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Newsletter: Term 2 Week 5 – 1 June 2017


In this newsletter Year 5 is sharing with you some excerpts from Camp Stories. The year group had an exciting few days at Camp MERC (the Sir Peter Blake Marine Education and Recreation Centre) at Long Bay during Week 3 this term. Students challenged themselves to participate in a range of activities that took them out of their comfort zones. Here is some writing about our adventures…

Exciting Archery
Anna Sharma
Room 4

Truth be told, my favourite activity was archery. In archery you have to load the bow which unbelievably, is actually extremely hard. Did you know? I learnt the arrow is not actually sharp. Shooting the target was really fun because I got a blue on the target. I felt elated.

Abseiling at Camp MERC
Nina Brown
Room 4

I looked down and shuddered I was at Camp MERC on the top of the abseiling wall looking down at the tiny campsite below me. I was terrified and if there was a better word for terrified, I would say it. I was thinking what might happen if the harness broke and I fell but then my friends started cheering me on. Very slowly I lowered myself down and started abseiling down the wall, no wonder everyone wanted to go first it was so slippery I thought I would fall. I tried to imagine myself falling and splitting in hundreds of pieces but then I remembered my harness and sighed gratefully. Then the wall got the best of me and I slipped but what happened after that was different to my imagination… my harness worked. I stayed hanging in the air.
Clara Jones
Room 4
This week Year Five went to camp MERC for three days to build our confidence and communication skills. On the second day of camp my group went abseiling. We had to wear harnesses attached to big ropes that could hold the weight of two cars or a elephant! On our heads we wore helmets to protect ourselves. The first person to abseil down the wall was Breanna. I thought she was really brave to go first, she made it look easy. I was the fifth person to go. As I got hooked up to the big rope, I started to get nervous so I took tiny steps off the edge, my legs were shaking like mad. By the time I got to the straight edge of the wall, my heart was beating so fast. I froze. It was like you were lowering yourself off a cliff. I kept on moving down in a L shape with my legs out straight on the wall and the rest of my body still shaking like jelly. I finally made it down. Abseiling for me was a huge challenge because heights are not my friend. After completing the wall, I was really relieved, proud and happy to be safe and sound on the ground.
Shaelyn Greene
Room 5
My stomach was filled with butterflies. I ducked under the pole. I was feeling so heavy. I had at least 6 straps clipped to me. I took 4 of my straps off. I stepped onto the blue carpet. My heart was pounding. I finished the badge and now I had to lean back so far. I was sitting on the abseiling wall. I continued down the abseiling wall. I was shaking terribly.
Olivia Seguin – Sanchez
Room 5
My favourite activity was the giant ladder. No wonder it is called the giant ladder, it’s huge! Not only is the giant ladder tall, it’s also wobbly. So in other words, it’s more challenging, more fun and a hint harder. I loved the giant ladder. I had about three turns on it.  

Maya McCarthy
Room 5
My stomach tightened with nerves as I walked over to the abseiling place. CLIMBING HARNESS. I gulped as my eyes caught the abseiling wall. The dark blue carpet seemed to snicker at me as I tried to look away from the wall. I glanced at the abseiling harness. They looked identical to the climbing harness. “What’s the difference between the climbing harness and abseiling harness?” I asked T. “There isn’t any difference,” T replied. T and Kathy showed us how to put on the harness. I was probably the second or third to last to put mine on successfully. Moments ticked by. The wall didn’t seem to get any shorter, just taller. Kathy was explaining stuff about abseiling. I wasn’t really listening. I was trying not to turn pale. I am not scared of heights but I don’t like being upside down.
Kathy and T led us up the abseiling path. I felt like I was climbing Mt Everest and I was running out of oxygen. Kathy swung open the gate. We all stepped inside and sat on the benches. The wall seemed a lot higher. Evie volunteered to go first. There was another harness that needed to go on. It didn’t look that stable. Kathy explained to Evie how to move it and stop it. Evie slowly lowered herself down. I sat on the benches and stared off into space.  I was very bored. I think I almost fell asleep.
When it was my turn all my nerves came flowing back. I peered over the edge. Mia was waiting down on the floor for me. Because I wasn’t really paying attention to how to move forwards and stop. They showed me. I slowly stepped back onto the carpeted floor. I felt like I was falling in slow motion. As it became completely straight the world seemed to fade. I couldn’t hear anybody. All I could see was the carpeted wall, myself, the harness and the ropes. The ropes seemed to stretch off into space. I looked down, the wall seemed to go on forever. I slowly lowered myself down.
After what seemed like an hour, I finally saw the floor. I could now see everything again. People’s voices came flooding back to me. It seemed a lot easier so I sped up. When I reached the bottom, I gazed up. The wall seemed much shorter. Once my harness came off I walked back up the secret path with Mia. I watched the rest of the people go. That’s my abseiling experience.

Ginny Fraser
Room 6
After we finished putting the harnesses on we walked up to the place where we would abseil down from. My spine shook at the sight of how high up we were.The carpet at the top was slanted but the rest was just straight down which made it 50% more frightening because you couldn’t see the vertical part.
As I went down my whole body shivered like there was an earthquake. I slowly walked down the carpet, my grip held tight. I felt tense as I looked at the people down below. Finally I was done. I had reached the bottom. Even though it was scary, I thought it was the best two hours of my life!
So Close
Quinn Skeggs-O’Donnell
Room 6
I was nervous but ready, I walked forward then leaned down and picked up the bow that was on the soggy ground. I took the smooth arrow, put it on my bow and leaned my bow and arrow upright. I breathed in then…fired. The arrow went slicing through the frosty air, it pierced the foam board “Awww so close” I said. I had nearly hit the balloon. I was about one centimetre away. I took another arrow, put it on the bow, breathed in and shot. Bang! It hit the board. This time it was about two centimeters away from the bullseye but it felt like it was a mile away from it.
Year 5 Camp
Adam Hughes
Room 6
I was yearning to get up that wall, that five metre high wall. It was teasing me, saying, “You can’t get up here, you’re too weak,” but I was determined to get up to the top, the very tippy-top.

Kind Regards
Jane Cameron

School Closing Early – Thursday 15 June

School will close at 2pm on Thursday 15th June as all teachers are attending a First Aid in the Workplace training.

Give a Kid a Blanket – Friday 2nd June

A very worthwhile cause

As a school we are going to be helping with the ‘Give a Kid a Blanket’ drive. This is the second year the initiative has been run with the help of Public Health Nurses. On Friday 2nd June children can wear mufti and bring a blanket.

We are collecting blankets of all sizes, sleeping bags and duvets for the public health nurses who will distribute them to families in need. These include families in homes that have no heating, families who are homeless and those living in poor conditions, like camping grounds.

This is a very worthwhile cause and we are happy to be able to support the initiative.

We will be collecting the following items:

  • Blankets
  • Sleeping bags
  • New pillows (or ones that have been used once but were not right)
  • Gogo bags that babies sleep in
  • Wheat bags (new so they can be heated by the families)
  • Good PJ’s for children of all ages, including teenagers
  • Duvets & covers (including king & queen size)
  • New socks would also be appreciated.

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