The Board held its sixth meeting of the year on 14 September.  Due to the Level 4 lockdown, we held this meeting via Zoom.

Home schooling during lockdown

As Auckland has been in lockdown for the past month with no indication as to when the children will be permitted to return to school most of our meeting was spent discussing the wellbeing of teachers, staff, children and parents.

We are pleased that we have around 95% engagement from children which is amazing given the difficulties we all face with learning at home.  Our teachers are working hard to make sure that every VAS student has access to learning that will keep them busy and engaged.  We are extremely grateful for the additional effort that the teachers must put in in order to offer online learning often whilst juggling their own children or other commitments at home.  The feedback from parents has been positive, which is appreciated by the Board and the teachers.


The school financials are still on budget and as expected.

Board Contact Details

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