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Newsletter: Term 2 Week 2 – 9 May 2019

Dear Parents,

Property Master Planning Meeting– Monday 20 May 6.30 – 8.30

The board is committed to developing a property masterplan for VAS. The Ministry of Education does not consider giving us new modern buildings a priority so the board decided to spend time looking at what our priorities, goals and aspirations might be about the kind of school we want.  Last year, to start us thinking, the board worked with a facilitator looking at aspirational goals for the whole school experience, not just buildings.

Martin and Anna from the board will be sharing this work at the start of the meeting on 20 May.

The meeting is not about the nitty gritty of current property needs but is at the macro level where the board is looking to find out what is important to parents, teachers and children in order to develop an overall aspirational property plan. From there we will drill down into what can / will be done and when.

This is intended as a grand plan, designed to give future boards a blueprint for property development and upgrade. Once the board has all the input from parents, teachers and children, they will draft the master plan and share it with the community.

We would like to have a large turnout at this meeting. Here is your chance to contribute to long term property planning for the school.

Not directly connected with the masterplan, but for your information, every five years, all schools are told how much money the Ministry is giving them to be allocated to building and maintenance. We work with Ministry accredited project managers getting various assessment reports and from there we develop a plan, called the 10YPP (10 year property plan). This plan is split into two parts. The first part called a 5YA (5 year agreement) and is for projects to be completed within 5 years using the grant. The second part of the 10YPP is where the school can identify future projects. This must be approved by the Ministry before we get any money. The plan has to address health and safety needs first and foremost. Then infrastructure upgrades (eg roofing, drains etc). Once these have been identified and costed, the remaining funds can be put towards innovative learning environments. Then if any of the 5YA grant is left, discretionary projects can be undertaken. This is where having a masterplan comes in. We can put some of the 5YA funds towards modernisation projects and fundraise the rest.

Unfortunately for us, the Ministry took most of our 5YA off us during this current cycle to put towards the remediation of the subsidence issue affecting rooms 15 – 21. This meant there was no funding left for anything else. The great news is that we can use every dollar of the new 5YA beginning July this year, to address infrastructure, then look at starting our modernisation of the school as identified in the masterplan.

This plan is about to go to the MOE for approval, with projects able to start from July this year.


We are delighted to welcome two teachers from Saudi Arabia who will be working in the school every Monday to Thursday during term 2. Turki Alfaifi and Atyah Hakami will be spending each week in classrooms, learning about the NZ system and sharing their culture with the children.

World Cultural Day for Diversity – Tuesday 21st May

As part of our learning focus on ‘Cultures of the World’ there will be a school-wide celebration of ‘World Cultural Day for Diversity’ on Tuesday 21st May.

This is what you need to know:

  • Students can dress up on World Cultural Day for Diversity
  • There will be a shared cultural lunch 12.15 – 1.15pm which all VAS families are invited to. Students need to bring a plate of food to share from their culture.
  • At 1.45pm for parents/ family  there will be a cultural show in the hall featuring our Kapa Haka, choir, orchestra and Chinese groups.

Bully Free NZ Week 13 – 17 May

Next week is Bully Free NZ week so we will be reminding children that we do not tolerate bullying. Remember that bullying is systematic targeting of one child by another / group of others and of course the bullies are never going to do it in front of adults. We encourage our children to tell an adult if they are being bullied and parents to tell us if their child is being bullied. We will finish Bully Free NZ week with Pink Shirt day on Friday.

Union Meeting

Most of the teachers will be attending a union meeting tomorrow. We are still fighting for better conditions as well as a pay increase. Our lovely teachers have opted to attend either a morning meeting or an afternoon meeting tomorrow so that we can cover each other’s classes and therefore parents aren’t being asked to keep children at home. I think that is a lovely gesture from our teachers  – they didn’t have to do that but they chose to in order to not make life difficult for parents and children. So send your child to school as usual tomorrow.

Collecting Children From School

We are noticing more and more children not being picked up straight after school. Yes, there may be an occasional glitch that may cause you to be late, and we understand that, but we regularly have children not being picked up prior to 3.45pm. There is a similar trend with children not being picked up straight after their after school activity. It is important to note that we do not have any staff around to actively supervise children whose parents have not collected them. If you habitually leave your children at school until well past 3.30pm, then you need to book them into after school care.

Kind regards
Janice Adamson

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
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Week 3 is Bully Free NZ week with Pink Shirt Mufti Day on Friday 17 May

School 2019 Board of Trustee Elections

Canterbury Education Services (CES) are providing BOT election services for our School in the forthcoming BOT elections.

In May nominations will be called to become members of the Board of Trustees. Key dates are as follows:

By Friday 10th May Nomination forms will be posted to all persons on the school’s caregiver roll.

Friday 24th May NOMINATIONS CLOSE – 24th May at noon. (See video below explaining becoming a BOT nominee). An election will then be held if the number of nominations exceed vacancies. For our school the number of parent vacancies is 5.

Wednesday 29th May Voting papers will be sent by post to all on the school caregiver roll.

Friday 7th June Voting closes at 12 noon.

Thursday 13th June Votes are counted, and your School advised of the results.

Friday 14th June New Board takes office

CES has provided this service to many schools throughout New Zealand.
Once again we look forward to working with your School.
Kind regards
Wayne Jamieson
Canterbury Education Services

Becoming a BoT Nominee

Thinking about becoming a nominee for your school's Board of Trustees? Take a look at this video to see how easy it is with ! Contact CES to see how easy it is for your school to join.

Posted by Canterbury Education Services on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Remuera Intermediate have advised the Enrolment Timeline provided and included in the last newsletter had some errors with dates (referred to 2018 not 2019). Please see below the correct version:

Scholastic Book Fair – 2019

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to
Victoria Avenue School
from Tuesday 4 June
until Friday 7 June (Grandparents’ Day)

Please mark these dates in your diary now!

Jane Clark is looking for volunteers to help run the Book Fair
each day from 8.30-9.00am or 3.00-3.30pm.

If you are available to help on any of these days or times
please contact Jane on 5200602 or email
[email protected]

Flippaball & Mini-polo

Flippa Ball and Mini-polo are a fun precursor to water polo and help children learn basic skills while building confidence in the pool. Flippa Ball is played in a shallow pool (approx. 1.0m – 1.2m deep) by primary school aged children from year 3 up to year 6 with 7 players per team, whereas mini-polo is played in a 2m deep pool.

VAS plays in the Epsom League on Sunday afternoons at the Diocesan, St Cuthberts or Epsom Girls Grammar pools, catering for teams from Years 3 to 6 (mixed boys and girls). VAS teams are coached and managed by willing parents.

This term we had just one team playing in a year 4 / 5 flippaball league however there are a variety of year group and grades including the 2m deep min polo for years 5 and 6’s.

If you’d like to see what this sport is all about then check out the Flippaball NZ website or get along to a game on a Sunday afternoon next term (check out the draw at or give Tony Scott a call on 021 1532 159.

If your child and friends/classmates are interested in playing flippaball in Term 2 2019, please contact Tony Scott at [email protected] or text / call 0211 532 132. Entries need to be made finalised Tuesday 30th April which is the first Tuesday of Term 2.