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Newsletter: Term 2 Week 10 – 6 July 2017

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

This term I have had to walk in someone else’s shoes, namely those of Janice Adamson. Although I have stepped in as principal a couple of times before over the years it always amazes me what a big job it is. The skill list of a principal is extensive, from dealing with issues great and small. One thing I didn’t think I would have to do was to get on the roof of the school, but yes when a builder said he wanted to show me some rotten boards. I thought what would Janice do and so I hesitantly climbed up the ladder and inspected the boards. I tried to act as knowledgeable as I could exclaiming my horror at the rotten timber. Going back down the ladder proved to be more of a challenge and consequently came down with all the grace of a baby elephant but I made it to terrafirma in one piece. I am glad to say the rotten timber has been replaced and it is all looking good.

The job certainly has it highs and yes there are lows but not too many and that is because of the staff, students and yes take a bow – parents! Our staff at VAS are the best I have ever worked with. I need to thank especially Anne Bridgman who has helped me over the ten weeks. Always cool and calm under pressure and a good person to share a laugh with. Carolyn Crook and Alison Laxon are other wonderful teachers. They both can think outside the box and have a ‘can do’ attitude. Then there are our gorgeous and talented professional senior teachers, Nickie Marshall, Amy McGuire and new to our staff Lavina Robyns. To these great people I would like to say my sincerest thank you. Last but not least I need to thank Kinzsa and Joanne in the office. They are both excellent at what they do, which is extensive to say the least. Kinzsa can answer a phone, stop a bleeding nose, juggle stationery, attendance, reassure an upset parent,  listen to the woes of a lost child and all before morning tea. Meanwhile Jo is managing builders, caretakers, a crazy acting principal, doing invoices, answering the phone and generally working miracles.

So Janice I hope you had a great sabbatical and with the utmost respect I will hand your job back to you!

Our VAS Kapa Haka group performed at the Orakei Marae on Sunday and Annie Wills, Anne Bridgman and I were so proud of them. It was the first time we have performed at the Kapa Haka festival and despite the poor weather all of our students came. I would like to especially thank our wonderful Kapa Haka club parents who have supported and encouraged us over the last two terms.

This week, we are farewelling Rachael Wilcock, our wonderful PE teacher, who is going on Parental Leave. Very best wishes for the birth of your baby, Rachael.

And finally, thank you so much to the “Mum’s in Touch” group for providing staff with a beautiful morning tea this week.

Wishing everyone a safe and relaxing holiday!

Kind Regards
Jane Cameron

It is the end of term so please check the lost property bins for any missing items including bake day containers and piles of fleeces. Items will also be displayed outside room 7 and 8 from 2.45- 3.15 on the last Friday of term (7 July). After this any un-named items will be recycled to clear the bins for term 3. Please also take this opportunity to check that all your uniform items are clearly labelled with the surname and ideally an initial so that they can be returned to their owner if misplaced.

Playground Closures

You may have noticed that we have closed off some of our playgrounds. We are in the process of ensuring the safety of the equipment, as a result some of it will be removed and some rectified. Until that work is complete, they will remain closed.

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FOR TERM 2 2017
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What’s Ahead?


School Times
School starts:      8.50am
Interval:             10.30-10.50am
Lunch:               12.30-1.25pm
School finishes:   3.00pm

Term Dates for 2017
Term 1: Wednesday 1 February to Thursday 13 April 2017
~ Waitangi Day Monday 6 February ’17
~ Good Friday 14 April
Term 2: Monday 1 May to Friday 7 July 2017
~ Queen’s Birthday Monday 5 June ’17
Term 3: Monday 24 July to Friday 29 Sept 2017
Term 4: Monday 16 October to Friday 15 December 2017
~ Labour Day Mon 23 October ’17

Stationery Sales
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8.30-8.45am

Uniform Shop
– half way up dragon drive in the old dental clinic

OPEN THURSDAYS only: 8.15-8.45am
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Lunch Orders
1. ‘Daily Lunch and Catering’ ordered through ezLUNCH: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – ONLINE ORDERS ONLY
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School Dental Service
8b Ngaio St Orakei Ph5200603.

The dental team will be posting letters to all new entrants to our school as required.

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
Here is a link from NZ Health for info and treatment.


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Science In a Van Event

   :)Oh            NO:(

I blocked my ears and waited….
Mrs Marshall didn’t do this every day did she?

I strained my ears to hear Emily shout something that sounded like put your hand up if you think the glasses are going to smash,  I decided not to put my hand up but when Emily said put  your hand up if you don’t think the glasses are going to smash I put my hand up just to be encouraging…

Emily told us to give a countdown 3,2,1, I still had my hands in my ears but there was no need, Mrs Marshal pulled the fabric out from under the glasses and they stayed on the table.

My socks were hanging at the ends of my toes, I was so amazed!!!!

by:Annbelle Judd


Yay! Alan is just about to show us some science. What we are learning about is force but why do we need a board with string attached to it and some water? And why is he filling the cups with water? He’s now placing one of the cups on the board and holding the string. OH now I know! He’s going to swing the cup with the water in it! Three two one ……Yay! He did it. The water stayed in the cup and the cup stayed on the board as if it was super glued. Alan’s going to do it again. Yay!  Three, why is he stopping on three? He’s adding two more cups on. Three, two, one WOW! The cups didn’t fall off just like magic!

By Emily

Term Three Dance Programme

Dance is a component of the New Zealand arts Curriculum that we have identified as needing further in depth coverage so in weeks 1 and 2 of next term all students will take part part in the Dances For Schools programme. This involves a group of passionate dance teachers coming into school and taking dance classes for every year group, every day, which will involve every student in dancing.

On the Friday of the second week it is anticipated that students will be presenting what they have learnt but we will let you know the details of this in Week One of next term. To fully take part in this programme your child will need their PE gear every day. Click here for more information about this programme.

Parent Teacher Conferences

Student reports will be sent home this week on Friday 7th July with follow up parent/teacher/student conferences planned for Wednesday 9 August and Thursday 10 August. Bookings for these interviews will open at the beginning of next term but please note that the conferences on Wednesday 9th will start at 2.15pm so students will need to be picked up at 2pm on that day.

Keeping Ourselves Safe

Next term all classes will be teaching the ‘Keeping Ourselves Safe’ programme that has been developed by the New Zealand Police. At Victoria Avenue School we teach this programme every alternate year as we recognise its importance.  Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) enables children and young people to learn and apply a range of safety skills that they can use when interacting with others and helps them to  recognise the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. All teachers have had professional development in how to implement the programme successfully and our Police Education Officer Gordon Campbell supports in all classrooms with lessons. He will also be taking a meeting about the programme for parents on Tuesday 1 August at 2.00pm in the staffroom, which are are most welcome to attend.

For me information on the Keeping Ourselves Programme including some useful resources  click here

Thursday 3rd August (week 2, term 3), 8.15am – 9.30am

Please donate your second hand uniform to the office. Only items that are in good condition please, no holes or stains.

The Creative Shed

We hope that the weather will be kind enough next term to re-open The Creative Shed and Loose Parts Play at school. We need more loose parts – durable, reasonable sized items that can be used in imaginative play, eg. (but not limited to): wood off cuts, log slices, crates, tarps, pipes…… no tyres please. Contact Anna, 021 217 0261 or [email protected]


This Week

Evie Donald and Sebastian Lynch

Last Assembly:

  • Room 1: Charlotte Rothwell
  • Room 2: Callum Rae
  • Room 3 : Olivia Judd
  • Room 4: Sam Bashford
  • Room 5: Maddex Lodge
  • Room 6: Cooper Kennard
  • Room 7: Emily Tham
  • Room 7 : Lucia Bartle
  • Room 8: Marie-Emeline Watson-Topham
  • Room 9: Eva Gardner
  • Room 10: Henry Martin
  • Room 10 : Kayla Kuhtze
  • Room 11: Ollie Knight
  • Room 12: James Carey
  • Room 13: Ollie Gibb
  • Room14: Ota Shimizu
  • Room 15: Peter Tan
  • Room 16: Lili Oliver
  • Room 17: Mia Gadnai
  • Room 18: Morgan Frost
  • Room 19: Warris Singh
  • Room 20: Mila Walsh
  • Room 21 : Sierra Sharma
  • Room 19 : India Devereux-Evison

Enay Bengali – winner at LEGO Show

Last weekend at the Kohia Terrace School fundraiser LEGO Show, Enay was awarded a highly commended prize in the 7-9 year olds category, for his creation, see pictures below. Congratulations Enay!

Victoria Avenue School Principal Sponsor – Nick Lyus

Nick’s video this week is all about the great charity “Give A Kid A Blanket”. Victoria Avenue School has already supported this cause this year, but they still need more donations. Please view the video to see how you can help.

Code Club has arrived at Victoria Avenue School!

Code Club Aotearoa looks to help New Zealand reach its digital potential. We want to encourage children to combine their imaginations with an understanding of programming, empowering our next generation to take their incredible inventions to the world. See us at or on Youtube

We are now looking for enthusiastic kids who want to learn about Technology through Coding.

Code Club 

  • Gives step-by-step Coding challenges for kids to follow and create animations, games, websites, Apps and much more
    • Introduces key coding & programming concepts in a fun environment
    • No prior experience needed and kids work supervised but at their own pace
    • Gets kids to create something different and original with each project
  • Uses Challenge-based learning using Scratch, HTML and Python languages

We now need 15 kids to start off our Code Club Programme

They will need to be in Years 4-6 and bring their own Laptop each week (not Tablet or iPad)

We look to run each Wednesday from 5:30pm – 6:30pm at the School starting August 2nd

Please email David on [email protected] to signup or if you have any queries

Victoria Avenue School Design A Bag Competition

According to recent research, we use ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN plastic bags per second in New Zealand. If this fact horrifies you then you might be rather excited about an initiative our Environment Team will be running in conjunction with the PTS next term.

Early in Term 3 we will be having a reusable bag design competition. Children will be given the opportunity to create their own image. Six winning designs will then be transferred on to high quality, reusable, hessian bags.

The bags will be on sale early December so you can do your Christmas shopping and save the planet at the same time!

Start thinking about your design now!