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NEWSLETTER: Term 2 Week 3 – 19 May 2016

Dear Parents

Bullying. Nobody likes it, but no matter what we do, there will always be someone who picks on another person. It happens at work, it happens at school and it happens within families. Do we accept it? Never! Do we always know it is happening? Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t.

We know who the company bully is (we don’t have any at VAS thank goodness!) but usually that person is in a position of power so the behaviour is difficult to stop because people fear losing their job. In a family, there may be one child who is always tormenting their sibling. When the bullied child complains to the parents, they don’t usually think of it as bullying, just ‘kids being kids’ and tell the bully to stop, but don’t address the actual bullying. Unfortunately most bullying we don’t know about is because the bullies never do it when adults / bosses / parents are around. This is how it is at school.

So, what is the definition of bullying? It is when someone keeps on doing or saying things to have power over another person. This is when the torment is ongoing and relentless and creates ongoing fear and anxiety.

Tomorrow is Pink Shirt day. The following has been taken from the website. I have copied it because it neatly explains bullying. Pink Shirt Day aims to create schools, workplaces and communities where all people feel safe, valued and respected.

We all think we know bullying when we see it, but bullying can also be something we don’t see. Often, people who experience it feel invisible. Calling someone names, saying or writing nasty things about them, leaving them out of activities, not talking to them, threatening them, making them feel uncomfortable or scared, taking or damaging their things, hitting or kicking them or making them do things they don’t want to do are all forms of bullying.

Generally bullying has the following features:

  • It is repeated – this may be single acts with different targets or many acts with the same target.
  • It involves a power imbalance – this means that there is an unequal relationship between the target and the bully, this could be because of physical size, age, gender or social status. By not stopping bullying we increase this power imbalance.
  • It is harmful.

Generally, we think that bullying is deliberate. It is difficult for those being bullied (targets) to defend themselves and it can often be difficult for those doing the bullying (initiators) to learn new social behaviours.

There are four main types of bullying:

  • Physical – hitting and punching.
  • Verbal – teasing, taunting, unwanted threatening, homophobic or racist remarks and name-calling.
  • Social – ignoring or excluding, spreading rumours or gossiping, withholding friendship.
  • Cyber – repeated threats, unkind remarks or criticisms sent electronically.


There is a great book ‘The Bully, the Bullied and the Bystander’ by Barbara Coloroso which really delves into how to deal with bullies. In her book she says that a powerful subgroup of bullying is the ‘bystanders’. The people who watch on and it is how they respond to both the bully and the target have a tremendous influence on how emboldened the bully becomes / how weak the target gets. (Page 46).

Pink Shirt day is not only for the targets or victims of bullying but is about bystanders saying ‘No, we do not accept this’. Speak up, stand together, stop bullying.

Kind regards

Janice Adamson

After Hours use of Access to the School

Dear Parents who pick up from after hours activities.

With health and safety in mind we are becoming increasingly concerned at the behaviour of parents who pick their children up from after school care and after school activities.

Please park in the school carpark and walk to the hall or pick up point for your child.
Please do not drive down the driveway past the hall and under no circumstances remove the bollard by the courts.
Do not drive across the courts even if the bollard is not present as there are often children playing in this area.
If people do not park in the teacher’s car park as requested we will need to change the gate code and you will no longer have vehicle access to the school.

Thank you – we need to keep our children safe!

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Make a difference, Ki te whakapiki.

Tomorrow’s mufti day is to raise awareness of bullying – so come along in your street clothes and try to wear as much pink as you can!! 

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Grandparents Day 2016

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VAS Vegas night - Newsletter term 2

Don’t miss the biggest night on the VAS Social Calendar!

On Saturday 18th June at 7pm, the school hall will be converted into a sumptuous Vegas hotel ballroom (MGM VAS Grand) – and like all great nights in Vegas, there’ll be great company, great food & wine and non-stop entertainment. You’ll be able to mingle freely between the casino tables and the bar as it will be a standing dinner reception, or you can settle down and rest those feet before the dancing kicks off. You’ll get a great night out whilst raising money for the school. So really, while you’re partying – you’ll also be investing in your child’s education! Win : Win!
Make sure you don’t miss out on this night of Vegas crazy.
Do I need to organise a table?
This isn’t a sit down event, so you won’t need to organise a table – just buy your own tickets.  Buy them soon to make sure you don’t miss out, limited number available.
Is VAS Vegas replacing Quiz night?
This event is not replacing quiz night, quiz night is scheduled for term three.
What’s the dress code?
The dress code is Vegas. Anything goes – your options range from Vegas Glam to Comic Con. Grab a group of friends or team together with your class to come up with a winning theme. Prizes for the best dressed.

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Clara Jones and Evie Hanson

Room 1: Sapphire Cousins-Baxter
Room 2: Yasemin Kalkan
Room 3: Mia Douglas
Room 4: Jemima Saafi
Room 5: Estella Tree
Room 6: Hudson Smith
Room 7: Jacob Clayton-Ford
Room 8: Cosmo Honey
Room 9: Henry Main
Room 10: Claudia Hughes
Room 11: Issy Reid
Room 12: Marie-Emeline Watson-Topham
Room 13: Tia Williams
Room 14: Nina Valenzuela
Room 15: Hazel Richards
Room 16: Josie Treagus
Room 16: Charlie Barratt-Boyes
Room 17: Heath Somervell
Room 17: Bella Innes
Room 18: Grace Thomson
Room 18: Marco Hardie-Lyne
Room 19: Anastasia Voronina
Room 19: Sharanya Sen
Room 20: Natalie Tidey
Room 21: Alex Baker
Room 21: Lucy Haydon


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For more information re cost, route and event CLICK HERE

SKATEBOARD CLUB is back on this term. Monday lunch times 12.30 –1.30 pm on court outside hall.
Taken by professional skateboard coach Simon Thorp from the Young Guns Skate School.
Cost $50 per term.
All abilities welcome, we have plenty of complete beginners.
Bring Helmet and Skateboard to school

For more information please contact Simon Thorp on 0276592707 or [email protected]




Afterschool Netball Programme | Ages 5-13 years | Monday, Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday

Build your child’s netball skills with our Coaching Clinics, a specialised 8-week programme delivered by our expert coaches to take your child’s netball to the next level.
Where:  Auckland Netball Centre, St Johns and Windmill Road, Mt Eden


Fundamental Skills Programme | Boys & Girls | Ages 2-4 years | Monday, Friday and Sunday mornings
All Sorts of Sports is a pre-school multi-sport programme designed to introduce your child to the fundamental skills needed to participate in a wide range of sports.This programme incorporates the essential gross motor skills that will enhance your child’s growth.
FREE Taster Days on Sunday 8, Monday 9 and Friday 13 May.
Where:  Auckland Netball Centre, St Johns
REGISTER FOR TERM 2 ONLINE or find out programme details on our website
OR CONTACT:  Serena Somlyai  T 09 280 4129  E [email protected]

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