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Newsletter: Term 1 Week 7 – 21 March 2019

Dear Parents,

What a week it has been, it feels like a lifetime ago that I wrote last week’s newsletter. It is a lifetime, because our lives this time last week were completely different to our lives today.

Below is an email I sent out to staff and I thought that perhaps it was something for all of us to think about. I didn’t send it out because we have any problems with racism or prejudice, it is just time to examine ourselves. I widened it to include others who may feel marginalised by comments others make.

I’ve been thinking.

Given this is a week for all of us to examine any subconscious prejudices or casual racism that we may hear, I thought about it in the context of the school.

Sometimes it is very easy to get hooked into conversations that start off fine, but with the back and forward banter it is easy for them to deteriorate which makes it harder for any of us to say ‘ hang on a minute, that’s not right’.

Sometimes, off the cuff comments are made and shared as a joke, but really, if we examine them, they are racist or prejudiced or sexist or ageist.

Sometimes conversations can border on this. The conversations start off and they are interesting, or great or funny, but they can deteriorate into racist, sexist, ageist or slightly uncomfortable territory.

Please let’s remember that we are a school of many cultures, a staff of all ages, a staff of predominantly women where the men are a minority. In the same way that we would never marginalise our children, parents or staff from other cultures, nor would we expect our men to be making sexist or off colour comments, it would be great to remember that sexist and off colour remarks can also be made about men, in front of men. It can also be uncomfortable for our more mature staff to listen to banter about old people.

We have a reputation for having an amazingly supportive and friendly staff. In this week of examining ourselves and our attitudes, I thought it was just a moment to let you know what I’ve been thinking.

Make a Plan

Have you made various plans with your children about what to do if there is an emergency? I use the term emergencies to cover the following scenarios:

  • A fire inside your house. Do you have a family plan for evacuation?
  • An earthquake. Do you have a family plan about where to meet if children and partners are not at home when it happens?
  • A lockdown anywhere – school, place of work, suburb. Do you have a family plan about who would be responsible for collecting children if your place were in lockdown?
  • An unexpected delay in you collecting your child from school. Do they have a plan so they know what to do?
  • Your child getting lost – perhaps at the mall. Do you have a plan for where they should go?
  • Your child being approached by someone in a car. Do they have a plan for where they can go for help?

With everything going on this week, perhaps ensuring our children have a plan will give all of us peace of mind.


I love our children looking smart. Please ensure your child comes to school wearing the correct school uniform. If your child needs to wear something underneath their uniform, please ensure it is black, navy blue or white. Socks also need to be black, navy or white. Junior children are allowed to wear their PE uniform to and from school on the days they have PE and sport but all other children must wear the correct uniform to and from school. Hats are still to be worn for the remainder of the term.

Mufti Day

We are having a mufti day tomorrow in response to the Colour Your Day initiative which comes out of Christchurch. Children can wear bright colours and bring a gold coin which will be donated to the Give a Little page for victim support for people in Christchurch whose lives have been shattered by the loss of loved ones.

Smart Watches

 We have noticed an increase in the numbers of children wearing smart watches to school. Last week, a junior child was wearing one and it rang in the middle of teaching time. The child answered it and it was her mum asking how her day was going! That was a child as well as a whole class whose learning was interrupted. Please leave the smart watches at home. If it is vitally important for your child to have one for contact after school, then please never call or text them during the school day.

Dogs in the School Grounds

Please leave your dog tied up at a perimeter fence as we do not allow dogs on site. This is from a health and safety position around dogs toileting. We also have some children who are afraid of dogs, so please don’t tie them up too close to any gates. Thanks for your support.

Kind Regards
Janice Adamson

School Donation

REMEMBER – if you pay your school donation by 31 March you are eligible to claim it as a donation in your 2019 tax return.

Take advantage of this opportunity and either pay by eftpos, cash or cheque at the school office, by internet banking or go to All receipts will be emailed home at the beginning of April (if paid by 31 March).

This is dangerous, inconsiderate and wrong. DO NOT DO THIS.

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Announced Last Assembly:

Annabelle Webber & Ashwin Deva

This Week:

Nina Valenzuela & Sofia Mrkusich

  • Room 1 : Connor Clark
  • Room 2 : Isabelle Lee
  • Room 3 : Amelia King
  • Room 4 : Saku Hattori
  • Room 5 : Dulcie Snelgrove
  • Room 6 : Edward Bassett
  • Room 7 : Len Ozeki
  • Room 7 : Elise Tse
  • Room 8 : Henry Clarke
  • Room 8 : Eric Yang
  • Room 9 : Madeleine Pringle
  • Room 9 : Miya Chen
  • Room 10 : Gabriella Bainbridge
  • Room 10 : India Henry
  • Room 11 : Louis Van Son
  • Room 12 : Harlow Weston-Dallow
  • Room 13 : Will Xu
  • Room 14 : Elizabeth Chiu
  • Room 15 : Ranbir Paik
  • Room 16 : Jayden Naran-Patel
  • Room 17 : Beichen Zhou
  • Room 18 : Eva Williams
  • Room 19 : Hugo Allnutt
  • Room 20 : Lucas Yi
  • Room 21 : Maika Bonifant
  • Room 10 : Gabriella Bainbridge

Remuera Zone Swimming Sports

On Tuesday, 20 swimmers took part in the Remuera Zone Swimming Sports. All of the students represented the school extremely positively and gave  their all, despite the average weather conditions. Special mention goes to Liam Zhao who came 3rd in the year 5 boys backstroke final. Overall a great day that the students really enjoyed.

Volunteers needed to provide plate for New Entrant Parent Information Session morning tea – 11 April

We are holding a parent information session and morning tea for Term 2 New Entrants, on 11 April. The PTS attend the morning tea, help with serving and chat with the new parents, who appreciate having access to others who have previously been in their shoes.

We are looking for volunteers to provide plates of food for the morning tea and would greatly appreciate if you could help with this important session. Please contact  [email protected] if you can help.

Entertainment Books are again available for purchase

Yummy school sticker promotion

The Yummy Fruit Company provides free sports gear to participating schools. Collect the Yummy cut-out labels from bags and individual Yummy apple stickers and attach to the sticker collection sheets which were distributed to children.


Ice-blocks will be back on sale for Term 1 on Friday afternoons under the tree beside the field at 3pm – so don’t forget to bring your $2!

Brand new lessons starting next week, an exciting and invigorating start to the school day.

What:  Zumba lessons with Miss Meurice
Where:  The Hall
When:  Thursdays 8.25 – 8.50am
Who: Year 3 and up, boys and girls (no previous experience necessary)
How: No need to sign up, just be there by 8.25am
Bring:  PE gear to change into, water bottle and lots of enthusiasm.

Eat My Lunch – we are trialing this: