The Board held its seventh meeting of the year on November 5th.

Curriculum review

One of our teachers Kathy Ngan presented the findings of a recent review into the Science curriculum area which she had conducted with three of her colleagues. The school carries out these internal reviews periodically to evaluate the effectiveness of how each part of the curriculum is being taught.

Kathy and her team had done an excellent job, surveying staff and students for their attitudes towards science and how the teaching is delivered across the school. The recommendations from the review team include changing the way that teaching resources are organised, more use of online video content, making some changes to the planning of lessons and undertaking more professional development in science.

Trustee roles

We have co-opted two additional members onto the Board of Trustees. School parents John Thorman and Martin Cooper will be co-opted onto the Board with effect from our next meeting on December 4th. John is joining us to assist with the finance spokesperson role, and Martin is bringing his property industry experience to help with the next stage of our property upgrade plans. We’ll introduce them more fully in a future newsletter.

Administration building

Many of you will be aware that our admin building is a leaker; we have been suffering the symptoms for some years and urging the Ministry of Education to attend to it. We were very close to having a brand-new building built by the MOE a few years ago but the funding got diverted at the 11th hour.

The MOE once again has this project in its sights, plans have been finalised and building consent will be applied for imminently. Realistically we don’t expect work to start on site until mid-2019. The work involves the re-alignment of several of the roof sections and re-cladding. Once completed it will provide a much nicer environment for our admin and staff room facilities.

NZ Principals’ Federation annual conference

Our Principal Janice Adamson attended this conference recently, and she presented her notes from the conference to the BOT. The conference theme was “creative leadership, flourishing futures”.

A lot of the content was very aligned with the sort of future-focused questions we were challenging ourselves with earlier in the year as part of our long-term property strategic thinking, such as; how should the style of teaching adapt in the future to reflect societal change? There were conference sessions with titles such as “The Arts; reminding us we’re human”, “Creative revolution goes to school; the Maker Movement” and “Creating innovators”.

We’re all frequently exposed to the ideas that the current generation of children will spend their working lives in work environments and careers that are very different to what the current generation of parents are used to. The learning from this conference helps to shape how we evolve as a school to meet the future challenges.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link; //