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Newsletter: Term 1 Week 6 – 9 March 2017

Dear Parents

Have you ever been watching TV and a family member comes along, sits down and asks, “What are you watching?” You mutter the name of the programme and carry on watching. They then ask a whole lot of questions; who is that; why are they doing that; why is that person crying? You shush them, but it’s too late your focus has been taken off the programme. Then, they walk off in a huff saying, “Well I was only asking!”

That family member came in after the programme had started, disrupted your focus, then walked off still having no idea what was going on. Sound familiar?

Now, transfer this exact scenario to the child who arrives late to school, after the bell has gone and the class is gathered on the mat listening to the teacher. The child comes in and sits down. They disrupt the focus of the children they sit down next to, they disrupt the focus of the teacher who acknowledges their arrival. The teacher then carries on and the child is sitting there wondering what an earth the teacher is talking about because they missed the vital first few minutes. When the children are sent off to carry out the task the teacher set, the child who came in late does not know exactly what to do, so starts the day off on the back foot.

Have you ever been in a meeting and someone arrives 10 minutes late. They come into the meeting saying sorry, sorry, the traffic was awful. They have immediately interrupted the focus of the group. Then the person leading the meeting decides to do a recap to fill the latecomer in. The rest of you are sitting there wasting time, waiting for the recap to be over so you can get on with the business at hand. Inevitably the latecomer asks questions which relate to the early part of the meeting, the part they missed. More valuable time is wasted answering those questions, when if they had just been on time, they would know the answer. Sound familiar?

Now, transfer this exact scenario to the child who comes in very late. The teacher decides to recap for that child and 25 others are left sitting on the mat basically doing nothing while the teacher fills the latecomer in. This is one person who has just disrupted the learning of 25 others, all due to being very late to school.

Every day, we have many children arriving just after the 8.50 bell. Some habitually arrive 10 – 20 minutes late. There are two things to consider. Firstly, they are missing out on vital information which would have set them up for the day. They are immediately disadvantaged. Secondly, what sort of message are those children being given? That it is ok to be late? That deadlines don’t matter? That it is ok to keep friends waiting at the restaurant, disrupt business colleagues, be late to the movies and walk in front of a whole row of people.

Please drop your child at school well before the 8.50 bell. Give them time to get organised for the day, socialise with their friends, go into class feeling relaxed, not rushed. It might not seem a big thing to you, but punctuality is an important lesson for life.

Parking Around the School

Oh dear, it seems to be my day for having a wee moan! I have again been contacted by one of our neighbours who sent me photos of our parents parked on yellow lines, then leaving their cars to come and collect their child. The yellow lines indicate no stopping/parking. If you park on yellow lines, you are inconveniencing other road users and potentially putting children at risk.

Kind regards

Janice Adamson

Uniform Shop

Thanks to everyone who donated second-hand uniform, and to those who purchased it from our sale on Friday.  Thanks also to Brooke for helping out at the sale.

This was our most successful sale ever, raising $2031 for our school!
Clean, good-quality second-hand uniform may be left a the office any time, or dropped to the shop when open.  Please no items that are ripped or badly stained, or are not current uniform.  The date of our next sale will be in the school newsletter once confirmed.

Creative Shed
It’s Not Junk, it’s for Creative Play
You may see it as rubbish lying around the school, but the children see an opportunity to build all sorts of wonderful creations. They are collaborating, negotiating, trialling, discussing, arguing, compromising. Fantastic learning!

Loose Parts Wanted Please

While you are searching out bits and pieces for Gala donations, please bear the Creative Shed in mind. The children are loving having constant access to a variety of loose parts for their creative and co-operative play and we need to build up some more resources to meet demand. To be outside under constant use, we need items that are durable and of a size that children can carry eg corflute plastic such as old real estate signs, wood – planks and sheets, crates – plastic or wood, durable “material” eg shower curtain, tarp, canvas drop sheets, polyurethane; old garden hose lengths, thick bamboo (not less than 5cm diameter), old tent fly……….

For a summary of loose parts play in action
Please contact Anna at [email protected] or 0212170261 if you have items we could re-use in this way.

Champions Programme, 2017

The Champions programme will be running on Thursday lunchtimes  (12.45 – 1.15pm) from March 16th until the end of term, in room 1. Champions is a fun, engaging 30 minute lesson which allows students to learn about positive Christian values and beliefs. The Christian Religious Education programme weaves together Bible stories with values set out in the New Zealand Curriculum. The Bible stories are used to illustrate and teach different values such as loving your neighbour, personal worth, courage, inclusion and forgiveness. All children are welcome to attend on a casual basis.

Click Here to view our BLOG PAGE.

DRAMA/SPEECH LESSONS: Click here for information
MUSIC LESSONS: Click here for information on Musiqhub music lessons

FOR TERM 1 2017
Click here for details on these activities.
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for After School and Holiday Community Based Programmes and Activities for 2017

What’s Ahead?


School Times
School starts:      8.50am
Interval:             10.30-10.50am
Lunch:               12.30-1.25pm
School finishes:   3.00pm

Term Dates for 2017
Term 1: Wednesday 1 February to Thursday 13 April 2017
~ Waitangi Day Monday 6 February ’17
~ Good Friday 14 April
Term 2: Monday 1 May to Friday 7 July 2017
~ Queen’s Birthday Monday 5 June ’17
Term 3: Monday 24 July to Friday 29 Sept 2017
Term 4: Monday 16 October to Friday 15 December 2017
~ Labour Day Mon 23 October ’17

Stationery Sales
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8.30-8.45am

Uniform Shop
– half way up dragon drive in the old dental clinic

OPEN FRIDAYS only: 8.15-8.45am
Orders and payments for uniform can be made online on our website ~ Click hereSave

Lunch Orders
1. ‘Daily Lunch and Catering’ ordered through ezLUNCH: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – ONLINE ORDERS ONLY
Join ezlunch today  and Place an order  Sushi is available through Daily Lunch and Catering
2. Pita Pit: ordered through ezLUNCH: Thursdays – ONLINE ORDERS ONLY
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3. Subway: Wed and Fri – ONLINE ORDERS ONLY
Register to order online at

School Dental Service
8b Ngaio St Orakei Ph5200603.

The dental team will be posting letters to all new entrants to our school as required.

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
Here is a link from NZ Health for info and treatment.


Reminder school Banking is on every Wednesday
To join go to the ASB display/banking box in the foyer.

VAS School App

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PTS BANNER.001-001

Ice-blocks $2 and Sunscreen $5 for sale outside room 7 and outside the hall, after school tomorrow.

Sunscreen also for sale at the office.



Putri Ardana and Amilija Perich

  • Room 4: Elizabeth Nicholls
  • Room 4: Nina Brown
  • Room 5: Theo Yeoman
  • Room 5: Thomas Jackson
  • Room 6: Quinn Skeggs-O’Donnell
  • Room 6: Aimee Herrod
  • Room 7: Anne Chen
  • Room 7: Oliver Knowsley
  • Room 8: Luca Coglan
  • Room 9: Layla Penhearow
  • Room 10: Lucy Williams
  • Room 21: Oliver Williams
  • Room 11: Olivia Liu
  • Room 12: Olivia Robinson
  • Room 13: Maggie Kirkpatrick
  • Room 14: Marina Chen
  • Room 16: Annabelle Judd
  • Room 16: Connor Clark
  • Room 17: Eleanor wood
  • Room 18: Emel Sunbourg
  • Room 19: Ben Lethborg
  • Room 20: Sophie Gibb
  • Room 21: Fiona Deng
  • Room 21: Oliver Williams



The Magnificent Scrapbookers Club offers a unique creative art programme for children aged 5 to 13.

Each week children create a specific art page that reflects and embraces aspects of their personality as well as events in their life throughout the year. This work is produced using occasional photographs but mainly the technique of art journaling using a wide variety of materials and techniques. These magnificent pages are added each week to your child’s own scrapbook album and are brought home to share with family and friends.

Occasionally children take a break from their scrapbooks to create other keepsake craft treasures. Each week a specific theme will be introduced as well as exciting new creative strategies. These creative art scrapbook albums and craft treasures are precious keepsakes of your child and their creativity that will be cherished for years to come!


Every Wednesday 3.15pm – 5.15pm, Victoria Avenue School Library, starting Wednesday 3 May 2017.

For all enquiries please Contact Monique on 027 497-1554 or visit

Saint Kentigern Girls’ School Scholarships for Year 7 Entry 2018

Saint Kentigern are currently advertising the availability of scholarships for Year 7 New Entrants in 2018.

Girls in Year 6 from all New Zealand schools are eligible to apply for the scholarships which provide fees assistance for education at the Girls’ School in Year 7 and 8.
Information and Scholarship Application forms are available from the Principals PA ph 529 5750, or from the website

Scholarship applications close on Wednesday 29 March 2017 and all applicants must sit a scholarship test on Wednesday 12 April 2017.

Parenting Programme, Incredible Years 2017

Please click here for information attached about the PARENTING  programme that Belinda Kusabs and Sue Cameron will be running in 2017  from Tuesday 2nd May– through to 22nd August, for parents in the community that may be interested in attending.

This programme is free, including the creche  BUT does take a commitment of 14 weeks (excluding the school holidays).


Netball Registrations

Netball registrations are now open for any year 3-6 students who would like to play for the winter season.  Full details available on the school web site //  To register your child please click on the following link:   For any queries, contact Nicky Pennington [email protected] or Liz Schellekens [email protected]

Calling all Budding Rugby Players!

Our Grammar Juniors U7 ripper rugby grade is short of players to make up two teams. If any Y1 or Y2 kids are interested in joining us, we’d love to hear from you. Games are Saturday mornings starting in term 2. Please contact the grade coordinator Ben Snelling at [email protected]