English Language Learners (ELL)

In accordance with the National Administrative Guidelines Victoria Avenue school has developed programmes to cater for needs and abilities of English Language learners (ELL).

The ELL programme runs three days a week. On these days the ELL teacher, Julie Hadlow, takes children in small groups or individually for specific English Language skill learning. The programme covers English listening, speaking, writing and reading. Presentation and visual language skills are also incorporated into the sessions.

The numbers of ELL children on the programme change each term. The New Zealand government support ELL learners by giving funding for these children until they reach the required English language skill benchmark.

Foreign Fee Paying or International students may also attend ELL sessions. These students may be enrolled at school for as little as one term up to their full primary school experience. Their fees contribute to a wide range of school funding.

The students who attend ELL lessons come from a multitude of different countries and cultures. Not all the ELL students are born overseas. Some are New Zealand born but their home language may not be English.

The children’s ages range from 5 to 11 years. Sessions are from 30 to 40 minutes. Most of the children have one, two or three sessions a week according to needs.
Timetabling has been developed to fit with their busy classroom schedules, but is flexible enough to allow for group and skill changes.

As well as the special ELL sessions and the language learning skills practiced daily in the home classrooms, there are many other specialised classes within the school that are particularly good for ELL children. These include PE, Drama, Music and IT. The successful listening and understanding of instructions is reinforced by almost immediate practical application. These subjects are very much hands – on subjects. Having specialist teachers allows the children to experience different adult voices and greater subject vocabulary.

At Victoria Avenue School we offer extra literacy support for our ELL students with Rainbow Reading, Reading Recovery, and online programmes such as, Reading Eggs, Core 5 and Raz Reading. These programmes give our ELL students extra literacy skills that support their individual literacy needs. We also have programmes supporting mathematics learning and extension.

VAS has a huge range of clubs that run in the lunch hour. All children are encouraged to pursue their personal interests whether it is, chess, sport, art or music. Being involved in these clubs is a good way for ELL students to improve English skills and make new friends.

We hold special meetings in the staffroom each term for our Chinese parents. At these meetings’ we discuss how we can help you and your children at VAS. Chinese translators are available for these meetings and for regular parent teacher interviews.

Please do not hesitate to arrange an appointment with your child’s class teacher, Jane Cameron (Associate Principal) or Julie Hadlow if you have concerns or wish to share more information about your child.

Jane Cameron –   [email protected]
Julie Hadlow –  [email protected]




More Information:

These guidelines outline the Victoria Avenue School expectations for our school English language Learners:

Click on the selection below for Korean, English or Chinese versions.
English with Chinese translation.
Korean School Guide

National Standards

The Ministry of Education has provided some information about National Standards in different languages:

If you want the National Standards information in any other languages please  email Joanne at [email protected] and request in the language you require.

Latest presentations from our ESOL students!

The Pirates

The Coat by JiWoo, Alice, Bryan, Ashley and Eric

The Axe and the Tree – written by Leo

Little Red Riding Hood as told by Lily

A trailer for the Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs – THE MOVIE

The Three Little Pigs as Told by Jessica

Grandpa’s Shed – a visit with our caretaker.

NZ used to be a land of the “Do It Yourself Man.” I wonder how many tools your child knows the name or use of?
The English Second Language children studied the names and uses of tools and equipment in a Garden Shed. They were introduced to the tools in the book Grandpa`s Shed and also made a special visit to our Property Manager, Michael`s Shed where they recognised and named things. A big thank you to Michael for having us and giving us such an interesting demonstration and talk.
Click here to download photos of our visit!

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Movie: 

Our Year 1 and 2 ESOL students have made a fantastic movie as part of their study of traditional tales with Julie McCabe (ESOL teacher). The traditional tale they have chosen to dramatise is ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. Making a movie takes a great deal of skill and when you consider that many of these students have only been learning English for a short time they have done an outstanding job.
Jane Cameron