The Board held its latest meeting on 4 November 2019.

Cyber security

The Principal presented to the Board the VAS cyber safety review report which reviewed the recommendations that CertNZ ( provided to all schools.  Thanks to Jason Des Forges and Anne Bridgman for reviewing the recommendations and describing what VAS has in place to ensure cyber security seen as more than just an IT issue but is treated as a risk for the whole school, students, teachers and parents.

Property plan – first presentation

Ministry of Architecture presented the property masterplan to the Board. There are a few options to be selected, but we are all excited about the proposed changes. The changes would be able to be rolled out over time as separate projects, for example, a new two-story building, and classrooms and a new covered entrance.

School camp funding

Schools have historically asked parents to pay for school camps.  The Ministry of Education has advised schools that they may no longer ask parents to pay, this expense must be paid by the school.  The Board agreed that the Year 5 and 6 school camps are an integral part of VAS and will look at how best the funding gap can be bridged.  However, it is anticipated that parents of children who are to go on camp will be kindly requested to consider making a contribution to VAS to cover the cost of their child’s camp.  If VAS are not able to collect sufficient contributions from parents the camp is at risk of being cancelled for that cohort and year.

PTS Forest Project – Stage 1 completed

Special thanks to those involved in Stage 1 of the Forest project, what a great additional to the school this is.

We would also like to thank Annette Oldfield for her contribution as Class parent coordinator for the past 3 years. Annette has handed over to Kristin Williams and we look forward to a smooth transition.

Board Contact Details

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