The Board held its first meeting of term two on 18 May 2020.

Today was the first day back at school after the Coronavirus lockdown. The first day of school went well and the Board expresses their gratitude to the Principal, teachers, support staff, children and parents for their support in ensuring that the MOE guidelines were followed.

Board positions, and a resignation

The Board currently comprises:

  • John Thorman, Board Chair
  • Bridget Snelling, Deputy Chair
  • Tim Larkin, Finance Spokesperson
  • Craig Cunningham, Friends of VAS Liaison
  • Martin Cooper, Property
  • Ilona Lumborg, Teacher Representative
  • Janice Adamson, Principal

After three years of service, Bridget Snelling has tendered her resignation due to other commitments.  The Board expressed their appreciation for her valuable contributions over this time.

As a result of Bridget’s departure, the school community will be notified that the Board intends to fill Bridget’s vacancy by selection.  There will be 28 days for 10 percent or more of eligible voters to request a by-election should they so wish.  If the 28 days have passed without the 10 percent threshold being reached, the Board will select someone to fill the vacancy.

School donations

As noted in the school newsletters and with the school donations communication, VAS is working with TaxGift Limited to maximise the amounts that you generously donate to us.  With one simple step, you can boost your donations to VAS without paying a cent more.

We do encourage all parents to proactively increase our school funding without requiring you to increase your donation.  VAS is not able to obtain this additional funding without your action.

Please click on the link below to opt in to TaxGift your donations, or visit for further information.

Property update

The renovation of the administration building is underway after being on hold due to the lockdown.

The Board has approved the application request to the MOE for the school to acquire two new classrooms.  Only after MOE has approved this request can the process to identify suppliers commence.

Heat pumps are now in all classrooms in preparation for winter.

2019 financials and 2020 budget

The 2019 accounts are in the final stages of audit with no major issues noted to date.  The 2020 budget has been approved and we are tracking well against this.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;