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Newsletter: Term 2 Week 10 – 5 July 2018

Dear Parents,

What a week, there is so much happening around the school!

The children have been very excited as they watch the progress on the new playground. The playground was designed by a group of children who worked with Alison Laxon last year. A huge amount of work went into deciding on the design and the colour and through this exercise those children learnt a lot about the design process, including surveying stakeholders, interviewing various playground manufacturers, feasibility study of the area, types of equipment and consideration of safety aspects. Mind you, the children didn’t know that the skills they were learning were called those names, all they knew was that they were designing a playground!

It will be ready for use on day 1 next term. There will be about 500 children who will want to play on it immediately so we will have to stagger the use for a few weeks. My experience is that after a couple of weeks, children move back to other games and then the number of children on it will be more manageable.

This term, all the inquiry topics were centred around the theme of ‘enterprise and creativity’. In all the planning meetings (I go to all of them), the first thought was that we would have a market day where children could make things to sell. I asked teachers to extend this to using children’s creativity to come up with ways to use their enterprise to help others. It was such a great theme as it was based around our value of caring and made children think about what they could do to support people outside of the school community.

Year 1 students’ inquiry ‘Discovery Time’ enabled children to develop their own creativity through a wide range of open-ended learning experiences and activities.

Year 2 students’ inquiry ‘Enterprise with a Difference’ was based around the notion of ‘being part of a community means helping each other and solving problems together’ and they reached out to KidsCan.

Year 3 students’ inquiry ‘Helping Hands’ was also based around ‘how can we as children help other people?’. They looked at the needs of Tongan people following Cyclone Gita. They investigated various agencies and each class chose a different agency to support – Habitat for Humanity, World Vision, Amnesty International and the Water Project. They designed and made tea towels which they offered for sale with the proceeds going to their chosen charity.

Year 4 students’ inquiry ‘Super People Care for Animals – SPCA’ was based around the notion ‘children will understand the steps they need to go through to solve a problem’. Through research and having a person from SPCA talk to them they decided to support SPCA through making and selling cupcakes next term.

Year 5 students’ inquiry ‘Enterprise and Creativity’ was based around the notion ‘we can make a difference to our community through creativity and taking action by understanding and applying a business model to pursue a solution’. They have chosen a number of charities to support and their outcomes showed considerable creativity from donating a can of dog food in exchange for petting a dog to making dog biscuits and making toys and presents.

Year 6 students’ inquiry ‘Enterprise/Pay it Forward’ was based around the notion ‘year 6 students will endeavour to follow the inquiry process by identifying a need for the community. From this process we want to develop empathy for others and the community. They will take action to make an impact’. Again, a number of charities have been chosen and the children have made things to donate to the charities to be passed onto those in need.

I am so humbled by our children’s enthusiasm and skill in using their creativity and enterprise, not for their benefit but to help others.

Have a relaxing holiday, please don’t run around all over the place taking your children here and there. Let them play at home or with friends and let them have some down time (it will be good for you too!).

Great News

Annie Wills, teacher in room 21 has given birth to a gorgeous wee boy. All are doing very well.


We say goodbye to Tessa Fastnedge in room 4. She heads off on maternity leave and starts a whole new chapter in her life.

Victoria Taylor leaves us to head overseas for her OE. I don’t know who is more excited, Victoria or the rest of us living vicariously!

Aniel Smith leaves us to resume his employment at St Cuths. Aniel has been an outstanding PE teacher and through his great teaching, PE and sport have been identified by a majority of years 3 – 6 children as being their favourite thing to do at school.

All three of these teachers have given of their very best at VAS and our children are the richer for it. We wish them all the best.

Kind Regards
Janice Adamson

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This Week:

Marisol Sunbourg & Harriet Williamson

Last Assembly:

  • Room 1: Oscar Cocker
  • Room 2: Nina Haydon
  • Room 3: Christie Blair
  • Room4 : Jonathan Hu
  • Room 4: Isobel Pennington
  • Room 5: Madeline Williams
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  • Room 22: Jayu Jolly
  • Room 10: Quintus Qin

Give a Kid a Blanket

The post on the Give a Kid a Blanket website says it all!!!

Great job VAS!!

New Entrants’ Morning Tea

A huge thanks to – Brigette McGregor-Macdonald, Judith Bassett, Julia Donald, Julia Fong, Kate Henry, Stephanie Honey, Rozy Williams and Charlotte Houghton

Many thanks for all of the help and delicious food which these Mum’s provided today. Your wonderful contribution helps to enhance the start of school experience for next term’s new entrant families.

Check for Lost Property next Friday

Lost property will be displayed on the round table outside room 8 on the afternoon of 6 July.

Uniform Shop closed first week of Term 3

Due to our new Uniform Shop Manager, Lisa Toon not starting the role until week 2 of next term, and as well some admin staff being away in week 1, the Uniform Shop will not be open until week 2. Also, online orders made during the holidays will not be delivered until Tuesday, 31 July.

If you need to buy uniform, please do so before the holidays.

Friday after school

Tomorrow Room 11 will be providing candy floss as part of their contribution to the Bake Sale …..

A big thank you to rooms 13 and 14, we made $504 last week. Also thanks so much from the PTS for all the yummy baking and and to the parents who helped run the stall.


ACT! DANCE! SING! – 5-10 year olds – Thu 12 & Fri 13 July 
Shine Director Nina Burchett, professional singer Shona Harris and dancer/actor Kaly Nagaraja will guide the children through drama, dance and singing lessons.
Every child will develop their movement, acting and voice skills and be involved in a host of winter themed activities to promote problem-solving, participation and imagination!
Join us at 2.45pm on Fri 13 to watch the show that we create during the day.

WHERE: Victoria Avenue School Hall (Community room)
WHEN: Thursday 12 and Friday 13 July9.00am – 3.00pm – come for one day or two
COST: $90 per day

ASPIRING YOUNG PERFORMERS – 9-14 year olds – Tue 10 & Wed 11 July
Limited to 8 young performers.

Shine Director Nina Burchett, professional actor and teacher Ben Black and singer Shona Harris will develop the craft and confidence of a small group of aspiring performers.
In this two-day programme we will focus on public speaking, character development, USA and British accents, a film scene, a song, a monologue and voice overs. 

WHERE: M&R Learning Centre
WHEN: Tuesday 10 + Wednesday 11 July, 10.00am – 3.00pm
COST: $180 for both days