The Board held its third meeting of the year on May 15th.

Property Update

Further to our last update, we can only report that we are still waiting on reports from the various investigations and further tests that are being carried out on the classrooms 15 to 18. Until the Board and the Ministry of Education can quantify the full scope of works, we can’t make any tangible progress on any part of our remediation or renovation plans.

This is really frustrating, however we need to follow the proper process to ensure all of the work is properly planned and that our limited funds are spent in the most beneficial way. Bear with us, and we will keep you updated.

Need for a replacement Trustee

One of our parent-elected Trustees, Katie Williams, has resigned from the Board due to other commitments. Katie has worked with us on the Board since late 2012. We are really grateful for Katie’s contribution.

The Board resolved at its last meeting to fill this vacancy by selection. This means that – provided no more than 10% of our eligible voters object – the Board will select a replacement candidate rather than hold a by-election. A public notice to this effect will be published in the local paper shortly.

Once the statutory period to receive any objections has passed, and assuming there aren’t many objections, the Board will look to make its selection. To that end, if any of you are interested in being considered for the Board please get in touch with Bob Weston ([email protected]). In choosing the replacement trustee, we will be particularly focused on the skill set that the person can bring, and how they may fit into our longer-term succession plans.

Gala success

This year’s School Gala was a great success, with a great variety of fun activities and a very impressive $68,000 being raised for the school’s coffers. We are so appreciative to the lead team of Gaylene, Shelley and Amanda for all of the effort they put into this, and to everybody else who contributed to make it a wonderful event.

PTS membership

As you will have seen in Jane’s column in the weekly newsletter, our PTS needs more of you to get involved in the committee. We get good participation to help out at the actual events, but we need a larger core of people to attend the monthly meetings and to help out with the future planning. This responsibility is currently sitting on the shoulders of a dwindling group of people and we need others on board to help spread the load.

It’s a great way to get more involved in your children’s school, meet new people and have some fun along the way. The dates of the meetings are published on the school’s website, please feel free to turn up to the next meeting or get in touch with our current PTS Chair Shelley Cunningham ([email protected]).

Board Contact Details

You can find the email contact details for Board of Trustee members at the following link; //