The Board held its third meeting of the year on May 7th.

Property Updates

We’re pleased to report that the remedial works to rooms 15-18 have indeed been finished on schedule, and these classrooms are now being occupied once again. The next focus is to address the subsidence under rooms 19-21, which is being undertaken by the Ministry of Education. Once that work is done the Board will be carrying out the very long-awaited modernisation of these classes; work that was originally planned literally years ago and has been repeatedly stalled due to other more pressing issues.

As we’ve previously reported, we are also working on a longer-term property vision, to encompass the modernisation of the rest of the school buildings, and we are holding an additional meeting next week to progress this.

Email Contact with Teachers

This is a repeat of a message from an earlier Board newsletter from two years ago. Unfortunately, we are still having issues with harassing emails being sent by parents to teachers and this must stop. The email addresses of teachers are made available as a means for parents and teachers to communicate effectively. We continue to see an increase in emails to staff members, from a minority of parents, which are harassing and bullying in nature. This causes a lot of undue stress for the recipients. This includes our classroom teachers and our specialist teachers, in music, sport, ICT and SENCO.

The Board strongly feels that all communication with our school’s teachers and managers should be courteous and respectful. We understand that some of you may not agree with a staff member and you are certainly entitled to say so. What we will not tolerate are communications that are discourteous and hurtful. One simple test is: would you be prepared to speak in that manner to a teacher face to face?

We welcome feedback – both positive and negative. If the feedback is for the Board, then please address it to myself (Bob Weston, Board Chair) or one of the other Board members. See below for a link to our contact details.


The evolution of the next phase of the PTS is continuing, and thanks to the many people that turned up to the most recent meeting; the biggest turnout in a long time. This group of enthusiastic parents, together with staff and Board reps, are finalising the plan on how the PTS will operate for the rest of this year. This is being implemented already, and will be reviewed at the end of the year to make any necessary changes made for the future.

We are hoping to still offer a decent number of fund-raising and friend-raising events throughout the rest of the year, to maintain the fine tradition of strong community spirit around our school.

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link; //