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Newsletter: Term 1 Week 5 – 5 March 2020

Dear Parents,

There are so many books about personality types on the market. There are the Facebook posts about personality types – you know, the ones where you find out what kind of animal you are, with the results indicating your personality type – a golden retriever (gentle, loyal), bulldog (aggressive, feisty), chihuahua (punch above your weight). There are the established personality tests – Myers Briggs. Everywhere, people are trying to learn how their personality types interact with others and what is the best way to connect with different personalities.

I came across an article in Teachers Matter, Issue 45, called Teaching to Temperament. Celebrating our Feisty and Gentle Students – Maggie Dent.

This article struck a chord as I deal with both feisty and gentle students. The author calls them ‘roosters’ and ‘lambs’. Dent says that roosters, strong feisty children can be yearning to have more power and influence and often feel they have a strong sense of their self-importance. They like to rule the chook yard! It is exhausting for teachers who have a number of roosters in the class. Typical roosters tend to be: independent, stubborn, argumentative, selfish, power-driven, self-important, dislike sharing, impatient and impulsive, fast learners, energetic, entertaining, adventurous.

Lambs are gentle, caring, quieter children, more accommodating and content with life. Typical lambs tend to be: sensitive to discipline, tire easily, dislike loud noises, like solo time, often withdrawn tend to be shy, struggle with large social situations, are patient, prefer routines, are easy going.

We do not want to turn roosters into lambs or lambs into roosters. We don’t value one animal over another, we recognise their differences and try to put the optimum conditions into a classroom in order that both rooster and lambs have a chance to shine. Dent says that our job as parents and educators is to help put a little bit of rooster into their lamb and a little bit of lamb into their rooster!

In the classroom we can help build empathy and understanding of each other, acknowledging that we are all different. We try to design activities that encourage listening, looking, concentrating, turn taking and respect. Roosters need to learn to sit quietly and listen as others take turns in talking and lambs are encouraged to be brave and share their ideas with the class.

Obviously, across a continuum, all personalities have a little bit of rooster and a little bit of lamb in them. Trying to understand where each child sits is helpful as we try to cater for all learners.

Speaking from experience though, lots of roosters in a class was exhausting but there was never a dull moment which I loved!

Year 6 Camp

I visited the year 6 camp at Lakewood Lodge in Huntly last week. What a fantastic place, with a number of challenging activities well suited for this age group- flying fox, rock climbing wall, horse riding, kayaking, low ropes, co-operative activities, archery. I was at the rock climbing wall and was so impressed by the perseverance one of the girls showed. She was struggling low down on the wall and was getting frustrated and I thought she was going to give up. Her team mates were so encouraging, and that along with her absolute determination to succeed meant that she regrouped and ended up at the top of the wall. This epitomises the camp experience for children; challenging and rewarding.

Huge thanks to the parents who transported children as well as those wonderful parents who stayed at the camp supporting the teachers and the children. Thanks too, to our wonderful teachers who made the experience such a great one for the children (and were exhausted on Friday night!).

Covid-19 (coronavirus) Update from Ministry of Education as at 5 March

As you will know the Ministry of Health’s Director-General announced the second confirmed case of COVID-19 in New Zealand.

The parent of two students – one at Westlake Boys High and one at Westlake Girls High – has been confirmed with coronavirus (COVID-19). While this is concerning for everyone, there is no risk to students, staff or others at the schools.

We want to reassure you that we will continue to update you with the latest information.

Some people have been asking when a school might close. The answer is that we are a very long way from that situation. At this stage, there is no reason that children should not be going to school. Our Directors of Education will be discussing some key notification and planning protocols with the local medical officers of Health over the next day or so – we will be working very closely together as the situation evolves.  Today in Auckland was a very good example of the speed with which we can mobilise to support you if and when it may be needed.

A decision to close a school if that became necessary would be made by the local medical Officers of Health.

As for the current situation in Auckland – there is no risk to students or staff in either of the schools.  The two students have not been infectious while they have been at school, and are not considered infectious now.

The letter that both schools sent to their parents explains this, you can read a copy here: Auckland Regional Public Health Service.

In the meantime, we can provide you some further facts from the World Health Organization.

·     Evidence from China shows that only 1% of reported cases do not have symptoms, and most of those cases develop symptoms within 2 days.

·     Young people 18 years and under represent less than 2.4 per cent of those who have contracted the virus.

·     From the data we have so far, COVID-19 does not transmit as efficiently as influenza.

It continues to remain that the best thing to do is to practice good preventative measures, particularly good hygiene:

·         Washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after eating as well as after attending the toilet

·         Covering coughs and sneezes with clean tissues or with an elbow

·         Putting used tissues in the bin

·         Encouraging staff and students to stay home if they are unwell


Kind regards
Janice Adamson

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Swimming Sports Results


25m Freestyle
Yr 5 Girls Yr 5 Boys Yr 6 Girls Yr 6 Boys
1st Sarah Kennard Guang Nian Li Harriet Richards Liam Zhao
2nd Tia Williams Tyler Lushkott Alexis Tree Max Derecourt
3rd Eva Kelliher Lachlan Walsh Sophie Thorman Zac Hood

25m Backstroke
Yr 5 Girls Yr 5 Boys Yr 6 Girls Yr 6 Boys
1st Tia Williams William Jacka Willow Reid Liam Zhao
2nd Sarah Kennard Tyler Lushkott Emily Penrose Max Derecourt
3rd Katie Yoon Henry Martin Harriet Richards Hiroki Hui

25m Breaststroke
Yr 5 Girls Yr 5 Boys Yr 6 Girls Yr 6 Boys
1st Katie Yoon Tyler Lushkott Emily Penrose Liam Zhao
2nd Sarah Kennard Henry Martin Alexis Tree Max Derecourt
3rd Eva Kelliher Leo Anderson Willow Reid Hiroshi Hui

25m Butterfly
1st Sarah Kennard Tyler Lushkott Willow Reid Liam Zhao
2nd Eva Kelliher Guang Nian Li Emily Penrose Max Derecourt
3rd Tia Williams William Jacka Alexis Tree Zac Hood

50m Freestyle
Yr 5 Girls Yr 5 Boys Yr 6 Girls Yr 6 Boys
1st Sarah Kennard Tyler Lushkott Willow Reid Liam Zhao
2nd Katie Yoon Henry Martin Alexis Tree Max Derecourt
3rd Tia Williams William Jacka Emily Penrose Hiroki Hui

100m Freestyle
Yr 5 Girls Yr 5 Boys Yr 6 Girls Yr 6 Boys
1st Sarah Kennard Tyler Lushkott Alexis Tree Liam Zhao
2nd Tia Williams Guang Nian Li Willow Reid Max Derecourt
3rd Eva Kelliher Henry Martin Ava Carey Hiroshi Hui

House Relays…

Year 5 Girls Relay 
  Karaka Koromiko Kowhai Pohutukawa
Katie Yoon Tia Williams Isabel Reid Sarah Kennard
Eva Kelliher Emma Dick Nina Lockhart Amilija Perich
Lucia Bartle Nina Valenzuela Cailyn Shen Emily Tham
Caitlin Herrod Grace Harnett Nico Irvine Nisha Padey






Year 5 Boys Relay 
Karaka Koromiko Kowhai Pohutukawa
Tyler Lushkott James Cunningham Henry Martin Flynn Magness-Wignall
William Jacka Noah Abou-Ghoury Guang Nian Li Joshua Jolly
Lachlan Walsh Beichen Zhou Findlay Wilson Hamish Ngan
Sebastian McIvor Roy Luo Leo Anderson Henry Darrow

Year 6 Girls Relay
Karaka Koromiko Kowhai Pohutukawa
Emily Penrose Sophie Wakelin Alexis Tree Sophie Thorman
Harriet Richards Ava Carey Willow Reid Claudia Evison
Grace McLachlan Chloe Pratt Claudia Hughes Amera Trusler-Cogan
Mila Walsh Charlotte Dalziel Alannah Brown Lottie Larkin

Year 6 Boys Relay
Karaka Koromiko Kowhai Pohutukawa
Max Derecourt Max McCarthy Zac Hood Liam Zhao
Edward Bassett Craig Rong Dylan Andrews Sam Mace
Dylan Chand Ethan Wood William King Hiroki Hui
Parker Mills Jacob Clayton-Ford Ben Zhang Hiroshi Hui

Top Schools

On Sunday, some children from middle and senior school attended the 2020 Top Schools event. We had a fantastic day, with all children who attended showing great team spirit and sportsmanship throughout. Thanks to those parents who came to support the day, and a special shout out to the Y5 team who placed second in the senior tournament.

Our Outdoor Library

Great news – as the library is out of use at the moment Jane Clark (our wonderful librarian) has set up a temporary library outside room 8 and 9. Teachers are able to bring their students to the library to change their books and have a special story time.