The Board held its seventh meeting of the year on October 24th.

Digital devices in the classroom

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we have been debating an increase in the number of digital devices used in classrooms as part of the teaching delivery. Through on-going investment in additional devices we now have a ratio of 1 device to 2 students in each class. The current debate is over whether we increase to a 1:1 ratio for all classes, all of the time, and how we provide additional devices.

We have considered implementing a BYOD (bring your own device) policy as part of this increase, but at this board meeting we resolved to not go down the BYOD road at this stage. Rather, we are going to invest in more school-owned devices to further increase the number of devices so that each syndicate (junior, middle and senior) will be able to achieve a 1:1 ratio at certain times through the day or through the week.

Once this greater ratio is in place, we will be seeking to measure the effectiveness of having more devices in the classrooms, and will make further plans next year as to our next steps on this ever-evolving digital pathway.

PTS update

As you will have read in our previous newsletters and in the Principal’s weekly newsletter, our Parent Teacher Subcommittee has been struggling to maintain enough active members who will get actively engaged in helping with and managing events, and on keeping the infrastructure of the PTS itself ticking over. Shelley Cunningham and Michelle Green have stepped down from their respective roles of Chair and Treasurer, and we’d like to thank them very much for the great time, energy and enthusiasm they have contributed to the PTS in those roles, and during their longer involvement.

The PTS has raised huge amounts of money for the school over the years – on average $100,000 per annum, and this workload has been carried by a diminishing pool of people. It is these funds that allow the school to invest in new digital devices (as one example), and to provide additional teaching support such as our specialist teachers in music, PE and ICT. Needless to say, we are very keen to see the PTS continue long into the future, in one form or another.

To that end, as the Principal flagged in her recent newsletter, we are planning to hold a planning session early in term one of 2018. We would love as many attendees to come along as possible and to come along armed with ideas, energy and enthusiasm. We’d like this planning session to consider what type of events could be held and how they could be managed. Perhaps the PTS of the future might function quite differently, who knows?

So, please stay tuned for further details and we look forward to seeing you at the session in term one.

Board Contact Details

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