Enrolment Information

Victoria Avenue School caters for students from Year 1 to Year 6. The age range for students at our school is from 5 to 11 years old.

Our school welcomes international students and values the rich social mix overseas students provide in our school community. We are proud of our diverse student population. International students further enhance this rich diversity and provide opportunities for “kiwi” kids to broaden their horizons, reduce ethnocentrism and strengthen bonds with other cultures. We provide a comprehensive programme for international students, designed to enable them to gain a full appreciation of New Zealand life while developing their skills in English.

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  • Application for International Student Enrolment
  • List of the Required Documents
  • Statutory Declaration.

These forms are in Korean and English. If you wish to have these forms in Chinese please email Linley Garrett at: [email protected]

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For information on the Code of Practice for International Students in New Zealand go the Ministry of Education website. Information is in : English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Thai.

Korean Code of Practice
Chinese Code of Practice

Please note – you must check:

for your eligibilty to attend a NZ school as a Foreign Fee Paying student with the Ministry of Immigration.
what visa is required for study in NZ at Ministry of Immigration
School Information
ESOL ~ English as a Second Language

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School Guidelines

These guidelines outline the simple expectations we have for our school.

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English with Chinese translation.