hand uniform which you would like to donate, please drop it off at the office.
The sale will be located in the Hall on Thursday 14th June, 8.15-9.30am.

The Champions programme will be running on Thursday lunchtimes from 7 June until the end of term, in Room 1. Champions is a fun, engaging 30 minute lesson which allows students to learn about positive Christian values and beliefs. The Christian Religious Education programme weaves together Bible stories with values set out in the New Zealand Curriculum. The Bible stories are used to illustrate and teach different values such as loving your neighbour, personal worth, courage, inclusion and forgiveness. All children are welcome to attend on a casual basis.

Epipen School Offer from one of our Parents:  $135 including delivery to school – $5 donated to school for each delivery!

As a mum and a pharmacist I understand that epipens can be expensive. I can personally deliver your epipen (which is temperature sensitive) to the school office. This ensures the medication is not exposed to temperature fluctuations within the courier van and saves you time and hassle. We provide the latest expiry dating and we can tell you the current one when contacting us. Deliveries will be done on a weekly basis during school term. Discount available for 2 or more pens. For more information, please contact manager.pharm[email protected]

Braziwi Ltd is clearing end of line, luxurious 100% Brazilian Cotton Bath Towels and other products from Karsten… so we’re opening a Pop Up Shop at 413 Tamaki Drive, St Heliers from 8th to 24th June. We will keep a register and donate 10% of sales from Victoria Avenue Primary (families and friends) to Victoria Avenue Primary.

For more about us and Karsten please see and follow us on Facebook at “Braziwi_Ltd”.   New followers each week, from now and through the Pop Up Shop Event, will go in the draw for a gorgeous Karsten Lumina Towel Set (Blue/White or Chocolate/Gold) normally retailing at ~$180.00.

The event is already posted on Facebook
and this is where we will post regular updates about the event, and what will be on sale at 30-50% off normal retail prices.