Guidelines for Parents at Alert Level 2
Return to School Monday 18 May 2020

 The Ministry of Education has issued schools with a number of guidelines in order to ensure that the community is protected from any further outbreaks of Covid 19 under Alert Level 2. The most significant of these measures is the need for schools to maintain contact lists. The Ministry of Education has sent this out:

Do I have to include parents who are doing drop offs and pick-ups in our visitor register?

Yes you do if they come on to school grounds. Contact tracing continues to be an incredibly important part of New Zealand’s response to COVID-19. Recording who comes on-site means you could work with health authorities to identify who had been in close contact with that person, if there was a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 in your school community.

Depending on the age or needs of children and young people, some parents and caregivers will need to come on-site for drop offs and pick-ups. They will need to be captured in your visitor register.

Contact Lists and Procedures for Taking Children Out of School During School Hours

Parents on Site See below, no parents coming into school to drop off or collect children
Collecting child during school hours Come to the office via the door beside lost property and sign your child out, you will be given a sign out slip to take to the classroom. You will fill out your details in the contact list in the office. Go to your child’s classroom and show the slip to the teacher from a distance of 1 metre.
Contact List Each teacher will be given an exercise book set up as a day to a page. If any parent, RTLB or specialist teacher etc comes into their room, that person has to fill in the book.

Drop Off and Collect

 In line with other schools in the area, we are asking parents to drop their children off and collect them at one of the entry points to the schools, parents will not be able to accompany their child to class. A staff member will be at each gate to assist you with your child. Please maintain a distance of 2 metres between you and other parents while waiting for your child. The details are as follows:

Addresses Drop Off / Pick up Gate
Orakei Rd, Combes Rd, Lingarth St, Ross St, Mahoe Ave, Hiriri Ave, Manawa Rd, Chatfield Pl, Victoria Ave, Waimea Lane, Sonia Ave At the top of dragon drive
Aldred Rd, Glenbrook St, Walton St, Ingram Rd, Spencer St, Shera Rd, Leys Cres, Crocus Pl, Bell Rd, Scherff Rd, Standen Ave, Portland Rd Spencer st walkway
Arney Rd, Arney Cres, Wiles Ave, Wharua Rd, Woodville Rd, Shore Rd, Hapua St, Seaview Rd, Bassett Rd, The Glen, Burwood Cres Stirling st walkway
Out of zone Choose an entry point depending on the direction of your travel

Start and Finish Times

In order to not create too much congestion we have changed the start and finish time for each year level. If you have children across multiple year levels, just choose one of the times that suits you to drop them off. Please do not bring your child to school earlier than 8.30 during Alert Level 2. In the afternoons, it may be that you have children across two or three of the finish times. Please just keep your younger children with you as you wait for the older child. I understand this may be annoying, but we are trying to make sure that there are not crowds of children trying to leave as this will compromise their social distancing.

Year Level School Arrival Time School Ends
New entrant children in room 24 starting school for the first time 9.15

Note: Parents may bring their child to class from 9.15am. They will sign the class contact list


Note: Parents may collect their child from class at 2.30pm They will re-sign a contact list.

Years 1 and 2 8.50 – 9.00am 2.40pm
Years 3 and 4 8.40 – 8.50am 2.50pm
Years 5 and 6 8.30 – 8.40am 3.00pm

Note, if your child is upset and refuses to leave you when you drop them off, we are not allowed to take them off you as we normally would. You will need to wait until 9.05 to bring them in and you will be asked to sign the class contact list.

Distancing and Hygiene Measures

Hygiene Continue the same hygiene practices as were implemented pre lockdown:

●    Students wash their hands for 20 seconds when entering the classroom in the morning; prior to all breaks; when returning from breaks

●    Constant reminders about coughing or sneezing into the crook of their arm

●    Daily wipedown of all surfaces, twice daily of high use surfaces

●    Wipe devices once during the day and at the end of each day

●    Hand sanitiser available in each room

●    Drinking fountains still closed off. Students bring their own drink bottles or named plastic cups for those who forget


Distancing Acknowledged by MOE as being almost impossible to maintain 1 metre distance, but we will be taking all steps to ensure we can do this. In classrooms:

●    Allocated seat for each child

●    Reduce the numbers of students at each table – we have spare tables which will be taken to classrooms as required

●    Tape X on the floor 1 metre apart for class to sit on the floor

●    Lunch eating – duty teacher to ensure all students sit 1 metre apart. If grounds are damp, inside lunch eating

●    Break times – we have a large enough site that students won’t be crowded together. Teachers on duty will be reminding children

●    Corridor will be completely closed to all children

●    All children enter classrooms from the outside

●    A number of cloak bays are closed, children will take bags into classrooms or leave them outside under cover but maintaining distance between bags

Lunch orders You may still order lunch; orders collected from the office. Same monitor every day for lunch order collection
Playgrounds As public playgrounds will be open at level 2, then school playgrounds will be open. Handwashing at the end of each break is critical.
Assemblies, buddy classes, syndicate sports, music, GATE groups, ESOL ●      No assemblies either whole school or syndicate/team assemblies

●      No buddy class get togethers

●      Virtual full school assemblies

●      Miss Laxon will take music in classrooms

●      Syndicate sport – games which allow for physical distancing; no sports exchanges for years 5, 6

●      GATE groups still scheduled

●      ESOL continue

Sick Children ●    If your child is sick, has a cough or sniffles, even if not severe, keep them at home

●    If a child falls ill, or feels sick during the day, you will be called to collect them. We won’t keep children in sick bay

●    If a child needs a plaster, we will put one on while wearing a mask and gloves

●    If a child needs asthma medication or epipen, we will administer those wearing a mask and gloves

Children Unable to Return to School

All children are expected to return to school at Alert Level 2. The Ministry of Education has advised us that:

When we entered Alert level 2, public health advice was that schools, early learning services and tertiary institutions are safe to open onsite to all learners and staff.

If your child has a significant health issue and you have been advised by a medical professional to keep them out of school, then please let us know. We will be providing distance learning for these children only.