The Board held its third meeting of the year on May 20th.

Board of Trustee elections

This was the final meeting of this BOT ahead of the upcoming elections. Nominations close this Friday May 24th, and you will be contacted by the returning officer with the postal ballot papers shortly after that. We really encourage people to consider standing for election, and please do vote – take this opportunity to pick the people that will help to govern the school for the next three years.

Property planning

The main focus of this meeting was future property planning. The Ministry of Education has just issued its new 10-year property plan, which is the high-level budget for projected maintenance work around the school for the next decade. As there is a perennially short supply of property funding from MOE, this spend really is targeted at maintenance rather than any future upgrades or new property development.

On a related but different path however is our long-term property planning, which is focused on upgrading our current building stock and planning for the future property requirements of the school.

Following the design thinking and high-level property strategy work that was initiated last year, we now have an active property subcommittee in place. We have engaged with an architecture firm – the Ministry of Architecture – to work with us and produce a property master plan.

This is a consultative process which really kicked off on May 20th with a briefing to staff, and then a meeting with parents in the evening. We had a good turnout of around 30 parents at the session which ran for two hours. The session was hands-on, designed to tease out our collective aspirations for the school (both property-focused, and otherwise), followed by a lot of brainstorming around the key features of our desired future school environment.

The staff will be doing a similar exercise next week, and we are also getting input from the children. Our architects will meld all of that together to provide the basis of the property master plan, which we hope can be completed within the next couple of months.

Please do keep an eye out for communications on future property meetings and do get involved.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link;