Welcome to our Victoria Avenue School Family

Starting a new school is an exciting time for children and parents. By working in partnership with you we aim to provide your child with the best possible start to their school life at Victoria Avenue.

We’ve provided you with a summary of the information you may need to know. If you are unable to find answers to your questions on the website please don’t hesitate to email us, call us (09 5200602) or come and see us (282 Victoria Ave, Remuera, Auckland).



Prior to completing your formal enrolment we need you to fill in a pre-enrolment form (in-zone), ballot form (out-of-zone).  Click here for the forms and check your eligibility to attend our school.

We appreciate you completing the forms as soon as you know you will send your child to Victoria Avenue School as it helps us with our planning.

We will provide more information to complete the enrolment process once we have received your pre-enrolment forms.

NEW ENTRANTS – 5 Year olds

Cohort Entry
Our cohort entry policy applies from December 2021.

Victoria Avenue School operates a cohort entry policy, which allows new entrants to start school in cohort groups on the first day of the term, or at a mid-point during the term (set by the Ministry of Education), rather than singly on each child’s 5th birthday (also known as continuous entry).

We believe that cohort entry allows new entrants an easier transition to school and helps them build relationships with their fellow new entrants and other students already in the class. It allows Victoria Avenue School to better plan its staffing requirements, and minimises disruption for new entrant teachers.

Once a child is formally enrolled at school, they must attend school regularly. Children must be enrolled in school by their 6th birthday.

Prior to December 2021, the  entry process is that approximately six weeks prior to the term that your child starts school, we will contact you to confirm all the details that you need to know, including the:

  • dates for two pre-school visits (these run from 8.50am to 10:30am on the two Thursdays prior to starting school). The visits allow your child to become familiar with the school, their class, and their teacher. Parents will stay in the class during these visits.
  • date of the first day at school. This is generally at the start or the middle of the term, following your child’s 5th birthday. Sometimes all the new entrant classes are full, so we ask for you cooperation in waiting a few weeks for the new class start. For this reason we recommend that you check with us as to the start date before giving notice to your Early Childhood Centre.
  • date of the parent information session – we hold this once a term. Jane Cameron our associate principal leads this session. She will give parents an overview of life and learning at our school. She will also answer all of the practical questions parents have about starting school. Note while parents are at the meeting, your child will go to a new entrant classroom and participate in the learning programme. At the conclusion of the meeting, we have a morning tea for all of the parents and children.

Frequently Asked Questions  (do any of these apply to older students?)

What should I do to prepare my child for school?

Our best advice is to talk to them about school, and what they might expect when at school.

Practice walking to school.  Visit the school in the weekends, use the playgrounds, talk about things you see around the school.

We know each child’s earning journey is different, it is also useful (but not essential) if you:

  • Help your child to recognise and write their own name
  • Know the basic colour names
  • Recognise the names and sounds of the alphabet letters
  • Count forward and backwards to at least 10
  • Be prepared to share and work with others
  • Read lots of stories to your child
  • Talk to your children and answer their questions
  • Provide them with the opportunity to experiment with colour (crayons, pencils, paint) and to use equipment like scissors, a pencil etc.
  • Encourage your child to take responsibility for their possessions
  • Provide your child with plenty of opportunity to talk to others
  • Teach your child how to handle a book with care

Does my child need to wear school uniform to the pre- school visits?
Your child can wear uniform or everyday clothes to the pre-school visits.  See below for more information about purchasing a uniform.

Does a parent/grandparent/care-giver have to stay in the classroom with their child during the pre-school visits?
Yes, an adult must be with them at all times.  We appreciate if you can make other arrangements for your other pre-school children to help minimise disruptions in these sessions.

What if I cannot bring my child to the designated pre-school visit dates.  Can I have a pre-school visit on an alternate day?
We hope the notice we provide allows you to attend the pre-school visits.

It is not a requirement to attend pre-school visits but we have found that children who have had pre-school transition to school quickly.

Our new entrant teachers set aside Thursday mornings for pre-school visits and they run a slightly modified learning programme. It is not possible for them to have visitors on other days as this is disruptive to the usual learning programme.

Will I meet the principal?
Yes, every child and parent meets with the principal during their second pre-school visit. She will chat to your child, check the enrolment paperwork and have time for you to ask any questions.

Do I need to bring anything?
If you haven’t already sent your enrolment paperwork back please bring these with you to your first visit and drop them at the office.

Enrolment process:

Once you have submitted your Application for In Zone Enrolment, please go to https://enrol.etap.co.nz/and complete the digital enrolment form. You will need a digital copy of your child’s NZ Birth certificate or passport, or Visa and a copy of your child’s Immunisation certificate. These will be uploaded into the form.

OLDER STUDENTS (any students other than new 5 Year olds)

The first step is to complete a pre-enrolment form.

You will need to arrange an appointment with us to complete the enrolment.  Please click here to email for an appointment.

Other useful information: 

School A-Z –Click here – this is essential reading.

The school app – we use this to send alerts, newsletters, and you can use it to report absences.To download the app for free on iPhone or Android click this link. http://is.gd/3ffmjc

Uniform– Click here to see our uniform requirements. You can order on-line Click here or visit the uniform shop (current hours are Fridays from 8.15 – 8.45am).

New students you can also make an appointment to have your child’s uniform fitted. Email the office for instructions on how to do this.

Occasionally we have second hand uniform sales – these are advertised in the school’s newsletter.

Lunch Orders– information and ordering details are here.

After School Care– click here for information.

We also have After School Activities – please click here for more information.

Walking School Bus– a great way to “transport” your children to school. Click here for more information.

Playground Behaviour– information on our Behaviour Management programme and Peer Mediation is available here.

Nits / Headlice –  information also available here.

Newsletters are published every Thursday. Click here for this year’s editions so far.

School Calendar is on our home page and in more detail here on this link.

Please inform the school of any absences. You can use the Report Absence Button on the homepage of the website, or use the School App.

Search Engine. Our website can be searched using the search box at the top right of all our webpages. It will search all newsletters and information on our website.

Dental Care:
Our dental clinic is no longer in use. The Auckland Regional Dental Service have changed the way dental care is delivered to children across Auckland. A fully equipped dental van will visit the school once or twice a year and remain on site for one or two weeks at a time. There are also a number of Hub clinics available for parents to contact if necessary. Our closest Hub clinic is Orakei Children’s Community Dental Clinic at Orakei School or Remuera Intermediate – if you are unsure where to go phone 0800 825583.