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Newsletter: Term 1 Week 8 – 29 March 2018

Dear Parents,

The Australian cricketers’ scandal has been front page news for a week now and today I read about the sanctions imposed on three players involved. Their worlds have suddenly changed in a way that none of them ever imagined when they were discussing and planning to tamper with the ball.

I don’t think there is a person in the world who hasn’t thought ‘what were they thinking?’. How did they ever imagine that it wouldn’t be picked up by one of the many TV cameras around the field? How did they not realise that someone would see them? Even as Steve Smith was fronting the media the day the story broke, he didn’t seem to really get why everyone was up in arms about it. He said that he shouldn’t have done it but his integrity was intact and he was going to continue as captain.

I have no inside knowledge of what went down, but as an observer it seems to be like this: There was a group of three players. A leader, a follower and a master planner. The master planner came up with the idea and sold it to the other two. The leader saw it as a means of gaining an end result of glory for the team. The follower carried out the act. The first two people in the firing line were the leader and the follower. The master planner was initially kept out of it and didn’t put his hand up until forced to.

That question ‘what were they thinking?’ has validity. Nathan Mikaere-Wallis is a New Zealand expert on brain development in children and adolescents. His answer to what were they thinking is, they weren’t.

I recently heard Nathan speak and he talked about the development of the frontal cortex, the thinking part of the brain. It used to be that neuroscientists believed that the frontal cortex for some men was not fully developed until 25. Now, they believe that age to be closer to 32. Whilst the frontal cortex is in the developing phase, the decisions these young men make, come from the amygdala, and are known as a gut reaction. They aren’t actually always capable of thinking clearly. If you look at the relative ages of the cricketers, the leader is 28, the follower is 25 and the master planner is 31. I’m no expert, but this is compelling.

This scenario of master planner, leader and follower plays out every week at VAS. Obviously our boys’ frontal cortex is still in the developing phase, so many decisions they make are gut reactions. I see it so often. They hatch a plan, convince others to participate, carry out the plan, it all turns to custard and they are left genuinely upset by the consequences. They so often say about the end result; oh I didn’t think that would happen. We have this scenario with girls as well, but more around social issues than physical events. With boys though, these scenarios are usually something physical, not emotional or social.

In primary school, when the stakes aren’t that high, we use these scenarios as learning for the boys involved. We want them to start to think about consequences for their actions so that when they get to 25 or 28 they have learned to say, hold on a minute. This is where our restorative approach is useful. We ask them to empathise with the victim, or think about the scenario, and try to look at it from a different perspective. Hopefully, each time this happens, a new bit of learning sinks in!

The harder thing to deal with in these scenarios is the relationships between the master planner, leader and follower. Yes, even at primary school we have children who hatch plans but get others to do it so that they are not the ones getting caught, or are not in the firing line. Often, the person who appears to be the main protagonist actually isn’t. They have been thoughtless enough to get involved, but they have often been set up or manipulated by the master planner. That’s where we need to become super sleuths and dig through what is apparent at face value to find the reality. We spend considerable time investigating, but it is worth it if it means that the right children are held accountable and undergo the restorative approach.

As I always say, everything that happens at school is all part of a child’s learning – the good and the bad.

Family Fun Night

What a fantastic turn out for our family fun night last week. The weather was perfect, it was superbly organised and run. Families enjoyed themselves sitting chatting, children had lots of turns on the waterslide, there was yummy food – all a recipe for success. Huge thanks to Olivia Hemus, Craig Hill along with many helpers, for making the event so successful.

Parent Teacher Interviews 11, 12 April

Don’t forget to book an interview with your child’s teacher. Please send back the forms prior to the interview so the teacher can be prepared.

Kind Regards
Janice Adamson

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School Times
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Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent/Teacher interviews are scheduled for the last week of this term and are an opportunity for you and your child(ren) to meet with the teacher(s) to discuss their learning.

Interviews are set for Wednesday 11 April between 3.10 and 5.30 and Thursday 12 April  between 3.10 pm and 6.00 pm.

Your interview time(s) are organised online and can be booked by going to the website . Select ‘Make a Booking’ , then enter the school code cbdba in the box where indicated and follow the instructions on screen to book your interview times. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the school office and we will organise your conference time for you.

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The Bell Road Walking School Bus

Our energetic kids and parents would love some more walkers to join our bus, as a couple of families are moving on. We walk daily to school leaving from Bell Road at the top of Shera Road at 8.10am. It’s a great way to give the kids some more independence, less time in the car and an energising start to their day! All it requires is a commitment by one parent or nanny/au pair to join the roster and walk with the children one morning per week. If you are a new family in the area or know of any VAS children moving to the area, please get in touch with Inga Frengley ([email protected] or 021 2776871) to find out more about joining.

All lost property will be on the round table outside room 8 on the afternoon of 12th April. Please name all clothing to help us to return it to you!

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Thank You All!!!

A very big thank you to all of the wonderful parents listed below  who put up their hands to helping run such a great evening last Thursday! It was a team effort and a wonderful success!

Highlights were the epic water slides and the yummy Giapo ice cream so generously donated by Anna Rosa Petrucci & Gian Paolo Grazioli.

The evening raised over $2,000 and played a vital ‘friendraising’ role for our community.

Olivia Hemus, Craig Hill,  Sarah Reid, Melissa Field, Katie Taylor, Donald Julz, Sarah Lynds, Matthew Pringle, Marissa Cameron, Sarah Walter, Asher Williams, Paul Jones, Blair Knight, Sunil Patel, Charlotte Houghton, Annabel Swain, Bronwyn Loo, Ross Pennington, Hong Mei, James Kirkpatrick, Abby Carey, Maneesh Deva, Ana Becker, Helen Zheng, Rachael Greer, Rozy Williamson, Kristen Tingey, Robin Topham, Nicky Pennington, Inga Frengley, James Mace, Emma Main, David Shields, Alison Li, Pippa Mace, Rebecca Winstone, Kate Boyden, Sarah Rumbold, Alvaro Junqueira, Yvonne Robinson, Matthew Mackenzie, Emma Tietjens, Annick Larkin, Amy Coyte, Kristin Williams, Anna Nathan, Bridget Snelling, Anna Rosa Petrucci & Gian Paolo Grazioli, Abby Maire, Annick Larkin, Donald Reid, Jenny Ese

Flippaball is junior waterpolo played in waist deep water, 7 players per team.  VAS plays in the Epsom League played on Sunday afternoons at the Diocesan, St Cuthberts or Epsom Girls Grammar pools, catering for teams from Years 3 to 6 (mixed boys and girls).   VAS teams are coached and managed by willing parents.
This term we have 2 teams playing in the year 4/5 grade. If you’d like to see what this sport is all about then head to St Cuths at 4:30pm on Sundays to see the Seals or Porpoises in action. In Term 2 we will also have a year 6 team playing in the mini-polo league (2m deep water but still a small playing area) but we’d love to have more VAS teams.
If your child and friends/classmates are interested in playing flippaball in Term 2 please contact Anna Scott  s[email protected] or phone 021 1532132.

Click here for information about Boyd Basketball Academy holiday camp at Kings School.

Are you interested in music lessons for your child at school? Musiqhub offers lessons held onsite and during school hours, and is now taking enrolments for term 2. If you would like your child to learn guitar, keyboard or drums*, with experienced teachers who are trained musicians, please get in touch with JP at [email protected], or text 022 103 6686.
*Instrument placement subject to availability

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