The Board held its sixth meeting of the year on September 17th.

Property Strategy

We have now finished the sequence of four extraordinary board meetings, during which we have been working on our long-term property strategy for the school. We have been led through a design thinking process in order to set up the foundations for a design brief with which to seek expressions of interest from suitably experienced architects.

This has been an interesting exercise. We have spent a lot of time thinking about the needs of our main stakeholders – our staff, our students and their families. We have also tried to plan ahead to take into account the changing nature of our society and school education over the next few decades.

Our next tangible step is to create a property masterplan, and that’s where the engagement of an architect comes in. We will also form a board sub-committee to drive this property initiative forward with a smaller and more nimble structure. The timing is good, as the five year cycle for major property funding with the Ministry of Education is about to commence.

Student achievement

We received a report on one of the regular student achievement metrics, namely the STAR Assessment which measures achievement in Year 3 students in all aspects of reading. The results of this assessment were extremely high and are a great compliment to both our students and our staff.

Board Contact Details

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