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Newsletter: Term 1 Week 4 – 23 February 2017

Dear Parents

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the family picnic this evening. I know there are lots of children who are very excited about going down the waterslide.

At the beginning of every school year teachers are setting the tone and expectations for the year. They are starting to build their class culture and get to know the children.

As a school, we are having a big push to remind the children of appropriate manners, behaviour and the way they talk to their peers and adults. The children’s behaviour has slipped a little and we want to get them back on track. This was brought home to me late last year, when one of our regular relievers refused to come back for a second day in a classroom because the children’s behaviour was inappropriate and very hard to manage. I was very taken aback at the time, but going into classrooms, walking around the school and talking with teachers, it did appear that the children’s standards were slipping.

No, it is not about children being physically violent or verbally abusive. It is insidious behaviours which can be very wearying for a classroom teacher. The biggest concerns as listed by the teachers are: distracting others, being silly when the teacher’s back is turned, mimicking the teacher, answering back, non compliance, calling out, interrupting, pushing through others to be first and the major one of not doing what they are asked when they are asked.

We know that every single one of our children is a lovely person, we love their individuality, their spark, their humour. We don’t want to squash them or belittle them or act in a draconian way, but when you have 20 – 30 children in a classroom, having some children who are pushing the boundaries with their behaviour can impact on the learning of the others who are doing the right thing. For every second the teacher’s attention is on the disruptive children, it is one second not focussed on teaching.

So how can you help at home (and we need your help)? Do what we are doing in school. Insist that children do what is asked of them straight away rather than have you have to say it a number of times before they comply. Insist that children wait their turn; to speak or to get something. Remind them of their please and thank you. Pull them up when they say something disrespectful about someone or mimic someone in a mean way. Let them have their voice but don’t allow them to interrupt you mid- sentence to answer back.

In school, teachers are reminding children of all of the above. Their biggest weapon is not naming and shaming the disruptive child, but praising and valuing the child who is complying. It is amazing how this approach works. I have already had children sent to me for Praise Cards to be sent home about their wonderful behaviour.

We use a restorative approach when it comes to inappropriate behaviour and our new teachers are quickly coming on board with this approach because we know that in the long term this works to get children to take responsibility for their behaviour and the effect it has on others.

Finally, it is VERY important that you are reassured that we really do love all our children and are doing this so they can become even more wonderful people.

Kind regards

Janice Adamson

Uniform Shop

Uniform Shop – Second-hand Sale – Friday, 3 March, 8.30-9.15am

Please donate your clean, good-quality uniform to our sale.
Items may be dropped in the shop on Friday 24 February before school, or left at the office during the week.
Second-hand and new uniform items will be available during this time.
Uniform Shop – Change of Opening Hours for Friday 3 March
Due to the secondhand sale, on Friday 3 March the school shop opening hours will be 8.30-9.15am, instead of the normal 8.15-8.45am.

Hall available for Hire

Families may not be aware that the school hall is available for one off hireage. It is rented at $25 per hour, and is a great venue for birthday parties, gatherings or meetings. To enquire please email [email protected]

Creative Shed

The children are loving having the ‘stuff’ out to play with. Lots of lovely creative play in all sorts of corners of the school. Just continuing on from my column above, I observed some deliberate acts of mean-ness yesterday with a group using a piece of equipment. So the consequence of the children not being able to play without hurting someone deliberately, is that that piece of equipment has been removed from the creative shed. Some very disappointed children, but it is part of having children take responsibility for their behaviour and understanding the impact of their choices on others. The great thing is that there is still loads of great stuff to slide on, make huts from, and generally use their imagination.

I hope you are clearing out all the ‘stuff’ that is cluttering up your house / garage and bringing it along to sell at the Gala. I was talking with Gaylene Fon (organiser) yesterday and with all things she and her team have planned it sounds just so exciting! Look out for the Gala newsletter emailed each week.

School Family needs Home to Rent

One of our families is having their rental accommodation sold and needs a new place to live in the school zone – 3 bedroom plus. A respectful lovely family. Any leads please contact [email protected]

Walking School Bus

The start if the year is a great time to establish your routine and the Walking School Bus can be a great option. There are 4 routes that cover the school zone and they are always looking for new families to join.  It is a great way to meet other children in the area and gets the kids off to a positive start to the day.  Details are on the school website.

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The dental team will be posting letters to all new entrants to our school as required.

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PLEASE, PLEASE CHECK FOR NITS – a number of classes have reported nits and if your infected child is not treated then many others will be!
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Ice-blocks $2 and Sunscreen $5 for sale outside room 7 and outside the hall, after school tomorrow.

Sunscreen also for sale at the office.

Books donated to Monastery in Nepal

Last year when I was in Room 8, my class had our photo taken with some books which were donated by our school library, and taken to a monastery school in Nepal. This year when our class went to the library we saw some photos of the children from the monastery who received the books. The children at the Nepalese school looked extremely excited! The children were wearing brightish-darkish maroon robes. In the photos, the children were doing book-related things. When my class saw the books we were very happy that the children liked the books they got from our school!

Holly Preuss, Room 21

Music Concert Band

Music Update


Please contact the Musiqhub teachers directly to find out more or sign up.

Keyboards/Drums/Guitars – JP Carroll, [email protected], Ph. 022 103 6686

Woodwind/Brass – Shaun O’Kane, [email protected], Ph. 021 2597042


Starts on Monday 27th February at 12.30pm in the Music Room.


Starts in Week 7 – Thursday 9 March, 12.30 -1pm in the Music Room.