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Newsletter: Term 1 Week 8 – 28 March 2019

Dear Parents,

I am currently reading a book called ‘Disobedient Teaching. Surviving and Creating Change in Education’ by Welby Ings (a New Zealander educator). As much as it is about change in education, it is applicable to change across everything.

Disobedient means a refusal to submit to a higher power or authority. We have disobedient children at home and at school and their behaviour can be frustrating. There can also be disobedience evidence in the workplace. When someone is disobedient, how do we react?

Ings says that disobedience is not a dirty word, it is simply claiming the right to see and respond to the world in a different way. He says that disobedient teaching is what happens when you close your door and try unconventional things because your professional compass tells you that it is right. It doesn’t wait for permission.

In my role, I have many tensions. The tension between the requirements of the Ministry of Education and my knowledge of the effect of workload on teachers. The tension between what we want to implement and initiate and the tick box requirements of the Education Review Office, or parents’ expectations, or boards of trustees. The tension between the latest ‘big thing’ in education and the collective wisdom of teachers who understand the potential implications of these ‘big things’ on children’s learning. Ings states about principals ‘they end up doing things they find morally and philosophically questionable because they are always accountable to someone else. They are controlled by the same fear of failing that everyone in hierarchies experiences. They are afraid to disobey’.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a statement about how I feel about this lovely school, our supportive parents and board of trustees. Sometimes though, we can read or hear something that makes us reflect and review what we do, whether we are disobedient, whether we allow disobedience but more importantly what we don’t do because we are controlled by this fear of failing.

Ings talks about our social editor, that our natural propensity to think disobediently is constrained by something silent and controlling. It is that cautionary voice that says ‘no’ to your ideas because they might sound silly, or they might not work or they may make you look like a fool. It teaches you to not stand out.

How can we harness this disobedience to make changes? Is disobedience in effect creativity? One of the top soft skills employers are now looking for is creativity. If we didn’t have disobedient thinkers, we would be stuck in the dark ages because it is those who refused to submit to a higher power or authority who have sought ways to improve and innovate for the greater good.

How do we encourage productive disobedience? How can we value it? What attitudes do we need to change for disobedience to become part of the culture of ‘the way we do things around here’? How does creativity sit within our school curriculum? Is valuing creativity the overarching tenet under which everything else sits?

Questions, questions. No answers. Lots to think about.

Ings, W. (2017). Disobedient Teaching. Surviving and creating change in education. Dunedin. Otago University Press.

Thank you

Last Friday we held a mufti day as part of the Colour My Day initiative to show our support for the Muslim community. Thanks to our lovely families we raised $1144.70. Thanks to all of you who showed your support so generously.

Parent Teacher Interviews

These are being held on Wednesday 10 April and Thursday 11 April. Please look out for the information and book a time with your child’s teacher. You will also receive a comments sheet. Please fill that out and email it back to your child’s teacher. It will help them prepare for the interview as well as give an agenda for discussion.

 Easter Fair

We are all very excited, there is a buzz around the school about the upcoming Easter Fair. Thanks to all of you who have helped your children make Jolly Jars, who sent along some wrapped sweets a few weeks ago, made jams and relishes and who have been busy helping out with the organisation. The organising committee have been working very hard bringing it all together. We can’t wait! Hopefully you’ve told everyone you know to come along, there is something for everyone.


A huge amount of work has gone into preparing the Directory which will be distributed sometime during the next week or so. It is a wonderful initiative which is designed so families can connect with other families.

Messages about Pick Up Arrangements

It would be great if your children were clear about after school instructions before they came to school. However, we know that sometimes emergencies happen and we are happy to pass any changes to the children. You must do that through the office, not by emailing teachers during the day. Teachers do not access their emails during teaching and learning time so it is likely they could miss an important message. Please only contact the office, preferably earlier than 2.55pm if it is not an emergency.

Kind Regards
Janice Adamson

School Donation

REMEMBER – if you pay your school donation by 31 March you are eligible to claim it as a donation in your 2019 tax return.

Take advantage of this opportunity and either pay by eftpos, cash or cheque at the school office, by internet banking or go to All receipts will be emailed home at the beginning of April (if paid by 31 March).

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Announced Last Assembly:

Len Ozeki & Willow Reid

This Week:

Annabelle Webber & Ashwin Deva

  • Room 1 : Sana Khalid
  • Room 2 : Emily Fippard-Peacock
  • Room 3 : Bella Innes
  • Room 4 : Atalia Ese
  • Room 5 : Sean Zhang
  • Room 6 : Lottie Larkin
  • Room 7 : Olivia Lee
  • Room 8 : India Aiono
  • Room 9 : Sisley Blenkinsop
  • Room 10 : Ivan Lopes
  • Room 11 : Chrissy Chan
  • Room 12 : Henry Sim
  • Room 13 : Mckenzie Graham
  • Room 14 : Louis Clark
  • Room 15 : Lachlan Walsh
  • Room 16 : Renata Wishart
  • Room 16 : Siena-Lily Mihajlovic
  • Room 17 : Caitlin Herrod
  • Room 18 : Hougang Li
  • Room 19 : Georgia Dick
  • Room 19 : Kai Serlachius-Williams
  • Room 20 : Oliver Knight
  • Room 20 : Thomas Bridge
  • Room 21 : Amelia Burr
  • Room 21 : Quintus Qin
  • Room 13 : Mckenzie Graham

Remuera zone summer field day – tennis

Congratulations to Edward Bassett and Rohan De Zoysa who won the Year 5 boys B tennis final at the field day on Tuesday.

Thank you everyone for your donations on the ‘Colour your day’ mufti day last week. The event, designed to help victims of the mosque tragedies and lift New Zealanders’ spirits, raised $1,145 for the ‘Our People, Our City’ fund.

Volunteers needed to provide plate for New Entrant Parent Information Session morning tea – 11 April

We are holding a parent information session and morning tea for Term 2 New Entrants, on 11 April. The PTS attend the morning tea, help with serving and chat with the new parents, who appreciate having access to others who have previously been in their shoes.

We are looking for volunteers to provide plates of food for the morning tea and would greatly appreciate if you could help with this important session. Please contact  [email protected] if you can help.

Entertainment Books are again available for purchase

Yummy school sticker promotion

The Yummy Fruit Company provides free sports gear to participating schools. Collect the Yummy cut-out labels from bags and individual Yummy apple stickers and attach to the sticker collection sheets which were distributed to children.


Ice-blocks will be back on sale for Term 1 on Friday afternoons under the tree beside the field at 3pm – so don’t forget to bring your $2!

Music scholarships available

For further information on this scholarship, interested parents may contact Kirsten Scouller, Director of Performing Arts on 520-7772 or email [email protected] .

Click here for the scholarship application form or go to view scholarship details.

Brand new lessons started today, an exciting and invigorating start to the school day.

What:  Zumba lessons with Miss Meurice
Where:  The Hall
When:  Thursdays 8.25 – 8.50am
Who: Year 3 and up, boys and girls (no previous experience necessary)
How: No need to sign up, just be there by 8.25am
Bring:  PE gear to change into, water bottle and lots of enthusiasm.

Eat My Lunch – we are trialing this:

Code Club Victoria Avenue needs you!!

We’re looking for an enthusiastic parent who has a reasonable level of coding experience to come and teach Coding for Victoria Ave students after school one night a week. We offer the class to Years 4 and above. The current set of parents now need to now pass the reins to a new group or person

  • Times are usually 5.15-6.15pm on a Wednesday but ability to change this.
  • We usually run Terms 2 and 3 only during the winter months.
  • It’s been a very popular, fun and successful programme over the past 2 years.

Code Club Aotearoa is a part of Code Club World Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation with the aim of giving children the chance to learn to code. Site materials sourced freely from Code Club World.

Full training and materials provided including a group of enthusiastic kids! Its hugely rewarding and our parent group is very supportive

If interested or require more information, please contact David on 021 2488388 or [email protected]

Cate Cleland who was a student at VAS, is available for babysitting. Please contact Cate on 021 1060401