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NEWSLETTER: Term 1 Week 6 – 10 March 2016

Dear Parents
Educators have a phrase which is often bandied around, ‘engaged in learning’. But what does this mean and what does it look like and sound like? A general meaning is: to be involved, participate in something.

If the children are engaged in learning what would we see happening in the classroom? Groups of children collaborating, individuals focussed and concentrating, lots of talk, questions, wonderings.

But how would we actually know that the children are engaged, not just pretending to be engaged? Have you ever been somewhere which is tediously boring and you find yourself outwardly nodding in agreement with the general conversation but on the inside wondering how long it is until you can politely leave? How do we know our children aren’t doing that?

The markers for us are enthusiasm, level of interaction and obvious enjoyment. How do you engender full engagement in activities outside of school? I read an interesting article ‘How to Help Children Experience the Rewards of Full Engagement’ Dr Laura Markham (Teachers Matter Issue 31).

She wrote that affluent children are more likely to be bored, less enthusiastic and less likely to derive pleasure from their activities. I was taken aback by that statement, it seemed a rather sweeping generalisation. But further into the article some of what she wrote did resonate.

She suggested ways we can help our children experience the rewards of full engagement. It may be hard for a parent, but don’t be too quick to offer instant gratification, let your children set meaningful goals and work towards them. These days, most children don’t have to work and save for a new bike/playstation, parents buy these things for them. But you can walk alongside them as they strive for other goals, perhaps getting into the choir or a particular sports team. Don’t be the parent who kicks up a fuss when they don’t get in, be the parent who helps them improve so that next time they do get in.

Let your children be engaged in their passions not yours. Sounds logical but just because you are a talented pianist and pay for your child to learn piano, it may just be that they yearn to learn the drums and are not fully engaged in practising and learning to play the piano. Let them pursue their choice.

There is also a suggestion that we need to model that their grand aspirations will take time to accomplish. Your child won’t be the drummer for the Rolling Stones (showing my age!) anytime soon, but they will love the encouragement and feedback you give them as they improve.

Coming back to the class environment, this model is no different. We walk alongside the children encouraging them, challenging them but we don’t make it simple for them so they succeed without really trying. There is no engagement or pleasure to be derived from having things handed to you on a plate. I like this quote:
I get so engaged when I have a problem you cannot solve that I just cannot break away from what I am doing – I keep thinking and thinking and cannot stop. Alan Greenspan

This is exactly what we mean when we want our children to be engaged in learning.

Kind regards
Janice Adamson

We humbly request the help of an artistic and experienced computer-based Graphic Designer, to work on a Pro-Bono basis with the Principal and a small team of professionals to produce a single item of lasting importance to VAS.

We need to complete a single, one-off task to a high standard, that needs design/photography/production/print. The person we seek needs to be able to work within a Apple Mac environment using CS6+ with particular skills in InDesign and Illustrator and be intimately familiar with pros and cons of printing techniques, and capable of working to tight budgets. Deadline is flexible but we ideally wish to conclude the work within the coming month. Please contact Linley [email protected] or phone 5200602


Second-hand sale – Friday 11 March, 8.45-9.30am

Please donate your clean, good-quality uniform to our sale.
Items may be dropped in the shop on Friday morning before school, or left at the office.

PLEASE NOTE : School Uniform Shop HOURS FOR THIS FRIDAY 11 March – change of opening hours/second-hand uniform sale
Due to the second-hand sale tomorrow, the school shop will open 8.30-9.15am, for this week only.
Second-hand & new uniform items will be available during this time.

Book + Phones Product shot 2016 NZ

The Victoria Avenue School PTS are happy to offer all our families the opportunity to purchase a new 2016/17 Entertainment Book or Digital Membership again this year. The new Memberships will be available in the first week of April, but if you pre-order before March 24th, you’ll qualify for a bonus set of vouchers from 6 businesses new to the Book including The Flying Moa, The Library Café, Uptown Bounce and Murder Burger. Each Entertainment Book or Digital Membership is still just $65, with 20% of each sale being retained by the school to help with our fundraising for the refurbishment of Rooms 19 and 20. There are plenty of offers from local businesses such Banque Oyster Bar and Eatery, Remuera Local Café, Upland Café, Laneway and family favourites such as Lone Star, The Flying Buritto Brothers and Mamma Mia. With new offers from The Maple Room, The Attic, TriBeca and many more, this is the best Entertainment Book yet. Pre-order yours today and support the school by visiting

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Collect yummy stickers all year round on these sheets. Completed sheets will be collected mid term three and collated to see what fantastic sports equipment the school can receive and also goes towards your school house point tally’

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FOR TERM 1 2016
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What’s Ahead?


School Times
School starts:      8.50am
Interval:             10.30-10.50am
Lunch:               12.30-1.25pm
School finishes:   3.00pm

Term Dates for 2016
Term 1: Wednesday 3 Feb to Friday 15 April ’16
Waitangi Day Mon 8 Feb and Easter Holiday Friday 25 March – Tuesday 29 March’16 (During school term)
Term 2: Monday 2 May to Friday 8 July ’16
~ Anzac Day Mon 25 April and Queen’s Birthday Monday 6 June ’16
Term 3: Monday 25 July to Friday 23 Sept ’16
Term 4: Monday 10 October to Friday 16 December ’16
~ Labour Day Mon 24 October ’16

Stationery Sales
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 8.30-8.45am

Uniform Shop
– half way up dragon drive in the old dental clinic

OPEN FRIDAYS only: 8.15-8.45am
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Lunch Orders
1. ezLUNCH: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays
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School Dental Service
8b Ngaio St Orakei Ph5200603.

The dental team will be posting letters to all new entrants to our school as required.

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
Here is a link from NZ Health for info and treatment.


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A huge thank you for the great response to the Fiji Appeal … the organiser was blown away by the amount donated by our school.

Flipperball – 2016

Flipperball is junior waterpolo played in waste deep water, 7 players per team.  VAS plays in the Epsom League played on Sunday afternoons at the Diocesan, St Cuthberts or Epsom Girls Grammar pools, catering for teams from Years 3 to 6 (mixed boys and girls).   VAS teams are coached and managed by willing parents.  If your child and  friends/classmates are interested in playing flipperball in Term 2 please contact Michelle Hieatt  [email protected] ph 021 895 756.

Swimming Sports

A perfect day for our swimming sports on Tuesday and so many winners too: those who completed their races with determination, those who swam despite being tired and a little scared, those who cheered their classmates on, the parents who helped out, the staff who organised it all and of course the winners of their races. Everyone entered into the spirit of the competition and gave their all!IMG_5759

Our Pool Lifesaver on the day was Bobbie who hails from the Bethells Beach Surf Lifesaving club. It was comforting to know we had a trained person on hand to haul out any tired, floundering competitors. By way of a thank you Bobbie asked if the school would donate to the Bethell’s beach life savers who are heading to Europe to help out with the Syrian refugees. If you would like to donate to the Givalittle fund to help out please click on this link

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.43.30 AM

For more information CLICK HERE to go to their Facebook Page:

Watch this space next week for the Year 6 Camp photos and stories!

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11 March: Second Hand Uniform Sale 8:45 to 9:30am
PLEASE NOTE : School Uniform Shop HOURS FOR THIS FRIDAY 11 March – change of opening hours/second-hand uniform sale
Due to the second-hand sale tomorrow, the school shop will open 8.30-9.15am, for this week only.
Second-hand & new uniform items will be available during this time.
24 March: Mufti Day – Fundraiser for Orphans Aid International.

16 March: Year 4 netball muster, lunchtime

17 March: Year 5 – netball demonstration, lunchtime

18 March: 7:15am at school, Year 5 netball practice session

25 to 29 March: Easter Break – No School for Friday through to Tuesday – return to school on Wednesday 30 March

31 March: Sausage Sizzle

31 March: 7:15am Baradene courts, Year 6 netball trial

1 April: 7:15am Baradene courts, Year 6 netball trial

5 April – Senior Summer Field Day – Years 5/6

15 April: Last day of Term 1 – School finishes at 3:00pm

NOTE NETBALL TRIALS COMING UP –  GO TO // for more information and registration.



24 March: Mufti Day – Fundraiser for Orphans Aid International



 Olivia Halliday and Thanishka Satheeshkumar

Room 4: Isabella Fenton
Room 5: Olivia Merrilees
Room 6: Lachlan Rae
Room 7: Charlotte Dalziel
Room 8: Sophia Panaho
Room 9: Connelly Grobler
Room 10: Bobby Xu
Room 11: James Cunningham
Room 12: Elizabeth Sullivan
Room 13: Alexander Green
Room 14: Emily Tham
Room 16: Gabriella Tapper
Room 16: Joshua Want
Room 17: Connor Clark
Room 17: Émel Sunbourg
Room 18: Annabelle Judd
Room 18: Samuel Cotton
Room 19: Harper Martin
Room 19: Clara Jones
Room 20: Sam Jancys
Room 20: Ava Flathaug
Room 21: Sam Gardner
Room 21: Maya McCarthy

Community heading

Parnell District School Gala

Sunday March 13th 11am- 3pm
2nd hand stalls, games, cookie time rides, pony rides.

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Baby Sitter Service Available
Mobile number: 021807159 (mother Keryn Hogg) 0221927483 (myself Caitlin Hogg) I am available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (after school hours) and most weekends :)
I go to Baradene College so can also pick up after school and walk them to their house if they live near by. I am also capable of helping with homework and afternoon tea / dinner.
Kind regards, Caitlin Hogg :) 

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