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Newsletter: Term 2 Week 3 – 16 May 2019

Dear Parents,

This week is Bully Free New Zealand Week. On Monday the New Zealand Herald published an article about ERO’s latest evaluation around bullying at school. Here is the link NZ Herald Article about Bullying in NZ Schools

Bullying is defined as:

Bullying is the use of coercion, force, or threat, to abuse, aggressively dominate or intimidate. The behaviour is often repeated and habitual. One essential prerequisite is the perception of an imbalance of physical or social power. This imbalance distinguishes bullying from conflict. There is no universal definition of bullying. It is widely agreed upon that bullying is a subcategory of aggressive behaviour characterized by the following three minimum criteria: hostile intent, imbalance of power, and repetition over a period of time. Bullying may thus be defined as the activity of repeated, aggressive behaviour intended to hurt another individual, physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Bullying is different to conflict or a one off act of aggression. Children will sometimes lash out when they are frustrated or angry, something that some parents (possibly all) have witnessed at home. After the event, children are usually contrite and things get back to normal very quickly. This is not bullying. When we drill down, it was a one off spat which got a bit heated and once sorted, it doesn’t happen again. If it does happen over and over, then it becomes bullying.

Bullying is different. Bullying is targeted and repeated. It can be physical – not just hitting or punching, but it can be shoving, or tripping or being over aggressive when tackling the victim, taking or hiding belongings. It can be verbal – constant put downs in front of others. Ridicule, especially about size or body issues. It can be excluding – deliberately leaving someone out of the game, or the invitations, not just once but again and again.

Does this behaviour EVER happen in front of adults? No, of course it doesn’t. Do not think – or say – that we ‘allow’ bullying to happen. Of course we don’t, just as you would not allow it. We have to rely on children telling us about it, or telling you about it. The minute, yes, the minute, not the next day or next few days, the minute we hear about any disclosure of bullying we investigate it. We talk to the victim, the bystanders and the bully. We never talk to the bully and victim together. We contact parents. A restorative approach usually works but sometimes we have to use more assertive methods to ensure that the bullying ceases. By assertive, I don’t mean aggressive, I mean things like daily contracts, daily reporting, restricted play areas or classroom spaces or, in very extreme cases when all else has failed, a stand down or suspension.

So why are the New Zealand stats on bullying so bad? We have the Keeping Ourselves Safe programme every second year. We have Peer Mediators in the playground every lunchtime. We have a listening culture among staff. We encourage children to tell us if someone is being mean to them, bullying them. So if we do all these things, why does bullying still happen?

This is what the ERO report said:

A huge majority (83 per cent) of students said they had learned at their current school what to say or do if they experienced bullying. A total of 65 per cent said they did what they had been taught to do when bullying occurred. However only 35 per cent of those who did what they had been taught said that the bullying stopped.

We try to find out why bullies bully. Is it an acting out of what goes on at home or what happens to them? Is it to make themselves look ‘cool’ in front of peers? Does it give them pleasure to hurt people? Do they just like to bully people? Is it revenge for some justified or unjustified slight? Do they see famous people getting away with bullying? To be honest, we can never find out just what makes a bully.

What we can do, is ensure that our policies and procedures, anti bullying programmes and messages are all around us all of the time. We won’t accept it, we won’t condone it and we won’t stop trying to stamp it out.

Without wanting to pass the buck or underplay our role in wanting to stop bullying rather than manage it, this statement from the ERO report is very sobering:

“Finally, many of the most salient drivers of bullying may be beyond schools’ direct control, related to parental attitudes and broader societal issues.”

Pink Shirt Day

Please support our bully free message by allowing children to wear a pink shirt to school on Friday. Stand up to bullies!

Uniform Price Reduction

Recently we carried out a review of the supply of our school uniform. The purpose of the review was to ensure that our sourcing provides competitive prices, reliable supply and good quality product that we are supplying to our community.

The pool of suppliers of school uniforms in NZ is fairly small. We invited three other suppliers to quote for the supply of our school uniform. We also requested that our current supplier (Argyle Schoolwear) review their supply and pricing. The outcome of this was price reductions.

Our Board evaluated the proposals by the four suppliers and concluded that the proposal by our current supplier achieved the highest ranking based on the pricing, quality and supply criteria. We are therefore happy to continue our relationship with Argyle Schoolwear.

As a result of this review process, we are delighted to let you know that we are now able to pass on these cost savings to our school community. Effective from now, we have decrease retail prices of uniform between 5% and 18% on uniform items.

Kind regards
Janice Adamson

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Announced last assembly:

Isla Tonga & Alena Thorman

This week:

Charlotte Dalziel & India Aiono

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  • Room 1: Arya Nair
  • Room 2: Cheyenne Calder
  • Room 3: Leo Chen
  • Room 4: Shaurya Shetty
  • Room 5: Chloe Pratt
  • Room 6: Max Derecourt
  • Room 7: Blake Thornton
  • Room 7: Wendy Liang
  • Room 8: Georgia Darrow
  • Room 8: Tessa Shields
  • Room 9: Grace Penrose
  • Room 9: Kyan Yu
  • Room 10: Liam Vowell
  • Room 10: Harriet Williamson
  • Room 11: Olivia Mace
  • Room 12: Florence Kirkpatrick
  • Room 13: Eliza Paris
  • Room 14: Lucas Wood
  • Room 15: Keira Treagus
  • Room 16: Eva Gardner
  • Room 17: Liam Jia
  • Room 18: Marie-Emeline Watson-Topham
  • Room 19: Bianca Bartle
  • Room 20: Adam Hood
  • Room 21: James Noori
  • Room 10: Liam Vowell

World Cultural Day – Tuesday 21st May

For the next three weeks our learning focus is on ‘Cultures of the World’. Each Year level over three weeks will research and study three cultures culminating in a school-wide celebration of ‘World Cultural Day’ on Tuesday 21st May.

This is what you need to know:
Students can dress up on World Cultural Day
There will be a shared cultural lunch 12.15 – 1.15pm which all VAS families are invited to. Students need to bring a plate of food to share from their culture.
At 1.45pm for parents/ family there will be a cultural show in the hall featuring our Kapa Haka, choir, orchestra and Chinese groups.

This Week is Bully Free NZ week with Pink Shirt Mufti Day on Friday 17 May

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Timeline for School 2019 Board of Trustee Elections

Canterbury Education Services (CES) are providing BOT election services for our School in the forthcoming BOT elections.

In May nominations will be called to become members of the Board of Trustees. Key dates are as follows:

By Friday 10th May Nomination forms were posted to all persons on the school’s caregiver roll.

Friday 24th May NOMINATIONS CLOSE – 24th May at noon. (See video below explaining becoming a BOT nominee). An election will then be held if the number of nominations exceed vacancies. For our school the number of parent vacancies is 5.

Wednesday 29th May Voting papers will be sent by post to all on the school caregiver roll.

Friday 7th June Voting closes at 12 noon.

Thursday 13th June Votes are counted, and your School advised of the results.

Friday 14th June New Board takes office

CES has provided this service to many schools throughout New Zealand.
Once again we look forward to working with your School.
Kind regards
Wayne Jamieson
Canterbury Education Services

Becoming a BoT Nominee

Thinking about becoming a nominee for your school's Board of Trustees? Take a look at this video to see how easy it is with ! Contact CES to see how easy it is for your school to join.

Posted by Canterbury Education Services on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Scholastic Book Fair – 2019

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to

Victoria Avenue School

from Tuesday 4 June

until Friday 7 June (Grandparents’ Day)

Please mark these dates in your diary now!

Opening Hours:

Tuesday-Thursday 8.30-9.00am

and 3.00-3.30pm

Friday 8.30am – 12 noon

Join us for a fun session with LevelUp Works where children learn to create and code their own animations!

What’s it all about?

Children from Year 2 to Year 8 will learn to create animations and coding using Scratch. The session is suitable for beginners to animation and/or programming, both boys and girls.

Please bring your own laptop or tablet/ipad.

LevelUp Works runs a Creative Problem Solving programme for children to foster their creativity using technology.


9:30AM – 11:30AM

Paid event

Flippaball & Mini-polo

Flippa Ball and Mini-polo are a fun precursor to water polo and help children learn basic skills while building confidence in the pool. Flippa Ball is played in a shallow pool (approx. 1.0m – 1.2m deep) by primary school aged children from year 3 up to year 6 with 7 players per team, whereas mini-polo is played in a 2m deep pool.

VAS plays in the Epsom League on Sunday afternoons at the Diocesan, St Cuthberts or Epsom Girls Grammar pools, catering for teams from Years 3 to 6 (mixed boys and girls). VAS teams are coached and managed by willing parents.

This term we had just one team playing in a year 4 / 5 flippaball league however there are a variety of year group and grades including the 2m deep mini polo for years 5 and 6’s.

If you’d like to see what this sport is all about then check out the Flippaball NZ website or get along to a game on a Sunday afternoon next term (check out the draw at or give Tony Scott a call on 021 1532 159.

If your child and friends/classmates are interested in playing flippaball in Term 2 2019, please contact Tony Scott at [email protected] or text / call 0211 532 132. Entries need to be made finalised Tuesday 30th April which is the first Tuesday of Term 2.