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Newsletter: Term 1 Week 6 – 14 March 2019

Dear Parents,

Tomorrow’s Schools

A long column today about a document that has huge ramifications for the future of schooling in New Zealand

Back in 1989, our current schooling system, called Tomorrow’s Schools, was introduced. Boards of Trustees were established and Education Boards (a centralised agency) were abolished and the Ministry of Education was established.

A taskforce has been reviewing our current system and has been considering alternatives. The group has produced a report ‘Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together’. They established eight key issues of our current model and have come up with a number of recommendations for each of these issues. My understanding is that these are only recommendations and at the end of the consultation process, it is likely that some of these recommendations won’t be enacted and others may change.

Given the outcomes from this review will have a very significant impact on schools it is vital that parents have a say. You can attend a public meeting, email your submission and complete the survey.

Here is a link to the recommendations for each of the eight key aspects Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together Summary of Recommendations

I have also analysed each of the eight key aspects and commented as to how the recommendations could affect VAS. It is not all bad, there are potential positive outcomes in a number of the key issues. The relevant key aspects which affect VAS are under Competition and Choice, with some of the recommendations under Governance, also affecting VAS.

Key Issue Recommendations How This May Affect VAS
Competition and Choice ·  Education has a planned network for state and state integrated schools.


·  All schools would be allocated a notional catchment area and maximum roll number. These would be adjusted regularly to account for changing demographics.

·  Following the review of current enrolment schemes the number of out of zone enrolments would be capped. Out of zone students would be included in the staffing and operational funding formulae at a lower rate than in-zone students.

·  There would be an upper limit on the donations state schools can ask of parents.

·  Schools with international students would have to demonstrate to the Education Hub that they can cater for these students staffing, operational and building needs independently of government funding.


·  The board would have no control over the school zone or the numbers of students. Education Hub would set the zone and maximum numbers.

·  The Education Hub could change the school zone and maximum numbers – following consultation but ultimately with the final decision. What is the possible impact on families who were in zone with their eldest child but now out of zone with their youngest child?

·  Resourcing and property funding would be driven by these maximum roll numbers.

·  Out of zone students attract less staffing and operational funding. Would schools be immediately affected or would this apply to out of zone students enrolled as from the formation of the Education Hub?

·  Upper limit on donations. This would impact significantly on the board’s ability to fund specialist teachers or additional teachers to support larger cohorts.

Key Issue Recommendations


How This May Affect VAS
Governance That local Education Hubs are established.

·  To reorient the roles of boards and school principals so they are able to focus on their core responsibilities.

·  To ensure schools are supported by, and contribute to, their local network, through the formation of local Education Hubs that assume local governance responsibilities.

·  To ensure that the Education Hubs supporting schools have the knowledge, flexibility and resources to be able to respond to the needs of individuals schools.

·  To ensure that the key decisions in the system are made at the appropriate level.


·  School strategic and annual plan; student success and wellbeing; localised curriculum and assessment

·  Staffing and operational funding systems will continue without change.


·  Education Hubs would take over 5YA and major property developments. Schools may request a delegation to control responsibility for some or all of these funds.


·  The Education Hub would review existing enrolment schemes for fairness. It would establish new enrolment zones if necessary and adjust enrolment zones as required in consultation with schools and communities. The Education Hubs would make the final decisions.


·  Education Hub would take over responsibility for appointing a school principal. After consultation with board and community the Education Hub would advertise the position. An appointment panel with up to 50% representation for the school’s board would carry out shortlisting, interviewing and reference checks. A Leadership Advisor employed by the Education Hub would oversee the employment process. The board would approve the appointment.

·  Principals would be appointed to a particular school on a 5 year contract. The leadership advisor would be responsible for ensuring timely and appropriate action is taken if there are issues with a principal’s performance. The understanding is that principal’s contracts could roll over.


·  Employed by the Education Hub but principal would appoint and manage their staff.

·  Teachers could be seconded to other schools so their expertise can be shared. Would teachers have any choice as to whether they were seconded to another school? Would the board be able to veto a secondment?


·  Education Hub rather than school boards would be responsible for all processes after a suspension has been initiated by a school principal.

Here is a link to a useful document giving answers to FAQs Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together FAQs

To make a submission, email [email protected] by 7 April.

Here is the link to the survey which is available in English, Maori, Chinese and Samoan.

Our Schooling Futures – Survey – Closes 31 March 2019

Please take the time to be involved in the consultation around Our Schooling Futures: Stronger Together.

Union Meetings
Teachers are attending NZEI union meetings on Tuesday 19 March BUT the good news is that we will have enough cover at school at all times so that parents won’t have to keep their children home.

Kind Regards
Janice Adamson

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Announced Last Assembly:

Nina Valenzuela & Sofia Mrkusich

  • Room 1 : Jaxon Molloy
  • Room 1 : Annabelle Judd
  • Room 2 : Kai Wang
  • Room 2 : Christina Handley
  • Room 3 : Nathan Palli
  • Room 3 : Claire Shen
  • Room 4 : Max Crosby
  • Room 4 : Sophia Panaho
  • Room 5 : India Devereux-Evison
  • Room 5 : Samantha Webber
  • Room 6 : Zac Hood
  • Room 6 : Chloe Song
  • Room 7 : Samantha Tidey
  • Room 8 : Spencer Thom
  • Room 9 : Henry Jacka
  • Room 10 : Cecilia Wang
  • Room 11 : Charlotte Schofield
  • Room 12 : Teo Serlachius-Williams
  • Room 13 : Sienna Bravo-Morello
  • Room 14 : Hugo Thorman
  • Room 15 : Guang Nian Li
  • Room 15 : Charlotte Shields
  • Room 16 : Fin Wilson
  • Room 17 : Tyler Lushkott
  • Room 18 : James Cunningham
  • Room 19 : Greer Monk
  • Room 20 : James Carey
  • Room 21 : Atticus Mills

Swimming Sports Results

Congratulations to all the Year 5 & 6 swimmers for participating and competing so positively in the swimming sports last Thursday. Please find below the final placings. A huge thanks to all the parents who helped out in various ways to help make it such a successful day.

House Relay Results

Year Six Boys Relay
Ist – Koromiko
2nd – Pohutukawa
3rd – Karaka

Year Six Girls Relay
Ist – Koromiko
2nd – Pohutukawa
3rd – Karaka

Year FIve Boys Relay
Ist – Pohutukawa
2nd – Karaka
3rd – Kowhai

Year Five Girls Relay
Ist – Karaka
2nd – Kowhai
3rd – Koromiko

Top Schools Fun Day

On Sunday 10th March, 30 students represented Victoria Avenue School at Top Schools, which was held at Churchill Park School. We had three teams which competed in seven different events; slippery slide, wobbly wheels, ski run, newspaper run, minefield, wet sponge fun, and a gumboot throw. All three teams did exceptionally well and we even had one team come first!

Our winning team consisted of Max Hill, Connor Clark, Takumi Ozeki, Matt Cunningham, James Cunningham, Olivia Yu, Kai Wang, Tommy Fippard-Peacock, Amera Trusler-Cogan, and Alannah Brown.
Our other competitors were Sophie Thorman, India Devereux-Evison, Terrence Lam, Dulcie Snelgrove, Cooper O’Shannessey, Alex Yeoman, Harper McIntrye, Noa Bayer, Lottie Larkin, Alona Kotsar, Arya Nair, Josie Treagus, Sagar Dhakal, Meg Brew, Annabelle Judd, Maxim Petrov, Grace Thomson, Emily Fippard-Peacock, Aaliyah Sudrajat and Diba Toufanian.

2019 Directory – opportunity for advertising
Any businesses that would like to advertise in the directory please complete a form using the following link:  , or email [email protected]com. The deadline for interest is 15 March for printing early April.

Yummy school sticker promotion

The Yummy Fruit Company provides free sports gear to participating schools. Collect the Yummy cut-out labels from bags and individual Yummy apple stickers and attach to a sticker collection sheet (these were distributed to children this week).


Ice-blocks will be back on sale for Term 1 on Friday afternoons under the tree beside the field at 3pm – so don’t forget to bring your $2!

Poornima Ghanta is one of the parent volunteers who helps in our school. Once a week she sorts the lost and found property.
Being the beginning of the year, a lot of new uniform is still un-named or has the name of the old owner.
If you label in capitals with your last name, you are more likely to have lost property returned.

Support one of our parents doing a charity swim for the Auckland Helicopter Rescue Trust

On 18 March, Claire Morgan, Mother of Tyler Lushkott (year 4) is going to do a charity solo swim from Waiheke Island to Auckland (Parnell Baths), for the Auckland Helicopter Rescue Trust… 20km. Claire has got under 2 weeks to raise as much money as possible for her cause and asked if we could share with the community  the link to her fundraising page (as well as some interesting information about the Helicopter Rescue Service).

After school nanny available

Zoe Kerr is a year 13 student from Baradene College who is available for after school care / nannying. She has had part-time experience working at an after school care, and can be contacted on 027 6875004 or [email protected]