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Newsletter: Term 2 Week 10 – 18 June 2020

Dear Parents,

One of the goals for this term was for teachers to not be interrupted with any additional events or programmes in order that they had the time to focus on the core curriculum. We were unsure as to how children would return from lockdown, especially in reading, writing and mathematics.

Teachers were prepared to put in a lot of ‘going back to basics’ if the need arose. What we are delighted about is that, on the whole, children returned without any significant drop off in achievement. We put this down to teachers working very hard to ensure that what they posted on their class sites and SeeSaw was challenging enough without creating anxieties because it was too hard. We equally put it down to parents working hard with their children during this time, to ensure that they didn’t lose ground.

We have been doing reading testing (running records) and writing assessment in the past couple of weeks and the data from these tests is very pleasing, students are sitting where we would expect for mid year. We have interviews coming up in the second week of term 3 and you will find out how your child is tracking towards meeting expectation by the end of the year. More details on these interviews to follow.

I have had a number of children bring their writing to me during the past week. I have been so impressed by the quality of the writing, but especially by the children knowing what the learning intention is and being able to articulate how they have achieved that in their writing. I just have to share a couple of examples.

Eric Robinson Year 2   Learning intention: We are learning to observe what we see outside and use our senses.

Anders Houghton Year 4    Learning Intention:  Technical language – today I will use key words to explain pollination.

The key words Anders identified for use in his explanation:

Pollination, anther, cross-pollination self-pollination, moves, stigma, pollen, insects, wind, bright petals, nectar attracts, brushes past, wind-pollination, dull no scent, anthers outside


Flowers are amazingly beautiful because they are alive. Flowers have a life cycle as well as everything else.

 The first part of a plant’s life cycle is pollination. There are two different types of pollination, the first one is called self-pollination. Self-pollination is when insects and bats and birds fly into a flower, the insect is attracted by the brightly coloured petals and the sweet scent. The insect comes to suck the sweet nectar. As the insect brushes past the pollen from the anther sticks to the insect’s body and get moved to the stigma.

The second type is cross-pollination. It is the total opposite of self-pollination. The difference is that cross-pollination is when the insect sucks the nectar and then moves onto another plant with the pollen on its thorax. Then the pollen falls off onto the other flower. That is the difference between self-pollination and cross-pollination.

 There are also different types of flowers. Some flowers are wind-pollinated, that means the wind pollinated the flowers not insects. This means they have dull coloured petals and do not smell, this is because they do not have to attract insects to pollinate them.

Admin Block Remediation

The builders are on track to have this finished by mid August; we will be pleased to move back in. Someone commented to one of the office staff that they will be excited to move into their lovely new offices. Ah no, the Ministry are just recladding, turning the deck off the staffroom into an internal space and changing the roof line to get rid of internal gutters. Nothing new and exciting about the offices! In fact, the Ministry were even going to relay the horrible old carpet! However, I have asked the board and they have agreed to pay for new carpet at least! The positive is that once we get back in, everything will go back to normal.

Kind regards


Announced last assembly:

Lucy Williams, Preston Frost & Lucy Liu

Celebrated last assembly:

Adam Hood & Zac Hotham

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  • Room 22 : Yuri Choi

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