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Newsletter: Term 1 Week 6 – 12 March 2020

Dear Parents,

COVID-19 is still dominating our news. I attended the Auckland Primary Principals Association meeting yesterday and COVID-19 was the main topic of conversation amongst the principals at my table. We were all comparing what steps we have taken to date and it was heartening to hear that we have all taken similar steps. We are all hyper aware of public opinion / distressed parents and all of us want to do the best we can to ensure our children are, as far as possible, not exposed to the virus and that we have strong healthy practices in our schools.

The World Health Organisation has declared COVID-19 a pandemic. However, as yet, we have not heard from the Ministry of Education as to what our next steps should be. I am sure that we will have an update sometime during the day which I will share with you.

In the meantime, we have decided to take the following steps:
1. Review and update VAS pandemic plan. The Ministry of Education has provided guidelines for these plans. Once we have this reviewed and ratified by the board, I will share it with parents. This will be done over the next day or so.

2. Sadly, we have made the decision to not have any whole school assemblies until we have the all clear from the Ministries of Health and Education. We have not been instructed to do this, but have taken a pragmatic approach in order to not put children in a situation where potentially they could be exposed to the virus. The good news is that once this has all blown over (and it will) we will reschedule all the missed assemblies. You will still have a chance to come along and see your child in action.

At this stage we are still going ahead with the planning for the year 5 camp in May. We will review the situation closer to the time but I feel positive it will go ahead.

Now for a good news story! It was fantastic to see so many of you at the family fun night. I love seeing parents relaxing with friends and other families of children in their child’s class. The children played with friends or had lots of turns on the waterslide. It was a lovely atmosphere and a welcome change from all the worry about COVID-19. Thanks to the wonderful Friends of VAS who organised it, it was a very successful way to start the year.

Admin Upgrade
Finally! Work begins next week. You will notice fencing going up Monday and Tuesday and the demolition starts later in the week. This won’t have an impact on anyone as children will still be able to access their classrooms easily. We have strict safety plans in place with the builders and we will be monitoring their access to, from and around school closely. It is anticipated that the work will be complete by 3 July.

During the week there was an excellent article titled Kiwi Mum’s Outrage: Are These Auckland’s Worst Pick Up Parents in the New Zealand Herald, written by a lady who lives across the road from a primary school. You might like to have a read; it may make you change your parking habit.

Kind regards
Janice Adamson

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
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Announced last assembly:

Elaine Young & Scarlett Main

  • Room 1 : Parker Mills
  • Room 1 : Sophie Wakelin
  • Room 2 : Ishan Nair
  • Room 2 : William King
  • Room 3 : Daniel You
  • Room 3 : Diba Toufanian
  • Room 4 : Amelia Mackenzie
  • Room 4 : Harry Stewart
  • Room 5 : Georgia Walton
  • Room 5 : James Lethborg
  • Room 6 : Hazel Richards
  • Room 6 : Finn Hambleton
  • Room 7 : Harmala Rifhan
  • Room 8 : Lee Simms
  • Room 8 : Emilia Lynch
  • Room 9 : Lucy Liu
  • Room 10 : Amelia Sandlant
  • Room 11 : Teoi Brown
  • Room 12 : Savannah Thom
  • Room 13 : Sophia Walter
  • Room 14 : Aubrey Zhang
  • Room 15 : Alice Liang
  • Room 16 : Lena Xie
  • Room 17 : Matty Lin
  • Room 18 : Chloe Cooper
  • Room 19 : Lucy Walter
  • Room 20 : Tom Larkin
  • Room 21 : William Kieu
  • Room 22 : David Woo
  • Room 22 : Nina Valenzuela

SCRATCHPAD is a technology learning centre that has recently opened in Lunn Ave. It is part of the SCRATCHPAD group of technology learning centres that teach Coding, Robotics/Electronics and 3D design.Their programmes are for ages 5 onwards and aim to transform children from users to creators of technology and develop life skills such as collaboration, problem solving and creative thinking.

If you are interested in finding out more about SCRATCHPAD they are offering a special FREE one hour trial session for families of Victoria Avenue School. During this time they will give the parents and children a brief look at SCRATCHPAD’s courses and resources, and show what their technology learning centre is all about.

This trial session will be held on Saturday 28th March at 2.00pm at the SCRATCHPAD Stonefields Centre on 1st Floor, 38 Lunn Avenue. If interested you can register your child by emailing [email protected].

Please make the subject line of the email read – Victoria Avenue SCRATCHPAD Day and include your child’s name and age as well as your name and contact number.

If parents want to visit our website, and get more information they can do so using the following link above or contact us.
Contact # (09) 815 0825 Option 5 Stonefields