Victoria Avenue School Fees and Donations


The Board of Trustees has set the contribution for 2019 at $520 per child attending our school. Alternatively, parents/caregivers can pay a portion per term, for 4 terms.
Contributions can be paid online through the school shop.
Parents are invited to make additional contributions over and above the $520 dollars set by the BOT.
Automatic payments can be arranged at the school office.
All school contributions are tax deductible as they are a donation.


Activity – As part of our curriculum the school incurs a number of direct expenses on behalf of each student e.g. school trips, visiting artists etc.
Stationery – Stationery can be purchased online or at the retail outlet from Officemax. Alternatively, stationery can be purchased from a retail outlet of your choice.
How to order: go to to order from the stationery lists, or visit the store at 32 Normanby Road, Mt Eden.

Each child will be issued with a statement of expenses and contributions. These expenses should be paid by 28 February 2019. You are able to make your payment through our online shop.