BOT Newsletter September 2015


The Board held its sixth meeting of the year on September 14th.

Administration Block replacement

We’ve previously reported to you that the Ministry of Education was due to build a replacement admin block at the school, as the current block is suffering from serious leaky building issues. Unfortunately, it has now been confirmed that this project has slipped down the priority order within the Ministry, which is being inundated with similar issues. Our project has been prioritised based on its severity, and at this stage we are not expecting it to be rebuilt for five years.

In the meantime, the Ministry will undertake regular inspections and air quality sampling to ensure that the health of our staff and students is not being compromised.

In light of this long deferral, the Board will be spending a modest amount of money in coming months to redecorate and reinvigorate this busy area of the school, and to address some maintenance items such as cracked floor tiles. This is the place in which all visitors to our school form their first impressions, so we do want the building to reflect the sense of pride and professionalism that we feel about the rest of the school.

GATE Programmes

You’ll recall from earlier newsletters that the school is putting additional focus on Gifted and Talented Extension programmes this year, and through some smart management this is being achieved without incurring much additional expenditure. The Board was presented with an overview of all of the various programmes being carried out within this term, and it’s an impressive list. It encompasses a spectrum of topics including Maths, Robotics, 3D modelling and printing, and Creative & Critical thinking.

Feedback from the students involved demonstrates that they become really engaged with their topics and are benefitting from this type of extension. You may have seen the recent photo and article in the NZ Herald regarding our Year 3 GATE students and their thoughts on the current national flag referendum; the children presented themselves really well.

Perimeter Fencing

You will notice that a project is underway to upgrade the security fencing around the school’s perimeter. This has been in the planning cycle for a long time and is now being implemented. This entire project is being financed and managed by the Ministry – it is out of the hands of the Board of Trustees and school management – and is intended to help keep our students safe and secure within the school grounds.

Minor projects and upgrades, thanks to the PTS!

Once again the PTS is making a generous contribution to the Board’s funds from all of its fund-raising activities throughout the year. The majority of these funds will be applied to our medium and long term building programme. However, some surplus funds are also available from the PTS this year and plans are currently underway to attend to some minor projects and upgrades, such as;

  • Replacement awning over the sand pit
  • Pinboards for the library
  • New paving in the barbeque area near the table tennis tables
  • Replacement of some classroom projectors with TV screens

Thanks to our hard-working PTS for providing the funding for all of these items.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;