Classroom Music

Each class has Music for two terms in the year. Over time, all the elements are looked at: beat, rhythm, pitch,  tempo, dynamics, timbre, texture, form, harmony, style and mood. This is done through singing, playing, listening, creating and representing. All with the underlying philosophy that we are there to enjoy making music together.

School Choir

Alison Laxon and Jane Cameron work together to produce the school choir. This is for Year 5 and 6 children. They practise on Wednesday lunchtimes.


This is for Years 2-6 children. Practise times are Monday lunchtimes and they will perform at the Grandparent’s Day concert as well asthe Ukulele Festival at the end of November.

This is for children already learning an instrument, who are able to read some music and are in Years 4-6. Practice times are Thursday lunchtimes.

Carol Service 2018

Held at the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell; this year’s service is on Tuesday 11 December 7pm.


Music Lessons

A professional music company, Musiqhub  offers music lessons at our school. These are held out of, as well as during, school time, on a Friday. The music students are tutored in woodwind, keyboard, drums, brass and guitar groups. If your child is interested in learning one of these instruments please contact Musiqhub directly
Contact: JP Carroll
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 022 103 6686
Contact: Shaun O’Kane
Email:[email protected]

Phone: 021 259 7042