The current School Board held its final meeting on 6 September.  We were pleased to welcome Gina Lee as the new staff representative who replaced Ilona with effect from this meeting.

Counting of the votes from the School Board election commences on 13 September, candidates and then the community will be advised of the outcome once the count is complete.  Thank you to all those parents who have been nominated as candidates and to those parents who took the time to vote.

Finance and school donations

We noted that 87% of the annual School Donations have been paid to date.  While we are grateful of your support to date, unfortunately this is below our budget of 95%. This budget was set to be consistent with prior years.

Schools receive a staffing allowance from the government and this allowance covers classroom teachers and some of the leadership team.  Your school donation allows the board to employ the qualified, experienced specialist teachers who provide our children with music, PE and robotics/IT tuition as well as the additional resources and activities that VAS is able to offer its students over and above that which is funded by the Ministry of Education.  Having these qualified teachers has been a blessing during the months of illness and absenteeism of staff due to the Governments covid response actions.

During 2022 to date the school has only had nine days where all teachers and staff have been at school.  The school has been able to use the specialist teachers and our regular relievers to ensure that we have cover during class teacher absence enabling the children to have a teacher who they already know, rather than a stranger or no teacher/classes at all.  Throughout this time we have maintained our specialist rotations. Many schools across New Zealand have had to send children home, double up or split classes as there has been no teacher to look after the class.

The Board has been able to use budget surpluses from prior years to cover the current year shortfall arising from lower School Donations and increased costs.  These cost include some additional resources required as a result of the Governments pandemic response which are not funded by the Ministry of Education.  However, this is not a sustainable option, so please be generous with your Donations – thank you.

Board contact details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;